Winners in GWOnline’s BWE2 Key Giveaway

Yesterday at the stroke of midnight (PDT) we closed our very own Guild Wars 2 Beta Weekend 2 key giveaway, and quickly drew the winners using a true random sequence generator. We wish to again thank ArenaNet for this opportunity to put a smile on the faces of 20 community members. Our only wish would be that we could have given one to all the entries!

We had three ways to enter, all giving equal chance for a win. Most people opted for the Twitter password (“Mirror Images”) whereas only one found the password hidden at the forum (“Primordus”) in a thread showing an amazingly detailed papercraft Mesmer model by community member Convex. And in between there were a bunch of people who showed us their way with words and posted limericks.

Here are some of the limericks posted. For some reason Asura and Norn seemed to be reccurring themes 😉

There once was an kid from Rata Sum,
whose very first Golem made an odd hum.
He took it to a squabling Krewe
and before they all knew
a blast knocked’em all back on their bum.
– Sir Jack

There once was an Asura named Stort
Who was so unreasonably short
All the others called him names
and played cruel little games
So he sued them and took them to court
– poketama

There once was a happy Norn,
Who sat on a big *** thorn,
He let out a yell:
“This hurts like hell”
And he wasn’t happy no more
– GrungeLord

How much the small Norn has grown
He wanted to make sure it was shown
A big rock he could pick
He threw like a stick
An Asura was squished by what was thrown
– tcgrad

List of all the winners.

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