Where Will All Your Money Go?

For everybody that played during the beta weekend, it is obvious where all the money from players is supposed to go: To some Arena.Net vault managed by Asura and guarded by little golems.

Unlike the first Guild Wars, where you don’t have to spend a lot of money just to play, Guild Wars 2 will be a game where you will have to spend a lot more “in-game currency”.
Money drops from foes are far less frequent in GW2, so you have to salvage & gather/harvest a lot if items for your every day life on Tyria. Of course, you might argue, doing your personal story quests, dynamic events lines and “heart-quests” rewards you with coin, too. But there are a lot of things that a pure money sinks: First the gathering & crafting. The pick, sickle & axe are the first tools you have to buy to be able to get a single ore, onion or log. Then there are all the way points, which charge just a small fee, but that adds up with other stuff, like damaged armor (especially in WvWvW, where your income is pretty bad), unlocking the use of traits for 10 silver, re-setting trait points, changing crafting professions …

The thing that bugged me the most and I am honest with that, is the limited access to the in-game bank account, which can only be done when you are in one of the big cities, like Lion’s Arch. Accessing the bank from anywhere else, requires the use of an Asura Bank portal, which costs 35 gems from the “commerce tab”. Yes, I can send basic materials, like jute or ore through a “free service” towards my storage tab in the bank, but I had hoped that at least some bank access would be scattered on the maps as well.

With all those commercial additions around gems, including the server swap for 1.800 gems, Arena.Net has left the “buy once, play free”-road and set its feet on the muddy path of “pay to play”. Not everybody will be happy about that choice.

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  • Joshua Sheffer

    Ok, whoever wrote this is retarded and complains way to much. I played the beta, and NEVER spent a single gem in the store. There is no reason why ANYONE will have to pay a single cent to play this game once you’ve purchased the box. Everything you described above were things that were convenience items for you. Yes, they want to make money, so of course, they have made certain things in the game a little “inconvenient” and have offered you a monetary solution. So what? That’s their prerogative, and they do need to make money. They have more than a 10-fold larger company to run this time around, and if they only sell 6.5 million boxes like they did the first go around, they will sink quickly. Getting back to the point though, I never felt like I didn’t have adequate gear or anything, and I definitely didn’t feel like I didn’t have enough money or karma points to solve that issue if it needed solving. Granted I don’t waste my time crafting during a BETA, but I did harvest at every chance I had.

    I think far more important issues that should be noted is that 1) the renown hearts were not always giving rewards (no exp, karma, or coin), which that caused leveling to get a little grindy at times; and 2) the content needs to be harder.

    • “Ok, whoever wrote this is retarded…”

      It is better to keep your mouth shut and appear stupid than to open it and remove all doubt.

      • I’m with Josh here. The author of this article is so off-base, there’s not even any point in refuting any of this. It would be like getting into an argument with a UFO nut.

  • Agree with Joshua here. I think OP just wants to sound like he’s making a bold statement.

  • I agree with Josh, OP is just a lil baby that doesn’t understand that like all MMO’s you need to be in a main city to access your bank. Gems usage is for perks not required. I didn’t use my gems at all.

    The some hearts just unlock the vendor which is fine. You can buy more stuff that way at least. Though to be honest I don’t remember not getting rewarded when completing events.

    Yes alot of the game was easy but this was only the first 30 levels. If you want a little more of a challenge go to a higher level zone and fight things 2-3 levels higher than you and you’ll have to kite every pull :)

    Also for me at least I didn’t have to do any grinding but I did participate across WvW, PvE, Personal Story and personal story of a friend’s.

  • I’m not bothered about any of this.

    First, income is usually pretty low at the beginning of the game. I can see income increasing quite a bit later in the game. Also, I am not usually a big spender, and while I know there will always be stuff to spend on, there are always ways to make more income than you need to spend.

    As for gems, my rule of thumb is to make smart choices about servers etc, and spend on cosmetic unlocks like I would have in GW1 but otherwise avoid gems altogether. It’s easy to lose count of gem usage, but imo a game should be playable without cash spending, and I will live off the land.

  • I purposely set out to play this BWE just to find out what you can do from just playing. I put in about 40 hours (10 human areas, 10 char areas & 20 WvW) as a human ranger and got him to level 25. By the time it ended I had way more gold and karma than I knew what to use it for. I never even used the commerce shop (or 2000 free gems available) or bank, had all 5 bag slots on the toon filled by level 4 with the auto loot pick up selected. Through 40 hours I only ran into having to travel to sell stuff to clear my inventory 4-5 times and that was in WvW. There were merchants everywhere in PvE so I never had to go far to get rid of stuff. And, yes the actual coins drops were low in the beginning, but all the loot sold to merchants made up for that and more.

    I will say I did no gathering, crafting, cooking etc. because my time was limited and I figured it might all be gone by the next beta anyway. Because of this I had 4 salvage kits unused in my inventory from drops. Not once during the whole 40 hours did I ever feel like my toon was “lacking” in something that was making a difference in what I was participating in. And, spent a bit of currency on things that really didn’t matter to game play just my toon’s appearance.

    I spent currency to keep my toon ‘s armor/weapons upgraded, LOTS of armor repair & waypoint travel. But, I spent most of my currency on siege weapon plans (1 treb 16000, 2 catapults 8000, 4 arrow carts 16000 & 1 Batista 8000) and still sent my guild 20K to help with the “commander” thingy for grouping squads. When I finished last night I had 16K available.

    The short version to all of this was I found GW2 just as playable as GW1 without having to spend a penny of real money. Just my thoughts…:o)

  • My only concern is for newbies, this can be rather painful. When you die and there’s nobody around to revive you, you have to pay to use a waypoint. Then you have to pay to repair your broken armor.

    Of course there’s probably something I overlooked, I didn’t get to play much (10 hours or so) due to RL issues.

    Otherwise I’m not too concerned about gems and such. Anet has emphasized there is a way to earn gems in-game although just buying with RL money is faster.

  • When I made a new Charr character, the game told me to go help out people in Ashford even though the enemies there were twice my level. I didn’t know how to see the levels of enemies yet, so I just ran out and fought stuff.

    Long story short, I eventually found myself dead, broke, alone, and half naked due to armor breakage. The game wouldn’t let me do anything except warp to the nearest (unexplored) waypoint, but it was being camped by a monster more than twice my level.

    So yeah, this is painful for newbies and should probably be fixed.

  • Anyone know the $money$ to gem ratio? how much would I get for $10? And is there a list of gem costs associated with the services somewhere?