What to Expect in Guild Wars 2, Last Half of 2013

looking-aheadColin Johanson’s blog update on what to expect in GW2 for the last half of the year is now up.

He covers a lot of stuff which you can read at the above link or in our forums, and here’s a list of the topics to give you an idea of what he covers:

  • Living World and the Two-Week Release Schedule
  • Progression Advancement
  • New Skill and Traits
  • Rewards
  • Champion Rewards
  • Dungeon Complete Bonus Rewards
  • New Crafting Material Rewards
  • Account Magic Find
  • Salvaging Fine and Masterwork Items
  • Crafting Taken to 500!
  • Legendary Gear and Precursors
  • What About World vs. World?
  • Wow This Got Long—What About PvP?
  • What Else is the Game Doing to Grow?
  • And So Much More to Come…