Weekend Roundup

GWOnline’s own Alaris just posted a great piece on how to learn to play GW2 better. Reminded me again that I really need to learn to combo better. Check it out and then join the discussion in our forums!

Beautiful fan art of an Asura from Ashline! held a State of the Game on Friday with Jonathan Sharp & Karl McLain from Anet focusing on the tPVP changes in the April 30th update.Click here to watch the 120 minute video on Youtube. (They started late, so the link skips about 1:35 of not much happening.) Great stuff about changes to signets, Warriors, traits for a few different professions, WvW and PVE effect split for Retaliation and Confusion and lots more. This will be a big balance update too. To give the meta time to settle down there will not be many balance changes for the May patch; they will be focusing on bug fixes instead.

[source][/source]There will be Wiki Maintenance (GW1 & GW2) on May 8th from 4pm to midnite UTC (9am to 5pm Pacific). For the first two hours of the maintenance, both English wikis will be unavailable, then in read only mode for the rest of the time. All non-English GW2 wikis will be read only during the entire duration. They will be upgrading to MediaWiki version 1.20.4 has put out an easy to read guide to Runes to help get you started on learning how they work.

Gamersbook is giving away copies of Guild Wars 2 and some TteSPORTS gaming peripherals. While the first copy of the game is being awarded today, they have 4 more copies being awarded throughout May and after that some nice gaming peripherals. There are a few steps to take, but hey, free stuff! Click here to see the rules and to enter.

Laura Vk, Loes Schubert, and Kelsey Hendriks have done some amazing cosplay costume work and put it up on Laura Vk’s Facebook page. Amazing amount of detail, you should really check it out.

See you all in game and don’t forget that Super Adventure Box goes away with the April 30 patch in just a couple days and while the full version of World 2 should be out in a few months (ie. “when it’s done”), there’s a good chance the World 1 skins won’t be coming back any time soon.

*The Tyria Information Bureau and The Consortium are not liable for medical or other costs arising from conditions, dismemberment, or death sustained while traveling in Southsun Cove.

Southsun Cove – Warm sun, sandy beaches, exotic wildlife*, and new adventures.