Wanted by the Queen!

Last week, two major things were introduced to Guild Wars with the update. One thing was the buff to PvE Mesmers, the other thing the new content added to the War in Kryta.
Take a look with me at events happening in and around Lion’s Arch.

If you have finished Eye of the North expansion or have seen Zinn’s Trial outside Vloxen, you can witness Livia in the Shining Blade war camp coming back with two notorious and exiled Asuras Blimm and Zinn. At about the same time Evennia recruits the help of the Ebon Vanguard out side the Eye of the North outpost.
After seeing those events, you can now enter the keep of Lion’s Arch via a new NPC that guards the door. Inside the keep are Salma and her Lionguard & Blade allies, random dialogues by the camp fire and new collectors. Those take “Orders of the Confessor”, random drops by Peacekeeper and White Mantle foes, and exchange them for “War Supplies”.
You can also earn those “War Supplies” by killing Peacekeeper bosses in Kryta. The bounty can be picked up right next to the entrance and it will change daily, just like zquest.
A much more profitable way to get the supplies (and the “Royal Gifts”, which can hold new minis, consumables and other nifty stuff), is to guard Courier Falken on his runs through Kryta.

Check out all new things and join your queen in the fight against the White Mantle.

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