Upcoming Changes to Dungeon Mechanics

Check out the latest blog update from ArenaNet with changes coming to dungeons. The big change for Phase 1 will be that defeated players cannot use Waypoints while their party is in combat. Definitely going to require changing up playstyle for some people. See a snapshot below or click through for details on Phase 2. Don’t forget to swing by our forums and let us know your thoughts.

Hey folks, I’m Robert Hrouda, a content designer on Guild Wars 2. In the coming months, we’ll make some changes to dungeon mechanics to make them a more fun and challenging experience. I wanted to give you a heads-up on our plans for phase 1 of our dungeons evolution—specifically, the removal of “res-rushing”—as well as a brief overview of our plans for phase 2.

“Res-rushing” is when a player uses a waypoint to resurrect immediately after being defeated in a dungeon and then runs back to the fight, instead of waiting for their party members to resurrect them.

Dungeons were designed to be highly focused on teamwork. The current res-rushing mechanic discourages the type of behavior we intended when a fellow player goes down. We hope that by eliminating res-rushing, we’ll bring dungeons more in-line with our original design goals, which are based around team play and strategy.

With this upcoming change, defeated players will be unable to use waypoints while their party is in combat. Players will only be able to use waypoints if the party wipes or withdraws from combat.

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  • They better change the mechanics that force players to res-rush then. because in every dungeon run i do in boss fights the players attempting to revive a downed player get rushed and downed as well. and if you die the time it takes to res is way too long and ends up in a party wipe to try and res one player. i guess they forgot to concider the cause of the problem instead of forcing players to have to reset the fight. I see no way that dungeons will go down the toilet now because of this change. Way to go turning a significant part of the game into elitist content. casual groups will just give up because the will end up having to continually reset the fight due to deaths.