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  1. Paragon - the new Ranger secondary...
  2. Any new Ranger skills in Nightfall?
  3. Yet another Bow-String question
  4. Speculation: Pet controls will come in Nightfall
  5. I lost a bow mod at some point with these updates
  6. Newbie pet question...
  7. insano damage spike
  8. canthan-born ranger builds
  9. Dire Pet training - now a waste of time?
  10. ranger trapper? ? :P
  11. Looking for a factions-only effective PvP build...
  12. Dryder's Defenses
  13. Ranger/Dervish = AoE Poison
  14. R/Me Replace for SS Necro in UW Duo (Guide)
  15. R/Me Replace for SS Necro in UW Duo (Guide)
  16. How Do I Get Rid Of A Pet For Another?
  17. Otyugh's Cry: Proposed fix
  18. R/w
  19. Lv. 15 White Tiger Charm?
  20. New Pets in Chapter 3!?!? WHAT WILL THEY BE?!
  21. An Elite idea for nightfall
  22. Does "Watch Yourself" also effect pets?
  23. An archer build of sorts
  24. question on kindle arrows+conjure frost
  25. Will they ever fix this most annoying Ranger bug?
  26. Help with this Build
  27. Request for Elite Missions Tips
  28. Need Ranger build (not needling shot thing) PLEASE HELP!
  29. Whats the difference between the types of bow?
  30. where do i find these skills??
  31. Can a Ranger solo Stsou Swiftscale?
  32. Change pet
  33. Bow Distinctions
  34. Quick & Needling in Spike Combos
  35. ranger PVP build help
  36. Hills?
  37. Can a Canthan pure Ranger be effective in PvP?
  38. Just had to show....
  39. Factions only ranger builds
  40. Naming your Pet
  41. Choose your weapon - Or, I need help with my bow choice
  42. THE Ultimate Place to farm...
  43. Another blood sucking skill?
  44. Vizunah master build (and the like areas, a few notches below top).
  45. Can a touch ranger be effective?
  46. Secondary for an Archer, Assassin or Ritualist? (PVE)
  47. Pets: Spider vs Phoenix(end game cantha)
  48. AB Condition Build R/Me
  49. Sundering Hornbow
  50. Chkkr's Flatbow
  51. Plz suggest Arborstone farming build.
  52. Finally No More 200k Urgoz Longbows!!!
  53. Beastmasters rejoice! Pet controls to come!
  54. meele ranger/assassin
  55. It's the Targeting, Dummies!
  56. PvE: Favorite Bow Type?
  57. Pets, Pets, Pets
  58. Vallen, here's your results so far
  59. Shooting For DPS (Discussion)
  60. Beast Runner
  61. Savage Shot Change?
  62. BeastMaster Cross Builds /\ Post Yours!
  63. Pre-Sear Bear Charming
  64. It's still FOW armor to me... what about you?
  65. Whats the point of having a pet?
  66. Im pissed off :(
  67. Mal's First Run In Urgoz
  68. Root Behemoths?
  69. Have to share - Trappers FTW in The Deep
  70. R/W idea, feedback please
  71. Deep W/ Grenths Balance
  72. Disabling Fire Flowers
  73. Bow damage whacked? (and the "great mistery" revealed)
  74. Whats the point of pets?
  75. Help by sharing some advice about UW trapping
  76. How would you react to a monk bringing a pet in B/P?
  77. X barrager?
  78. Charming a Dire Pet...HELP
  79. New Ranger Needs Some Good Bow Advice!
  80. Thoughts on toucher for AB.
  81. How to inflict 16000 dmg to a team in 1 sec.....
  82. Is there a site with pics of available pets?
  83. Preparations
  84. Heal as One
  85. Holy what?
  86. Pet Questions
  87. Power leveling a pet
  88. Tarnok's Longbow
  89. TA Build Idea - Faction Elites Combo
  90. Last nite fun with EoE and Ignite Arrow.
  91. symbiotic bond
  92. How do i ascend my ranger?
  93. Work In Progress: My pet can solo the UW
  94. Pets
  95. Why do you have more than one bow?
  96. Why so many yellow numbers in the farming videos?
  97. pet training grounds?
  98. My AB Ranger build ( rating time!!! )
  99. How do pets differ?
  100. Solo Trapping Underworld (Screen Shots Included!!)
  101. Dire, Elder, or Hearty w/ DP?
  102. Armor functions
  103. Elder vs. Dire vs. Regular (and more)
  104. First time in Kaineng city
  105. My Rangers Problem
  106. Are touch rangers able to farm alone?
  107. Are pets really worth it?
  108. Ranger Spike Combo
  109. question about Pet - Black Bear
  110. Some help please, I'm new to rangers
  111. Do you use Favorable Winds?
  112. A +5 Energy Celestial Bow.. Rare? Yes or No?
  113. guide: power levelling your pet towards agressive
  114. Is Ranger FoW Boring?
  115. Nightfall Ranger Skills/Elite - What's Needed
  116. Vermin farming with ranger?
  117. You think there should be a pet competition?
  118. OOB trapping?
  119. need to find a quick vid.
