Weekly news roundup – link extravaganza!

This week ArenaNet and NCsoft showed off Guild Wars 2 to the Asian market at the G*Star 2011 gaming convention (Convention site, NCsoft booth, ArenaNet flickr stream).

The demo was beefed up with more character creation options and better in-game cinematics, among other things (ArenaNet blog about the new demo, ArenaNet blog about the improved cinematics), which gave rise to many analyzes from the fans (Flameseeker Chronicles, Kill Ten Rats, The Feral EngineerTyria Talk).

The convention also gave us some new video material (press conference parts 1, 2, 3, 4, character customization videos 1, 2, pvp-videos 1, 2, 3, 4).

But G*Star was not all that was happening this last week!

If you have another tip of Guild Wars content we should follow, please leave us a comment and we will add it in.

Finally, Guild Wars 2 was nominated for the “Most-Anticipated MMO” award from Massive Online Gamer, and I for one have already voted.