World’s First Level 80 Reached

Most of you will actually be enjoying the game, taking in the breathtaking scenery and enjoying the action but there are those who like to reach the level cap as fast as possible. A player named Surfeuze has taken the prize to reach level 80 first with help from  his guild called War Legend.

According to ArenaNet, Surfeuze raced through the content in PvE up to 60 then his guild helped him craft his way up to 80 by supplying materials. ArenaNet have now checked that the player reached the cap in a legitimate fashion and Mike O’Brian commented:

[ANET]Level 80 is always something to celebrate, but be aware that this was not through normal leveling. A few users have made us aware of unusual ways to level very fast. We’re fixing these issues as I type[/ANET]

I am not a big fan of the race to the max level cap, it is not a true indication on how hard or easy an MMO is. I always think you should enjoy the game as intended by the developers.

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