Weekend Roundup – Molten Weapon Facility and sPVP

Well it’s been quite the week in Guild Wars 2. Huge update introducing a new (temporary) dungeon, spectator mode and custom arenas in PVP, a big skill rebalance and more. FYI, there have been three more updates since April 30 to fix a few things.

Alaris penned a new piece for GWOnline about his experience running through the new Molten Weapon Facility dungeon, which will only be in the game through Sunday May 12, Noon Pacific (7pm UTC). After reading, come join us in the forum to talk about your run through the new dungeon.

Such a pretty face Such a pretty dress Such a pretty bow Such a pretty me!

I feel pretty…oh so pretty…I feel pretty and witty and bright!

And for a more technical breakdown of the dungeon, the prolific Wethospu has posted his own guide to the MWF Dungeon including a bestiary! Wethospu has guides for every dungeon in the game up in the same forum. Take a look once you finish his Molten Facility guide.

It was also strongly implied in a developer post on the official forums that we could see the MWF dungeon show up as a new Fractals instance in the future.

Living World Coordinator Steven Waller, Content Designer Leif Chappelle, and Principal Living World QA Paul Belz held a livestream event touring the Molten Weapon Facilities. It’s a 55min video. Click here to watch. Paul also wrote a sort of “how do I find the story” guide to the new F & F: Retribution Live Story too.

On the PVP front, it appears that when Ascended gear becomes available in WvW, you will be able to use Badges of Honor to get it.

It also sounds like they are working on a true Observer Mode, but have some technical limitations to over come. Hope they can figure it out.

WvW Team Coordinator, Devon Carter, has gone into a little bit of detail on their plans for siege weapons and a fix for Arrow Carts is incoming as well.

Finally, Anet’s Jonathan Sharp and Karl McLain talk over sPvP, answer a few community questions, and do a little shoutcasting in this 23 minute Twitch TV piece recorded on Friday.

Have fun everyone!

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