Touring Queen’s Jubilee Guild Wars 2 Preview

Queen's Jubilee

The guys over at MMORPG have been busy taking a tour of the upcoming Guild Wars 2 content update, the Queen’s Jubilee.

Balloon rides are just part of the fun celebrations but there’s also the Crown Pavillion, Watchknights and new dynamic events bringing more challenges. Here’s a snip from the preview:

If you’re a lone wolf, you can try the Queen’s Gauntlet.  Here you use tickets found from drops to take part in a one on one fight with a boss of your choice.  There are three tiers of bosses for you choose from.  Each one is very unique, and will require different types of skills, and weapon combos to beat.  No single build be able to take on each and every boss.  This really rings with the way the original Guild Wars was designed.  It wasn’t uncommon for players to constantly switch around skills and skill points for different missions.

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