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  1. Thinking of going to R/N.
  2. The Perfect Necro
  3. Looking for an Order build.
  4. N/E, armor ignoring spiker
  5. Anyone have this info (Tormentor's/Necrotic)
  6. how to make pink armor for a female necro in fanatics?
  7. Necro armor set question
  8. Reproducing 15k necrotic color?
  9. New Necro Skill Ideas
  10. tell me ur minnion builds plz
  11. Rend enchantments question
  12. Help with a necromancer mesmer
  13. me so confused with mark of pain
  14. Help for a N/Me solo build
  15. N/W random arena build
  16. Minion Damage
  17. Is Wither still bugged?
  18. necromancer/mesmer newb
  19. Necro Vs Flash Golem
  20. Query re Grenth's Balance
  21. orders necro
  22. Questions on a Vampire Build
  23. i cant find "fastest cast"
  24. Want Dark aura build video
  25. N/G Mountain troll solo farming video
  26. Tainted Necro In IWAY build
  27. n/???
  28. AotL Build
  29. build help for a necro/ranger
  30. Curses and PvM
  31. Attack of the flaming chickens!!
  32. Post your FOC pvp necro build
  33. soul leech or lingering curse for killing monks?
  34. Want to start new Necro- Help please
  35. it takes skill to be a necro
  36. Verata's Aura
  37. Necro UW / FoW builds
  38. FoC Build Battle Report- 9/24/2005
  39. which staff is better
  40. DM Green wand/offhand?
  41. Just a Question...
  42. Necro/mesmer-best build questions
  43. Vampiric Gaze Vs. FoC Spike Builds
  44. PvP, Degen or bomber damage?
  45. PvP help
  46. Skill Question
  47. Was thinking about making a N/E...
  48. TadaceAce's Necro Builds
  49. Plague Signit Build
  50. warriors bane method
  51. Minion Master Good for 4 Man Sorrows Farming?
  52. THE DEVS SHOULD mAKE an Elite summon skill
  53. Vellum
  54. Minion Testing -- Preliminary Results are In!
  55. Blood/Heal Build
  56. where can you cap desecrate enchanments(yes i know its not elite and buy at grotto)
  57. Curse / Blood - Arena build
  58. Minion Masters- How do you prefer to keep them alive?
  59. N/W Build Help, plz
  60. Blood/Earth PvP
  61. Blood/Earth PvP
  62. PvE & PvP
  63. n\mo or n\r?
  64. Minion Usefulness
  65. Anti-Fighter builds?
  66. Another N/Me build
  67. My Necrotic/Tormentor's Holy Debuff Research
  68. Ne/Mo farming advice wanted.
  69. DarkBombing Minionmaster?
  70. Chillblains Range
  71. N/Me or N/E For PvP?
  72. Well of power
  73. Necro/Ele Builds
  74. Save a "life"
  75. beat doppleganger in 15 sec
  76. N/Me build
  77. Necro skill changes - what do you think
  78. Brand new N/Me NEed major help
  79. The new and improved Aura of the Lich
  80. The Patch, and how we're becoming more and more powerful
  81. Aura of the Lich tanking is the next Team Hex-A-Lot forum build... sign up for spots!
  82. Looking for my 8th skill in a Blood Spike build...Advice?
  83. Armor differences for PvE
  84. N/R Assisting Build
  85. FoC Spikers Gathering Saturday: sign up
  86. necro/ele or necro/mesmer?
  87. Need Help from Necro Experts
  88. Which is the better skill?
  89. Blood Renewal still at 33% sacrifice
  90. FoC Spike Build
  91. ive decided to start a necro
  92. Necro Edge Bomb - getting past the Ghosts
  93. Grenth's is BACK
  94. Minion help please
  95. Looking for a good color to dye necro armor
  96. advice pls 4 secondary prof for summoner
  97. What Boss can you cap death nova from?
  98. nooby necro asking for help
  99. What elite to go with?
  100. A question about a Summon Necro
  101. um....what gives?
