The Simple Yet Long Build Guide to the Ranger

The Ranger is the master of bows and living in the wild! With their trusty pet by their side the rangers can survive almost anything.

Basics you should know about the Ranger They have 70 Max AL, and +30(extra) armor against elemental armor(Fire, earth, air, water, cold, dark) They run 4 major skill types Wilderness Survival, Expertise, Marksmanship, and Beast Mastery.

Depending on what type of ranger you run (Bow, beast master, Dagger, scythe, spear) you’ll want to invest in Expertise. Expertise is the main line of att points for Rangers and it causes attack skills to cost less energy, thus making it very popular for Spamming ranger attacks, running daggers(assassin 2ndary), running scythes(Dervish 2ndar) or even a spear!(Paragon 2ndary).

Marksmanship, if you can’t already tell by the name, is for you bow. Every point in it makes your bow attacks more effective. Simple simple.3 Investing points in Wilderness Survival provides the essentials for surviving as a ranger. It provides healing and stances to aid you.

Wilderness Survival also provides traps which can be deadly and used to farm. Now finally, Beast Mastery increases the damage dealt by your pet, both base damage as well as skill damage.

Bow types.

There is four different types of Bows in Guild Wars, each one does a different damage/goes fasters and slower/ shoots longer/ arcs higher.(note all bows do 15-28 BASE damage)

  • Long Bow attack speed is 2.4 Seconds, It’s range is just outside of your Aggro Bubble, Arc is medium, and its a good compromise between all the bows. (This is my personal favorite)

  • Flat Bow attack speed is 2.0 seconds, It’s range is same as long bow, The arc is high(meaning it can miss a lot)
  • Horn bow Attack speed is 2.7 seconds, It’s range is smaller than the above, arc is medium.(This bow has a 10% armor penetration)
  • Recurve Bow Attack speed is 2.4 seconds, It’s range is the same as the horn bow, arc is low(hits almost all the time)(provides the FASTEST arrows)
  • Short Bow Attack speed is 2.0 seconds, its range is extremely short, medium arc, and provides the most arrows per minute(apm 3)[Note- Elevations provide more damage]


Pets are used frequently along the PvE part of the game, and they can be quite helpful in dangerous situations. By upping your Beast Mastery att line your pet does more base damage and well as makes the skills in the Beast Mastery att line more powerful. The skills do from +__ damage to inflicting conditions to healing or even a couple traps! (traps in beast mastery???XD) The thing you have to worry about is that if your pet dies, you skills have to wait 10…3 seconds for your skills to recharge(ist dependent on your BM level) and you lose all adren. I would suggest bringing a pet heal so that doesn’t happen! In PvE pets do not get a Death Penalty(they do in PvP) Pets also do not leave an exploitable corpse, and do not show up as a grey dot on the radar. I don’t suggest pets in PvP.

Rangers are pretty much good at both PvE and PvP. They run Barrage or Broad Head Arrow in PvE, and complete Degen. rangers in PvP. But you can with Expertise run daggers ect. So rangers are one of the better classes to get into. They are also one of the most complicated. (New players should start as a Warrior or Elementalist)

My personal opinion of rangers is that its challenging to get into one, but once you master it you’ve got the way of the ranger!!!! That’s just speaking of my history. I started out making rangers from the beginning and couldn’t do it. Nor could I get one past level 11. So be careful with your Ranger and be smart D

My favorite Ranger builds

R/Rt- Ranger/Ritualist

  • Barrage- Distracting Shot – Troll Unguent – Optional – Splinter Weapon – Asuran Scan – Antidote Signet – Res. (10+2 Marksmanship, 4+1 Wilderness Survival, 9 Exptertise, 10 Channeling Magic)

  • R/Rt Splinter barrage Variation
  • Barrage – Distracting Shot – Troll Unguent – Savage Shot – Triple Shot(kurz/lux) – Nightmare Weapon – Splinter Weapon – Flesh of My Flesh(or any Hard res)
    R/ – Ranger/Optional

    • Burning Arrow – Distracting Shot – Troll Unguent – Hunter’s Shot – Apply Poison/Poison Tip Signet – Antidote Signet – Optional – Rushing Skill[PvP build](11+2 Marksmanship, 8+1 Wilderness Survival, 10 Expertise)
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