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  1. Can anyone post MM skill minus elite skills plz?
  2. At what level and where can I obtain SS?
  3. Good MM Build PLX!
  4. Diseased Necro
  5. Best heros for a Curse necro ? ? ?
  6. a necro build thats crazy and probably straigh suicide
  7. Minion Bombing question and skill synergy.
  8. Crimson red armor colour
  9. What would you do whit a bunch of energy in PvE. Need ides.
  10. Where to find Jagged Bones?
  11. Test Week End of Necros Round 2
  12. Well, that crafty idea didn't work
  13. blind use of skills....
  14. Build to help me get through finding the oracle?
  15. help with Stygian N/A solo build
  16. Is it possible at 20 to get SS solo with henchies?
  17. WHats better for pve MM or minion bombing?
  18. ne1 know where i cap flesh golem?
  19. shadow dmg
  20. What PvE build are you using nowadays?
  21. Necro Scar Color Guide
  22. Favorite of the 3 main Necromancer builds
  23. RA fun with Corrupt Enchantments
  24. I need a video for the N/R Stygian Solo
  25. Boo, lack of diversity for curse smithed weapons.
  26. some advise needed plz
  27. Hi. I have a little request, if you don't mind.
  28. Curse/Smite N/Mo.. Sound bad? Take a look...
  29. question for all u meleemancers out there
  30. MM healing skills.
  31. The Verata skills
  32. 1st or 2nd Profession for Corpse Exploiter?
  33. Solo UW
  34. tips for minion/beast master
  35. Signet of Suffering Pressure Build
  36. life sacrificing question
  37. End of necro farming?
  38. Sacrificing doesn't count as 'damage'?
  39. putrid explosion buff?
  40. Just vanity, but...
  41. Vampiric Weapon?
  42. The Best MM Weapon?
  43. Death Knight (Direct D Ne/W)
  44. Challenge: Self inflicting as many conditions with as few characters
  45. number of minions a necro can have
  46. The PVE Necro, Our elites and standard builds too good for variation?
  47. Going for Legendary Survivor
  48. support/battery necro
  49. Need help with a meleemancer build.
  50. Order Of Apostasy - hidden change? - works only on physical damage
  51. Buff to Verratta's Aura?
  52. Malign intervention and vereta's gaze
  53. A Request!
  54. A Minion Guide
  55. N/A Bomber's Promise
  56. Has anybody tried Discord+MoR?
  57. PvP pressure builds
  58. Bards spell question.
  59. Jagged Bones bombing, is it dead?
  60. N/D build
  61. agro management
  62. Icy Viens Minion Bomber ( updated )
  63. 55 SS Necro still works when farming Trolls?
  64. necro builds using ranger and paragon
  65. two necros in pve?
  66. 55 hp Necro Equip. help
  67. Finding a lost friend
  68. Discord x3 in AB
  69. N/ME pestilence farmer
  70. Change: Soul Leech Cap
  71. New Discord vs really old Discord
  72. anti- assasin build
  73. The fundamental problem about necros
  74. Necro Build for AB
  75. Necro Pve Builds
  76. Can anyone point me to a Blood/curse build for RA?
  77. Order of the Vampire or Barbs
  78. Minion Masters, oh how I miss the ol' days... :D
  79. agro break in UW as a SS necro duo team
  80. RA ~Discord~
  81. Armor for SS Necro
  82. a new skill idea
  83. MMs useless in NF?? And need help for build.
  84. Maw The Mountainheart
  85. Is this a good SS build?
  86. Level 18/19 Death Magic?
  87. Necro Builds
  88. Toxic Supprise ~ PvE and PvE fun
  89. Soul Bind Build
  90. Would you like Necromancers to have a cloak-like armor?
  91. [New] Dark Aura Toucher build.
  92. Need a green solo build for my SS necro
  93. PvE Bloodbuild - hopefully a new archtype ?
  94. Anyone interested in all-necro teams?
  95. a necro/paragon build?
  96. Why Do Necros Prefer 50/50 To Finder Keepers - Dueling UW ?
  97. dark aura in nightfall
  98. Haven't played in months...
  99. 55 necro
  100. Must-have Nightfall Necro Skills?
  101. Weekly necro gatherings at Great Temple of Balthazar, Sunday, 7PM GMT
  102. First Time Necro
  103. SS nercos with only Prophecies........
  104. whats your fav. necro 15k armor?
  105. Soul Reaping
  106. Help Wanted Ne/Ra
  107. Necros and Energy Management
  108. what kind of necro do you like?
  109. Possible Kirin Farming Build...
  110. Corrupt Enchantment - emote?
  111. How has the SR change affected your Necro?
  112. Necro-sin?
  113. Post-Nerf Soul Reaping, Minion Mastery, and You
  114. who/what is an SS necro?
