WvW as Level 1? Checking’s Claim

This morning, after not being able to log on last evening, I wanted to check out WvWvW, which was not very populated during the March press beta, we at GWO could attend.

How much would the lag I experienced every time when meeting more than 10 people affect WvWvW?

A lot. I had the impression, that once you got into a major fight, e.g. at a gate of a tower, the team with less lag would win the Zerg rush. I lagged so much (being on the EU Vabbi Server), that when I saw (well felt) the tide turning, I dodge rolled back two times and hoped I would not be downed by then. Skilled game play, like knocking down foes that prepare a big attack was not possible. I basically started to hit buttons.

Can you really start out as a Level 1 character?

As you can see on the screen shot, I tried, but having so few skills available – and in my case not all attunements unlocked – is a great hindrance to defeat your foes that have utility skills and better items. It would not have mattered if you could react without lag, but as I have written in the last paragraph: Push 1-2-3 has happened a lot.
It was also incredibly difficult to pick up loot from other players (the auto-loot from the last beta is gone on default, but you can enable it in the options. I discovered that too late) and I hardly got any coin for defeating foes – but had to pay for armor repair a lot more.

Will I return to WvWvW?

Sure, yes, but right now it is not the best experience to start with.

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  • I’ll be writing up on that too, but for the moment let’s just say it might be a good idea to go to PvE at times to level up skills or get traits or equipment. It might be that I am not used to WvW, maybe, but I think also that you get fewer kills per minute and so leveling skills is slower.

  • It should be fine if you start with WvW right away, because everyone will be lvl1 then :) but I think it would be faster to get a couple of skillpoints and levels in PvE first.

  • Walking into wvwvw before you level any of your weapons abilities was somewhat stupid. Did you put any thought into it before jumping into it? You should of tried structured pvp where they provide pvp gear. Master at least one set of weapons before going. As a elementalist you are at a little of a disadvantage. I mastered a few attunements with scepter and enjoyed wvwvw very much. Regarding the looting :-(

    • I think you may have missed the point of the post Crimsonwulf. ArenaNet has repeatedly said that one can level all the way from 1-80 by only playing WvW, which Gorani took to the test here. That said, I do agree that the best idea is to wait until you got at least your weapon skills unlocked.

      I also agree that the loot was too bad to expect to pay for both wp travel and armor repairs.

  • I never lagged once and my average computer is two years old, so i’m not sure what makes some people lag and others not. The only time i got some choppy framerate is when everyone was in the same spot killing the giant boss bunny at the closing event.