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  1. salvaging warrior weapons
  2. Griffon & minotaur MegaMob farming
  3. W/Me hydra farming (using the most skill in the game!)
  4. warrior armor?
  5. What would be the best damage dealign warrior??
  6. Which Sword is Better?
  7. energy question
  8. Your Favourite Weapon Modifiers?
  9. Any fury axe warriors out there who need a good axe for their build???
  10. how do u deal with being a warrior?
  11. Hundred blades *spoilers*
  12. Price For Crystaline
  13. My Warrior/Mesmber
  14. Made a W/N Build against better judgement.
  15. Collector Helm in Desert
  16. Pics of all the Hammers,Axes,Swords...etc
  17. pve tank build
  18. W/N help
  19. Gash :D
  20. My W/R, which attributes?
  21. what does ascention mean?
  22. Tactics Tanking
  23. Axe v Sword: Axe has higher base dmg?
  24. Tactics: The Best Build. by Trojan Fury
  25. *** SWITER *** W/Mo Smiting Build
  26. Wanted to make good hammer for knockdown warrior
  27. Air Warrior
  28. Energy
  29. Drama: Can someone give me a recap?
  30. Collectors for the 80 AL armor ?
  31. What I Need For Granite Armor
  32. Quick Question: Ascalon vs Dragon Stats
  33. I found a "Green Sword" and ...
  34. Rebuild Advice Please
  35. "Watch Yourself"
  36. Warrior + Mantra Stance?
  37. Which elemental damage is good?
  38. Request: W/N PvP Build.
  39. Where to go from here...
  40. Is strength any good?
  41. collector shield
  42. Terrible luck with Griffons after update?
  43. Something about Cyclone Axe...
  44. Smiter Build~
  45. two warrior questions
  46. Question PMed to me: How can a PvE war transition to PvP?
  47. Tanking XP pts
  48. Build For me please help
  49. improve hunderd blades or at least add some sword elites (me english good)
  50. secondary class
  51. Can fiery dragon sword upgrade its hilt.
  52. Unlock Superior Rune
  53. elementalist or monk
  54. Sundering vs Vampiric
  55. Tell us your PVP build!
  56. out of ideas on a build for swords, help plz
  57. does apply poison work on swords?
  58. The Art Of Body-Blocking
  59. How do you farm griffons with W/N ?
  60. Tombs/HoH for warrior
  61. Spinal Shivers
  62. Which Axe Should I Use?
  63. W/N Sword Build, opinions please?
  64. Where to place my absorption rune
  65. Warrior Skills That Trigger Zealots Fire
  66. Which Hammer mods should I buy?
  67. Farming with War/Nec - Builds, Locations
  68. Crystaline Question...
  69. Hammers
  70. What is an IWAY warrior?
  71. Frenzy and Attack Skills
  72. advice for W/R to fight mirror?
  73. Eviscerate
  74. Dark Knight (Warrior / Necro) builds..
  75. Has anyone tested these armors protection?
  76. W/R armor
  77. I need a good build for a warrior Im lvl 18 with almost full plate mail armor
  78. PvP Virulence WN
  79. What is your favorite secondary?
  80. is it just me or is the plate mail crookered?
  81. W/R Running build
  82. Water w/ele
  83. some advantages? of war/r or war/mo
  84. 2 Warrior/Ranger Build - Which is Better?
  85. W/R Farming Advice
  86. Weird quest item sword/axe HELP ME!
  87. Vampiric or Sundering for Axe ?
  88. Any advice?
  89. W/Mo and Mo/W team in UW
  90. Best PvP Warrior Build(s)?
  91. Mesmer skill echo question.
  92. How bad is -5 energy for warrior?
  93. a Great pvp build?
  94. Your Fow Armor Preference?(Pve Of Course)
  95. Riverside Farming?
  96. Knockdown duration for Devastating Hammer?
  97. W/R or R/w?
  98. Shield question
  99. W/Mo Farming Build
  100. help w/r farm build
  101. What are your facourite weapon mods?
  102. Sword Convert
  103. PvE build for later missions requested
  104. A damn fine damage dealer
  105. Question On req For All
  106. Chaos Axe which is better
  107. PvE Tank: W/Mo vs. W/Ele
  108. Whats the point of elemental damage?
  109. I Like Hundred Blades
  110. help build w/mo for PvE
  111. IAS stance questions (frenzy and others)
  112. Testing a New War/Ne Curse Build
  113. W/Mo Axe Farming Build help
  114. seeking opinons on W/Mo idea
  115. Did GW nerf penetrating blow?
  116. Good PvE n PvP'er n Tanker ??
  117. "For Great Justice" question
  118. question about riposte/deadly riposte
  119. any anti-interruption skills for warrior?