  120. Nightfall Ranger Armor Prediction
  121. Favorite RA/TA build.
  122. Ranger Solo Builds??
  123. edit
  124. What's your favorite 15k ranger armor for looks?
  125. Rangers - wow, there are a bunch of us?
  126. Virulence trapping (more solo madness)
  127. Guess where the ranger is when this picture was taken...
  128. 55 ranger, lol
  129. My pvp build
  130. Where to find a crane?
  131. pet help
  132. Point Blank Shot/Zojun's Shot - Any use?
  133. elemental advantages?
  134. Any point of Touch Ranger with only FACTIONS?
  135. Ranger Secondary
  136. A/R Critical Bp versus R/Mo Bp
  137. Concerning Trapping
  138. Help tweak this build: Expertise Skirmisher
  139. Killed by my Arrow
  140. Cave spider solo?
  141. Grawl Bombing: The Next Generation [Video]
  142. How good or bad is this Trapper?
  143. Crazed Carpenter - R/W AoE Hammer tank PvE build
  144. Does Any1 actually use trappers focus?
  145. Soloing various types of Mobs for "New Weapons"
  146. Grawl Bombed GG'd?
  147. Solo FoW?
  148. HELP! I *FEEL* like I'm on to something!
  149. pvp intterupter build
  150. The useless Ranger skills list
  151. A way to buff Trapper's Focus
  152. R/Mes - K D ?
  153. Can't we find these ANET people something to do?
  154. Ranger Spike THK?
  155. So how do we kill Urgoz now?
  156. Bear: A Secret Power
  157. Survivor ranger: need a bit of advice
  158. having fun with needling shot in PVE
  159. How did my party gain a pet?
  160. A R/Rt Idea...
  161. Pet Help
  162. Epinephrine's new BM recipe, yummy!
  163. Faction Ranger Needs Help
  164. Sskai solo build.
  165. Just for fun/Contest- What's the most damage you can do with one arrow to one foe?
  166. beastmaster farm builds?
  167. Seeking Arrows end around Oath Shot
  168. Dire pet in Factions
  169. Ranger build for henching Shiro?
  170. Naming your pet
  171. a funny R/Mes build
  172. Noob mistake, noob question... Help!
  173. R/e builds?
  174. Sweet
  175. do i suck
  176. help finding a new bow skin...
  177. Pet Control as I would hope for
  178. Any one ever seen this bow?
  179. Max bow
  180. Am I the only person who wants a pet stable or other way to switch pets out?
  181. my ranger PVE build
  182. 15k Drakescale Boots/leggings combo
  183. New Breed of Touch Ranger
  184. Where Could I Farm?!?
  185. R/Mo & Mo/R - UW duo team
  186. 16 marksmanship builds
  187. Unwaking 2-boss farm (Kunvie and Rajazan).
  188. Beast Spike Build
  189. R/Me?
  190. Ranger Soloing Builds
  191. Factions character going to prophecies
  192. The day has come...
  193. New Quickshot build
  194. Kickass R/A build
  195. does call of haste affect all pets?
  196. Famine Ranger
  197. SotD: Broad head arrow
  198. All ranger FoW celebration. Please give build suggestions
  199. Not too sure I like my pet spider
  200. What's wrong with touchers?
  201. What's a good Ranger and sometimes toucher name?
  202. Ranger Second Class
  203. Oath Shot
  204. Mineral Springs
  205. Hmm..to go R/W (use frenzy) or R/N (toucher) for PvE
  206. Barrage build?
  207. HA build?
  208. B/p
  209. Why can't we cancel bow attacks?
  210. BM skills quests
  211. Pet controls coming soon?
  212. The Truth About Quick Shot
  213. Arena build. (Might be old hat)
  214. PvP Beastmaster Help =P
  215. Touchers in PvE
  216. Need help...R/me build for pvp!
  217. R/P Droks Runner?
  218. Need good PvE Ranger Build
  219. If we get Lions in Nightfall... they will be a reskinned...
  220. 1v1
  221. R/me...build for HA...Need Help!
  222. Is this possible?
  223. SotD: Melandru's Arrows
  224. Does anyone cap a Black Moa anymore?
  225. What is the point of quick shot?
  226. PvE build, good, no command, bad ???
  227. 15k Cantha male armor problem/bug...
  228. Trappers second prof????
  229. Bow Dilemma
  230. PvP or PvE, Good or Bad Build??
  231. Getting skill points?
  232. UW Trap Groups -- Going Further
  233. Ranger skills help
  234. a 1000 deaths
  235. What do YOU like better in PvP? Bunny Thumpers or Cripshots?
  236. SotD: Archer's Signet
  237. Favorite Ranger Stance
  238. Eternal grove
  239. Yet Another Ranger Poll! What Gender is your Main Ranger?
  240. Which is better for a faster Barrage? SQ or TF?
  241. Bows are so expensive :(
  242. pet question
  243. Elites Ive never used....what about you?
  244. Getting a New Pet
  245. Spirit builds
  246. SotD: Punishing Shot
  247. Can a Hearty pet be used with a BM?
  248. Bow Vs Spear
  249. Now that EoE's been balanced...
  250. R/A Way of the Fox - Ranger Spike/Ranger Interrupt