Where Will All Your Money Go?

For everybody that played during the beta weekend, it is obvious where all the money from players is supposed to go: To some Arena.Net vault managed by Asura and guarded by little golems.

Unlike the first Guild Wars, where you don’t have to spend a lot of money just to play, Guild Wars 2 will be a game where you will have to spend a lot more “in-game currency”.
Money drops from foes are far less frequent in GW2, so you have to salvage & gather/harvest a lot if items for your every day life on Tyria. Of course, you might argue, doing your personal story quests, dynamic events lines and “heart-quests” rewards you with coin, too. But there are a lot of things that a pure money sinks: First the gathering & crafting. The pick, sickle & axe are the first tools you have to buy to be able to get a single ore, onion or log. Then there are all the way points, which charge just a small fee, but that adds up with other stuff, like damaged armor (especially in WvWvW, where your income is pretty bad), unlocking the use of traits for 10 silver, re-setting trait points, changing crafting professions …

The thing that bugged me the most and I am honest with that, is the limited access to the in-game bank account, which can only be done when you are in one of the big cities, like Lion’s Arch. Accessing the bank from anywhere else, requires the use of an Asura Bank portal, which costs 35 gems from the “commerce tab”. Yes, I can send basic materials, like jute or ore through a “free service” towards my storage tab in the bank, but I had hoped that at least some bank access would be scattered on the maps as well.

With all those commercial additions around gems, including the server swap for 1.800 gems, Arena.Net has left the “buy once, play free”-road and set its feet on the muddy path of “pay to play”. Not everybody will be happy about that choice.

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