What’s New in BWE3?


Today ArenaNet posted a new blog detailing all the changes players can expect in the final beta weekend event (BWE). Make sure to read the whole article for all the details, but here are the main highlights:

-Sylvari and Asura races, cities, personal stories and starting zones will be playable
-A new level 17-20 map will be available called Brisban Wildlands
-The first Mini-game will be playable – Keg Brawl in Hoelbrak!
-A brand new feature called Vista’s will be active. Climb to new heights and see the sights!
-Brand new nostalgic PvP map – Legacy of the Foefire, be on the look out for Guild Lords!
-Solo-player objectives being added to WvW

All previous Beta progression and characters will be wiped for this final beta, so take advantage and try out some new races and professions. Also, the Gem store is open for business. Players who purchase gems in BWE will get them at launch (just make sure you take note of how many you bought, in case of any hiccups).

Can’t participate this weekend? ArenaNet will be streaming live from their TwitchTV channel all weekend long. The devs will be showing you combat strategies in PvP and giving helpful tips. Twitch even has an App, so you can take the action with you!

Be sure to read the blog for all the details, and let us know, what are you most excited about in BWE3?

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