WvW Matchup Changes, Future of APIs, and Combo Fields

Just some quick notes before the weekend hits:

Anet has put out a piece that details how the new World vs. World vs World match up system will work.

Remember a long time ago when we heard we would be able to see guild chat when not in the game? Well, it seems the APIs they released are the first step down that road with more cool stuff to come!

There’s also going to be a GW2 Developer Livestream Friday at 11:00 am Pacific (6:00 pm UTC) on GW2 TwitchTV. Isaiah Cartwright will be giving tips for gear, builds, and playstyle for warriors in Guild Wars 2 PvE.

COMBOS COMBOS COMBOS! And I’m not talking about a fast food menu! Check out Nemeon’s forum post on Combos in GW2!

And Gorani also posted a great piece on Conjures, read it here and then come to the forum to discuss.

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