WvW as Level 1? Checking’s Claim

This morning, after not being able to log on last evening, I wanted to check out WvWvW, which was not very populated during the March press beta, we at GWO could attend.

How much would the lag I experienced every time when meeting more than 10 people affect WvWvW?

A lot. I had the impression, that once you got into a major fight, e.g. at a gate of a tower, the team with less lag would win the Zerg rush. I lagged so much (being on the EU Vabbi Server), that when I saw (well felt) the tide turning, I dodge rolled back two times and hoped I would not be downed by then. Skilled game play, like knocking down foes that prepare a big attack was not possible. I basically started to hit buttons.

Can you really start out as a Level 1 character?

As you can see on the screen shot, I tried, but having so few skills available – and in my case not all attunements unlocked – is a great hindrance to defeat your foes that have utility skills and better items. It would not have mattered if you could react without lag, but as I have written in the last paragraph: Push 1-2-3 has happened a lot.
It was also incredibly difficult to pick up loot from other players (the auto-loot from the last beta is gone on default, but you can enable it in the options. I discovered that too late) and I hardly got any coin for defeating foes – but had to pay for armor repair a lot more.

Will I return to WvWvW?

Sure, yes, but right now it is not the best experience to start with.

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