Top 10 Guild Wars 2 Skills with a Guild Wars Predecessor

Guild Wars 2 is still in beta, so skills are constantly changing. But, just for fun, I took a look through the skill list as it stands after the March beta weekend and pulled out some skills that were in Guild Wars. (Sorry, engineer – womp womp.) This list is based entirely on my on whimsy (What I think looks cool – though, spoiler alert, I resisted putting Shield of Absorption on the list), especially since I have yet to play the game. Let’s get into it:

  10 – Shield of Judgment

This is one of the spells you know because monsters in Guild Wars used it, not because you would have ever equipped an elite smiting prayer that was not Ray of Judgment. For 15 energy, this would give an ally an enchantment that caused damage and knocked down foes who attacked that ally. Now part of the Guardian shield line, Shield of Judgment sends out a wave that damages foes and reduces damage by 33% for up to five allies. Not too shabby!

    9 – Shockwave

I hated this skill so much. I never played an Elementalist, so when I say I hated this skill, I mean I hated being massacred by it. I am not going to sugar-coat it: This got a downgrade. It is not some huge AOE that destroys targets that are near you and stacks conditions on them. Instead, it will tear up the ground in a line in front of you, immobilizing your targets and inflict the bleeding condition on them, along with some damage, and can act as a finisher. It totally looks like Hulk smashing the ground. RARRR!

    8 – Healing Signet

I liked to bring Healing Signet when I (rarely) played Warrior or even when I was messing around with an Illusionary Weaponry Mesmer. As one of the three Warrior heals in Guild Wars 2, I think this might be the one I am going to pack. Bring it along for some passive regeneration and activate it in a pinch to restore a third of your health. Kind of a long recharge at the moment… But, hey, no more debuff while activating.

    7 – Concussion Shot

One of the most annoying skills to get hit with as a caster in Guild Wars, Concussion Shot will make its return with just a little tweaking. It is not going to cost half your energy bar anymore, but you can still interrupt your target and it is a finisher. Daze now lands unconditionally (pun intended – flame away!), though the effect is a bit different. If you are behind your target, you get a bonus stun. It is a shortbow skill now, though, so you can’t hit with it from as far away as in Guild Wars. You jerk.

    6 – Bone Minions

I really did not want to put any Necromancer skills on here because… yuck, undead. But fair is fair. This gets a spot because of how horrifying the new minions look. They look like a human skull on a giant, fleshy, hairy rat. Even the skill icon grosses me out. You no longer need a corpse, so these things can just pop up out of the ground any time. /shiver

    5 – Escape

This gets on the list for how much it changed. Escape used to be a Ranger elite which gave you a speed buff and a 75% chance to block. In the future, it is an underwater Thief skill. It is no longer for “Oh crap!” moments: Using it causes your character to retreat, while firing a harpoon and leaving a trail of poison. It is also a finisher. I would hate to be the shark trying to eat that Thief.

    4 – Whirlwind Attack

In the original Guild Wars, Whirlwind Attack (a PvE-only skill) did some decent damage to all adjacent foes with a pretty quick recharge. With its return in GW 2, it’s gotten a major graphical overhaul: Activating this skill sends your Warrior spinning off in a straight line, slashing foes in your path. It can function as a finisher and can be upgraded to enable evasion while in use. Oh, and it’s a greatsword skill, so WATCH OUT.

    3 – Whirling Defense

In Guild Wars 1, Whirling Defense could be pretty frustrating if your foe was packing it. This skill gave you a 75% chance to block all attacks and would inflict damage for any blocked projectiles. In Guild Wars 2, it will block projectiles and send your Ranger into a whirling offense, which also functions as a finisher. The idea of a Ranger spinning his off-hand axe around and whipping an Elementalist’s fire in my face is enough reason for me.

    2 – Feeding Frenzy   

Originally a monster skill, Rangers and Necromancers will have access to Feeding Frenzy in Guild Wars 2. During a quest chain on Kourna, you can capture a drake named Toma. In order to tame him so he does not eat the villagers Koss wants him to protect, you need to feed him (sound plan). Upon using the skill, Toma will instantly kill (and presumably devour) any enemy under 20% HP. In the sequel, this underwater speargun skill sets a school of piranhas into a feeding frenzy around your enemy, plus applies fury to your pet if you are a Ranger. If you are a Necromancer, Feeding Frenzy is a drowning skill that sends a school of undead fish to attack your target. Yum.

    1 – Chaos Storm

Awwwww yeahhhh! One of my favorite skills from Guild Wars is back! When Guild Wars came out, this skill was garbage. I always wanted to bring it along, but it originally cost 15 energy, inflicted pathetic damage, and would only drain energy if a foe was casting a spell. Even when they lowered the energy cost to 5, it still was not worth the skill slot. But eventually, it (and a lot of other Mesmer skills) got some much-needed love and it was buffed to hit with more damage and drain energy every second. In its new form, it will still cause damage, but now it inflicts random conditions on your foes and will enchant your allies with random boons. Plus, it functions as a field. Can’t wait to see a warrior stomping around in that! The animation is a little overdone right now, but it might get toned down before release. There is also a trait that will create a Chaos Storm whenever you take falling damage – it is called Descent Into Madness. Awesome.

    Bonus: Mending

This is what you get for all those Wammo jokes.

– RD

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