Twitch Chat with Colin and Eric


Today, Eric Flannum and Colin Johanson held a Twitch Chat to talk about Guild Wars 2 endgame. You can watch the full video here.

In the interview they discuss all the ways Guild Wars 2 will keep players engaged after level 80. They announced there will be 8 dungeons with 25 different paths that will be available all of the time for players to enter and test their skill.

They also released new information about the Mystic Forge. Players will be able to earn skill points for all earned “levels” over 80 much like in the original Guild Wars. These extra skill points can then be turned in to the Sunspear Refugee next to the Mystic Forge for unique items, that can be used in specific combination within the Mystic Forge to create items.

Legendary Items were also previewed. These items will have the same stats as exotic items, but will have distinct looks. Examples include the Ironman, which will make characters look like molten metal, and leave behind molten metal puddles for footprints; and a Rainbow Bow that will shoot Rainbows.

They confirmed that there will be Holiday events including Wintersday and Halloween. For the first time the Mad King will have a voice. These events will take on new flavor as the other races will influence these very human centric celebrations.

They also discussed the complexity of the Event system, both in its creation and testing. Events will have 3 different flavors: One-offs, Chains, and Webs. Webs will be the most prevalent type of Event in the Orr region, and there will be double the amount of events in Orr compared to any other region. Examples of Orr events include cleansing the Shrines to the Human gods and holding them for extended periods of time.

Be sure to check out the full video for even more information.

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