Win Winterday Costume Codes

wintersday 2011 costumesIt’s always best to look sharp over the holiday period so we have teamed up with ArenaNet to give the community the chance to win a double pack of Wintersday costume codes.

So how can you win? Simple! Posts a comment in this news item and you are entered into the random draw. We have two codes to give away in this comment post draw and we’ll also be giving another two codes away via our Twitter.

To enter the Twitter draw make sure you are following our Twitter account (@guildwarsnews) and Use the hashtag #GWOnline and @guildwarsnews in a Tweet.

We’ll wrap up both draws at Midnight on the 24 December so you need to hurry!

See, it’s nice and easy so look your best over Christmas in-game so enter both draws now.



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  • I can haz costume??

  • Nice new costumes this year.

  • Gib costume plx

  • Finally a contest for people who aren’t talented in art, like me.
    Me Gusta.

  • Thanks for the chance for fancy new clothes for the holidays!

  • Then I shall dedicate this comment to mai waifu.

  • I would enjoy some nice costumes.

  • Grea,some nice costumes this year.:)

  • The kormir armor looks so good ^^

  • Sweet – good luck everyone.

  • ( -_-) ????
    ( -_-) ????
    ( -_-) ????
    ( -_-) ????

    (?°?°??? ???

  • Necrotic Doomsday

    Great idea to have this giveaway right before the Holiday.

    Merry Christmas everyone and Good Luck.

  • Warm Wintersday all!

  • Happy Wintersday one and all!

  • Happy Holidays! Hope to see you all in open beta very soon!

  • Who doesn’t like costumes? Happy Wintersday!

  • Don’t care much for the headpieces, but those are some nice costumes for this year.

  • Death By An Arrow

    Me! Me gusta codes!

  • “a comment”

    What? It said to post a comment.

  • Merry Christmas all!

  • I like the costumes this year much better than the Melandru outfit from last year…that thing is hideous.

  • Woot! Costume codes? Sign me up!

  • I’d like to participate. Good Christmas.

  • The King of Dust

    Might as well try my luck, seeing how I was debating whether or not to buy these.

  • I need them cause I am to poor to buy

  • i would love the costume as a christmas present would be only costume i could have

  • I would really like the costumes also

  • Well well well, let’s see how lucky we are!

  • Sign me up for a chance at the costumes!

  • Happy holidays!

  • In for free stuff :P

    Merry christmas everyone!

  • Posting in hopes of winning the prize. I know my wife would love these outfits.

  • Aww, it reminds me of ritualists * – * /pick me