Win a Guild Wars 2 BWE3 Beta Key

If you are looking for a Beta key for  Guild Wars 2 BWE3 then you could be in luck. We have keys to give away and we’re m,aking it very simple to be in with a chance to win one. All you need to do is fire a comment into this forum thread and winners will then be randomly selected and sent their keys via PM. It’s that simple!

You have until 23:59 Saturday 14 July. Good luck everyone!

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  • Key here please! I need it or I’ll die, I swear!

  • I’d like to take a key for my friend. Thank you. :3

  • I love U and I love GW 2!!!! I hope I will be lucky today!

  • My bday was on the 12th! Would be the best bday present ever!

  • Well, having seen a lot of videos i think this is my chance to participate my self. I will be a human warrior propably:DD
    thanks a lot for the opportunity to play the game.
    Hope 2 see ya in-game :DD

  • Trying to get a key for my husbands best friend as a surprise so they can play together…..

  • Trying to get a key for my wife and me.

  • Looking for a key for a friend.

  • beta keeey bwe3!!

  • LegenKiller666

    KEY PLEASE!! :)

  • lucky?

  • Please i need one key i need to try this game! :/

  • Keep this going please, great job!