Valentine’s Day Theme in the Gem Store

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, there are some new items and sales in the Gem Store. Thankfully, I just bought a makeover kit before this sale /grumble. Check it out below!

[ANET]The Black Lion Trading Company is getting into the spirit of Valentine’s Day with an exclusive new item and limited time discounts. This week only you can pick up the Bouquet of Roses—which will grant you 5 unique skills—Red Dye Packs full of the most passionate colors, and a discount on Self Style Hair Kits so you can look your best.
Check out these Valentine’s items in the Gem Store before February 18, when these romantic deals will disappear.

Bouquet of Roses
Available until Feb 18!

A limited-time offer! This special bouquet comes with 5 romantic non-combat skills to help you capture the heart of that special someone. But hurry – love doesn’t wait, and neither will the Bouquet of Roses!

Brand New Red Dye Pack

The new Red Dye Pack is guaranteed to contain red and pink dyes only. Whether you want to dye your armor in Valentine’s colors or deck yourself out in blood red, we’ve got the dye pack for you!

Self Style Hair Kit
20% Off!

Freshen up your look with a new hair-do! The Self Style Hair Kit lets you choose a completely new hair style, and for a limited time it’s 20% off!

Available now in the Gem Store!

Log into Guild Wars 2 and press “O” to access the Black Lion Trading Company for these great offers and more!


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