  102. Check out Suggestions thread
  103. Calling Necros -- 2
  104. Infusion Carryover to New Armor?
  105. Secondary class for a battery?
  106. soul leech
  107. Necro solo build
  108. Team Hex-A-Lot Battle Report #4: Sado-Masochistic Madness
  109. The R/N Necro? (PvP)
  110. Necro Secondary - best?
  111. Suggestions for a good Necro/Mesmer Build
  112. Well of Power help...
  113. Well of Power Addiction Rears It's Ugly Head at Sorrow's Furnace!
  114. Feast Of Corruption
  115. green necro weapons
  116. Tainted Necro Obsession???
  117. where do you get a couple of skills
  118. The Best Weapons for a Necomancer
  119. Green Necro Item List
  120. Aura of the Lich
  121. dark bond
  122. Armor Ignoring Cursed Doom... N/Me
  123. Necro in GvG/HoH
  124. PvE build
  125. New to Necro/Warrior and having trouble deciding on weps/skills
  126. Share the Love Necro Build
  127. N/Me PvE Problems ><
  128. Help dying my armor, with picture
  129. Price of Failure question
  130. Need help on my pvp build
  131. Health and energy
  132. The REAL Warrior's Bane!
  133. N/R that doesn't use pets/minions
  134. blood/death necro bombs team builds
  135. Well of Blood VS Well of Suffering. Quick poll.
  136. First set of armor in post-searing
  137. Thunderhead Keep Build
  138. Creating a new build
  139. Stop those one-liners!
  140. Glitch with Dark Bond?
  141. PvP necro glory
  142. Necro Only Event Part2 Oct 9th Sun
  143. Battery necro build
  144. What is a Battery Necro
  145. Necro IWAY build?
  146. I have a Question...
  147. Show me the owning!
  148. Guilds Lvl 7
  149. I'm having troubles.help.
  150. Help wanted necro farm build
  151. Newbie Mission question
  152. Need Major Help With This...
  153. Can't siphon spirits...
  154. Necromancer Non-Elite Sig Caps
  155. N/W Farm idea
  156. Life Bond and Dark Bond
  157. life siphon
  158. Question on energy bar
  159. Powerful N/R build with a pet!
  160. N/Mo viable?
  161. Darkest Hour, necro soul reaping elite
  162. PVE question. Should I just die?
  163. Do wells stack ??
  164. Pure Necro vs Hex + Mark of Pain
  165. Early collectors
  166. A necro newbie needs help...
  167. Does Scar Pattern atttribute bonuses stack with runes?
  168. How many attribute points is required for death magic to be effective
  169. Will monks' healing skills on minions quicken the degen?
  170. PvP Build question
  171. Am I missing something or is this spell widly overlooked?
  172. Does Verata's Sacrifice Stack?
  173. Grenth's Bomber Build
  174. Armor question...
  175. Necro's Make better Monks!
  176. Parasidic bond... what gives
  177. Another necro only event, copying some guy
  178. Question about curses that are linked to the caster.
  179. dark fury, you fast track spell to making wars love you even more!
  180. Minion DMG
  181. Criticize my N/Me plz =)
  182. Suggestions on a spin of the N/W
  183. Necro Melee weapons needed!
  184. SF Minion Master
  185. Tips and a Little Guide for the Blood Necro
  186. Nec Question
  187. Farm with minion master
  188. The SUPER MONK
  189. 4v4 Team Arena Build
  190. Necromancer Item and Skill Help
  191. N/W Build
  192. suicide necro help
  193. A Charr Hide Hunter ;p
  194. Need great pvp necro build
  195. Scars don't dye properly!
  196. What the fastest possible way to reliably kill yourself ?
  197. Is N/W really viable?
  198. Need elementalist/monk to help test minion elemental resistances
  199. Does life-stealing ignore enchantments?
  200. Keeping aggro as a necro- is it possible?
  201. need a good PvE blood build
  202. Can the face scar be dyed black?
  203. Incredible W/N sword build. what is it???
  204. Blood/??? support necro as N/Mo or N/Me
  205. N/W Aura of the Lich
  206. Questions about Bloodstained boots.... SF necro... Death Elite
  207. N/E Blood Nuker
  208. all blood eoe build that works!
  209. Death/Blood necro build
  210. Need help on my summoner
  211. Pink Dye! :0
  212. So you want to be a meleemancer?
  213. Can anyone give me Suicide bomb build details?
  215. N/W build (anti-warrior)
  216. Necro Question
  217. Where can iget Tainted Flesh?
  218. The solo griffin necro
  219. Beg. Necro question
  220. running to copperhammer question
  221. How do i maintain my minions when i dont have veratas sacrafice or blood of master?
  222. New Necro Skill Ideas
  223. Awesome AoE Curse Necro
  224. Spell of the Day: Shadow Strike
  225. Future Necro Skillz
  226. I need a quick help... wot armor should a death nec wear [forge]
  227. Going back to be a minion master but..
  228. Which runes?
  229. Can anyone give me the exact Tainted Necro build?
  230. Necromancer Minions aren't that good
  231. N/W farm build (suggestions appriciated)
  232. necro soloing uw
  233. Degeneration of minions
  234. N/R Damage Build
  235. villainy of galrath
  236. battery necro help
  237. Hey, New to Necro
  238. Week 10/16-Spells of the Week
  239. A fast question..
  240. naykee Necro Build
  241. Advices to m AotL build please:)
  242. plague n/me
  243. Well done Curse Necro?
  244. GvG Debuffer
  245. Collectors Curses Staff?
  246. Good Max Blood
  247. Conditions Necromancer
  248. Vampiric touch and skill interactions
  249. Help with my new necro
  250. 3 Man Alkar Farming