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  1. Good water ele build for pvp?
  2. Advice, observations?
  3. Acension
  4. Ele/Me Build Against Warriors
  5. GeoTank Build <Pure Defense>
  6. Phoenix Vs Fireball
  7. desert
  8. Lightning/Roleplaying
  9. E/Me first time farmer
  10. E/N Rock Thrower
  11. E/Me PvP build
  12. I wonder how this would work...
  13. Glyph of elemental power + shock/lightning touch
  14. Zaishen Challenge Builds?
  15. E/A Kung Fu Earth Mage
  16. Need suggestion for a non-fire PVE build
  17. SoTD 3/1/06 - Lightening Surge
  18. Favorite skill?
  19. E/MO skills to have!
  20. Urgently need a good E/N PvP build!
  21. Kan an Ele Be a Trapper???
  22. Typical Nuker vs. Typical Spiker
  23. New Energy Storage spell with offensive capabilities
  24. Rodogort's Invocation -- Now Causing AoE Scatter?
  25. Rebalancing and Fire Skills
  26. Kinetic Armor - need better understanding
  27. E/N 20, Should I switch to something other than Fire?
  28. What E armor should I get in Droks?
  29. 15/-1 air wand
  30. Glyphs
  31. Where are Elementalists still needed?
  32. Elemental Golems Anyone???
  33. Ele nuker build ?
  34. Conjure Spells Clarification please
  35. Need E/R build!
  36. Looking for nice R/E combo
  37. How about this PvP E/Me built
  38. Good Fire Ele Builds For PvE
  39. Best Energy Management Skill
  40. Where are the 55Elementalists?
  41. After Deep freeze then ...
  42. The Spellbook: Aura of Restoration
  43. My fellow Male Elementalists: We have been heard!
  44. is that some skills can only be purchased, not gained form quest?
  45. how many runes?2x Superior or 1x Superior
  46. Idea for a new Elementalist "weapon"
  47. ELE fow armor worth it because of factions ?
  48. Did ANet just give Fire Staves a new skin?
  49. E/Mo Infuse Health + Zealot's Fire
  50. Thirsty River Mission - not friendly to Elementalists
  51. Does anyone have a 55HP Elementalist Biuld?
  52. How about the new staff skins!!
  53. What armor?
  54. Need help with my Echo Nuker Build
  55. Doppleganger
  56. Water Skills need HELP!
  57. Does anybody have a screenie // mat list for FoW ele armor?
  58. New Armor in Factions! w00t!
  59. Summit your E/MO builds here!!
  60. 20% faster recharge/casting
  61. elementalist build
  62. Does any1 know any new skills for Factions?
  63. Fire wand?
  64. Illusionary Flames ele build
  65. Echo Build With Glyph Of Sacrifice
  66. Need fire/curses build plz
  67. Build for 55ele
  68. Switching from air to fire at the desert
  69. Ettins, meet your new owner....
  70. an AWESOME all-around Earth Ele build
  71. Southern Shiverpeaks Collector Armor
  72. 20/20 Collectors Earth Staff - Location?
  73. E/N: Blood Magic and * * Magic?
  74. Any good E/Me builds
  75. Did anet killed eles after all?
  76. i need a build for Ele/War
  77. What runes to choose?
  78. My E/me, will it work?? PVPers advice needed
  79. My E/me, Will it work?
  80. Which Element do u use MOST
  81. E/Me or Me/E
  82. Skill suggestion: Nuclear Blast - AoE damage for Energy Storage
  83. Earth based E/?
  84. SS necros taking our job?
  85. Farming spots?
  86. Which elem skill need most improvement?
  87. Glyph of Energy
  88. Will this work?
  89. *Best Secondary for Elementalist
  90. SS+nukeing=GvG Killer
  91. My Obsidian Flesh earth build
  92. New elementalist armors
  93. What's the purpose of Lightning Hammer?
  94. Which new skill do you like the best?
  95. E/Mo Or E/Me??
  96. ANet hates us
  97. Assassin Flambe - because burning assassins smell like fun
  98. 15k Kurzick Female Elementalist Armor from the GW:F Preview!
  99. Earth E/A .. the new FotM spiker for Factions ?
  100. Female Luxon 15k top
  101. E/A, KD/AS on steroids
  102. Updated Geomancer Farm Build
  103. Hated it
  104. fire weopan
  105. Fire nuking in 4v4... it actually works?!
  106. Any new hotness?. . . (not a pun!)
  107. Self-sufficient pyro build (In progress)
  108. fissure armor
  109. headset
  110. Good E/N Build?
  111. What build to use in the Ring of Fire missions?
  112. staves or wands (for fire spells)
  113. Burning Speed?
  114. Best Elementalist Party/PvE build
  115. Attunement question...
  116. dye for elementalist armor
  117. ele/? build for elementist
  118. My E/Me Warlock build
  119. FoW Fire Elementalist build
  120. Easy faction farming - ele style
  121. New Player Need Second Profession Help
  122. second profession
  123. Any tips for a begining ele?
  124. Exhaustion
  125. a good ele for gvg
  126. How well does Necromancer mesh with Earth and/or Water?
  127. Having problems with Ascending missions
  128. E/Mo lvl ascending?
  129. So any1 have build for 120 enegy Elem?
  130. New fire PvP build idea with new factions skills
  131. Energy Free Spells?
  132. Why Phoenix?
  133. Songs for the Elementalist
  134. GLF 1 Monk and 1 E-Monk!
  135. Where can I quest the skill Flare?
  136. Suggestions for armor?
  137. Geomancer 1 or geomancer 2?
  138. Possible new Ele/A build
  139. Elementalist Solidarity?
  140. Your favorite way of energy management? (PvE)
  141. Question about Glyph nuker
  142. Typo in Star Burst description?
  143. geomancer: second job?