  115. I found a Use For Zhed!!1!
  116. How Necro-Issue could have been handled differently
  117. Anet doesn't like fiends?
  118. Toxic Chill fun - RA/AB - Master of Death
  119. A Proposal for an Alternative Change to SR
  120. quick question about 10 minion cap
  121. N/Me: Hierophant of Nurgle Build
  122. Domain of Anguish and BiP builds
  123. Necro Help Please!
  124. Aspenwood Rotting Reaper PvP Build
  125. The most effective warder build I have ever played
  126. Here's a neat PVP build for FA/AB N/Me
  127. Hero Necro MM/SS build sacs all chapters
  128. A Wail of Doom Build
  129. Update on status of SR
  130. N/Rt Splinter MM
  131. Necro's and Hard Mode
  132. N/P..WiP but need help
  133. Hero Builds
  134. FoW scar pattern?
  135. MM Solo Zen Daijun Help
  136. New Idea for Modification to SR Nerf
  137. N/D AoTL?
  138. N/Mo build for Grouping and Soloing
  139. my kick your as ra build
  140. Pain of Disenchant + Rend?
  141. spitefull spirit needs big nerf
  142. Messing with Minions
  143. Re-building my pve ss build :
  144. Wail of Doom... Underrated?
  145. [Fun builds] Furry Timebomb N/R
  146. Need help with N/P build
  147. Minion Controls
  148. New Skill Concept: Animating Minions from Spirits
  149. A New Necro
  150. vizunah square cinematic > survivors?
  151. No necromancers in teams
  152. Searching for 55build
  153. Jagged Bones
  154. The Best Death Magic Staff in the Game?
  155. help me decide which armor to wear
  156. Insignias
  157. Soulbinding Knockdown, Thoughts?
  158. The SR Battery Solution
  159. oh no! another SR suggestion.
  160. N/A Augury Spoiler
  161. Necro Runner
  162. [Build] Vampiric Wrath
  163. Necro Power build.
  164. DP or BotA
  165. Made it to Tombs Quick!
  166. Does anyone use Fiends Anymore?
  167. What kind of nec elites would u like to see in EotN?
  168. Necro Archer?
  169. My Necro Level 15
  170. minion battery build
  171. Nec hero= ace spirit spammer
  172. FoW materials after the update
  173. Pain of Disenchantment, thoughts?
  174. Out of simple curiosity..
  175. Grenth's Balance Aspenwood (Kz)
  176. N/A Spirited Vampire build
  177. Wail Of Doom (Why is it so unused?)
  178. Tainted AB Necromancer
  179. Originality Starved
  180. 1hp BiP?
  181. Necromancer Armor Dye Guide
  182. Ryuu's Elite of the Day.
  183. Ryuu's Elite of the Day [6/02/07]: Blood is Power
  184. Lingering Curse
  185. Necromancer Tips
  186. Vampiric Spirit EFFECTIVE ALTERNATIVE
  187. Soloing in Elona
  188. Necro skill of the day [6/03/07]: Barbed Signet
  189. My RA Assist Necro build:
  190. Build using Contagion.
  191. What type of things cna a necro solo farm?
  192. a question about 55 N/Mo
  193. Question about Grenth's Balance
  194. Help an Old Guy out...
  195. Necro skill of the day [6/04/07]: Desecrate Enchantments
  196. Necro skill of the day [6/04/07]:
  197. kurzick 15k or luxon 15k
  198. necro sin
  199. Necro skill of the day [6/06/07]: Order of the Vampire
  200. Interesting build I made up
  201. BUFF feast of corruption
  202. Mel Necro
  203. Necro Skill of the Day[6/7/07]:Demonic Flesh
  204. soul reaper
  205. Necro skill of the day [6/09/07]: Corrupt Enchantment
  206. Necro skill of the day [6/10/07]: Blood Drinker
  207. Necro skill of the day [6/12/07]: Discord
  208. Well, A Mixed Batch Overall.
  209. Necro skill of the day [6/13/07]: Animate Bone Minions
  210. Help with a MM N/D build please!
  211. Lack of Understanding of Soulreaping?
  212. primeval scars and dye?
  213. Kurzick & Kurzick 15k Question
  214. Recommendations for runes for a new MM?
  215. PvE Necrosis Blood Bomber
  216. There's Nothing to fear!
  217. Energy denial pressure hexer
  218. Primary soulreaping builds possible with Necrosis?
  219. sunspear necro
  220. An UW partner?
  221. Which inscription?
  222. N/e?
  223. Question about Flesh Golem
  224. Trying to make a good dagger necro
  225. What is the Max number of Minions You or your Hero animate?
  226. New Soul Reaping Update: Would you say Elegant?
  227. The Necromancer build invention thread
  228. The Martyr, the monks little helper
  229. Signet of Lost Souls.... bad?
  230. Counter for Verata's?
  231. Melandru's suffering
  232. [28-06-07] Skill of the Week: Melandru's Resilience
  233. I need help
  234. Skill Suggestions saved up
  235. Signet of Corruption
  236. New Necro
  237. Toxic Chill RA Build
  238. GB in 55hp Necros?
  239. so...the pve 1v1 arena is coming soon...
  240. Looking for a good solo MM build
  241. MM in AB
  242. Reaper's Mark stealth nerf, still worth using?
  243. Which builds are you playing in HA?
  244. How bout them necro GW:EN skills?
  245. N/Me what skills
  246. Refix Jagged Bones - Soul Reaping Mechanic
  247. possible new minon?
  248. faction only build??
  249. Uw duo ( know the theory, need practical info )
  250. Nightfall Only Build