WoodenPotatoes Explains Guild Wars 2 Skills

Having a little bit of difficulty wrapping your head around the Guild Wars 2 skill system? Fear it will be too simplified compared to the Guild Wars 1 “build wars”? YouTuber WoodenPotatoes does an excellent job out of explaining the differences between Guild Wars 1 and 2, and why the changes should be to the better for the players.

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  • A nice video, and brings up some good points.

    I would add to it how the second profession skill-set of GW1 is transferred over to player profession combinations of GW2, and more active game play.

    WoodenPotatoes mentions how players who wanted to play a fun – albeit weak – build in GW1 having a negative impact on others game play; I think the equivalent of that could possibly be seen through the cross profession combinations of GW2 and not using them in the best manner. Even though the build problem is gone of GW1, the opportunity for the soloist player in a group compared to those who work their skills in combination with other professions properly.

    In the end, a persistent world should fix the odd players who choose to fight in a group “solo”, but there will be those times when one finds themselves with a small group. The most I could see coming from poor use of skill combination among other players would be slow long sessions of game play (not playing as a group effectively) compared to good-timed sessions due to proper usage.

    Whether people can play in a group together, keeping their “Ghostbuster streams” uncrossed so to say, and still defeat the enemy in a decent manner – to the same advantage in crossing those streams; we will have to see. I am going to assume for now though, that game play is more effective in properly using cross profession combinations within a group.