  144. PvE TOMBS and the Non-Fire Elementialist
  145. the new ele energy management skills - where would we be without ELITE and EXHAUST...
  146. Troll Husk Lover Build
  147. queston about ele armors
  148. question about earth ele's
  149. I searched but kept getting errors...
  150. Ele Mountain Trolls Farming
  151. My E/W Battlemage builds
  152. a fire elem can dream cant he?! lol
  153. A come-back for SF Eles?
  154. Air Warlock Build (Vol 2)
  155. Shockwave: am i reading this wrong?
  156. Ward of Stability - the new required skill in HA?
  157. E/n
  158. yaks bend armour
  159. Earth/Water/Hammer Meleemancer
  160. I'm an elementalist... and there is nothing for me to do
  161. Knockdown: the other reason an ele should go E/A
  162. Water or Fire with blood
  163. Orrish Earth Staff
  164. Fissure Armor
  165. For those of us who are bored and waiting till factions
  166. Energy increase with Fire Magic lvl 9?
  167. 20/20 Collectors Fire Staff
  168. Will Non-Pyromancers Be Useful in Factions?
  169. e/me
  170. Is this 15K male Temptest armor?! *drool*
  171. Human BBQ Build
  172. Farming Areas for Staff Upgrades
  173. What are the new ele armors in Factions?
  174. What's a good build for Air/Earth ele in PvP?
  175. please give me advice on my rubbish build
  176. What armor/spell for where?
  177. Signet of Humility to stop assassins cold?
  178. Beguiling Haze: more proof that ANet hates eles?
  179. Rate my Build
  180. Good seconday profession
  181. Need a Real Good water earth or lighting build
  182. coloring my armor
  183. TCR. ThunderClap Ranger
  184. Disguise
  185. My E/Mo Holy Water Cleric build
  186. my ele/monk i need a build
  187. my ele/monk i need a build
  188. What I WISH Energy Storage Did...
  189. Ele question
  190. Hex/condition areas in PvE?
  191. Ascension - Fast ?
  192. E/R Rapid Fire Air Spiker
  193. TCR. Revised
  194. Eles should also get a +7Nrg Armor
  195. Noob Question
  196. team build question
  197. wow. i need help kinda
  198. Air build I been toying with a bit
  199. Does anyone play nuker anymore?
  200. gone for 3 months
  201. Elementalist: Return of the Tengu Solo?
  202. 220 ele
  203. New
  204. Fire or Air?
  205. Splinterquake, where I can finf him ?
  206. Hey, looking for some help
  207. AoE+Arcane Echo+Glyphs ftw!
  208. Tips for ascension for an ELEMENTALIST (defeat the DOBBELGANGER)
  209. Make up some skills just for Elem
  210. New to Ele and GW for that matter
  211. Calling experienced elementalists for a counter to R/Me PvP
  212. The horrific revelation I had today
  213. My ele build
  214. A new comeback for Eles from ANet!
  215. Pre-rate the new elites
  216. Geomancer crazy build
  217. New Fractions FoW Armor Already
  218. Kurzick and Luxon For Eles
  219. shadow mage?
  220. New Tempest Armor?
  221. Elementalists with old armor get shafted?
  222. defense against poison
  223. elementalist+ranger=??
  224. do 15k headpieces exist in Cantha?
  225. ..::Elementalist Elites in Factions::..
  226. need some suggestions for troll and etin and desertfarm builds
  227. Elementalist Armor Pics
  228. Question About Dye
  229. safe E/Me Ascencion Build?
  230. safe E/Me Ascencion Build?
  231. safe E/Me Ascencion Build?
  232. Mods, please delete this post and the two unresponded Ascencion build threads
  233. Ele\War-Der with shouts
  234. Eles in Factions
  235. Lava Arrows: Nice idea, but they need a buff
  236. A little help on a build
  237. Avenge Gwen vote Maw
  238. HoH Elementalist Spike E/A
  239. Hello, can I have an answer from Elemantalists gurus ?
  240. Touch the Stars: a PVP build
  241. anyone know how to dye 15k hydro babypink
  242. How and what do you farm (for) when you farm Gates of Kryta mission?
  243. So i got ascended
  244. my e/a team pvp dagger build
  245. Southern Shiverpeak chest running possible?
  246. 55 E/Mo solo UW- possible?
  247. Fissure Armor Dye
  248. when is the new armor bonus for old armor?
  249. Newbie needs help with 2nd prof, Monk or Mes?
  250. Rits becoming better damage dealers than eles?