  120. Need a better axe build
  121. Weapon Mods
  122. Collector Shields
  123. Looking for some advice with my War/Ele PvE
  124. Truely playing out pre searing to decide your class
  125. need help ..
  126. can anyone hlp me?!!
  127. Lowbie W/Mo Armor question
  128. Collectors Shield... where is it?
  129. Iron Mist + Lightning Weapon?
  130. do u use ur secondry
  131. Help!!! Need Biuld For Iway Pvp!!!
  132. where the best places to farm?
  133. w/mo farm question
  134. 15k vs 1.5
  135. Axe or Sword???
  136. first character is sooo weak
  137. vampiric query
  138. help with secondry
  139. Were Are The Golden Felblades???
  140. What Is The Best Warrior Elite Skill For Pvp???
  141. were is the best place 2 farm "golden" swords??
  142. What Do I Get Farming Desert Hydras Or In Ring Of Fire
  143. New Warrior shield question
  144. Is Skull Crack Any Good??
  145. Is it worth to have 16 Strenght?
  146. the best w/mo build for pvp
  147. Green Weapons
  148. Grognar's Blade vs Gold Sword
  149. Eviscerate vs Cleave: Your thoughts please?
  150. Ultimate warrior build
  151. Help With Weapon Choosing
  152. what to use inplace of zealots fire?
  153. How a W/Mo can be useful in PvP
  154. wich farm griffons or hydras??
  156. Sorry, I don't care.
  157. Distracting Blow vs. Disrupting Chop
  158. Help me fix my sucky PvE W/Mo build
  159. wat the best build?
  160. Any Warriors skills still Trigger Zealots Fire??!!
  161. more damage
  162. New Pvp Build Guild
  163. Remaking my Griffon-farmer
  164. Spellcasting Warrior
  165. Easier W/Mo Desert Farm Build
  166. is this a good fissure combo?
  167. Gold Dye
  168. Newest build i can come up with
  169. Dragon vs Galdiator?
  170. The Broken Balance between Swords and Axes
  171. Wild blow vs balance stance
  172. Flurry Query Please Help
  173. Asking for help to improve my W/E (PvE only)
  174. Paladin
  175. W/Me?
  176. This is what Hundred Blades should be (LOL)
  177. Question.
  178. need help with IWAY
  179. Requesting W/Me Tank Builds
  180. +5 energy sword in denravi?
  181. Low Health Protective Spirit w/mo builds?
  182. Most Energy and Energy Regen for Warrior
  183. Warrior Leveling Guide
  184. Not enough mana
  185. Help my PvE W/Mo
  186. Can Someone Tell Me How Do I Take A Foto
  187. wheres the citacel at?
  188. Warrior Build
  189. Appreciate some help on this please
  190. A Perfect Guild for me
  191. Question for the warriors
  192. Late Game PvE Damage or "Wtf I only hit for 2!!"
  193. TadaceAce's Warrior Builds
  194. how to get Charge???
  195. A Try at the W/Me Tank
  196. W/E Tank Build
  197. Most damaging secondary?
  198. build help
  199. I see they nerfed the collectors sheild...
  200. W/E build for PvP (no not a kd/as)
  201. Suggestions on my Hammer Warrior
  202. Suggestions on my Hammer Warrior
  203. Best Place To Farm Black Dye In Pre Searing
  204. Best Place To Farm Black Dye In Pre Searing
  205. Colorable warrior weapons and shields?
  206. Best Skill for Regaining Adrenaline?
  207. Penetrating vs. other dmg skills over time
  208. Why isn't Savage Slash instant?
  209. To: New PvP Warrior From: Ranger
  210. Sword vs. Axe -R/W melee, have a few questions.(PvP)
  211. Axe with +5 vs elemental attack
  212. 1.5K Amor Pics, For those of us that dont want ot spend 75k on armor!
  213. COLOR: Crimson/Blood Red
  214. +15% all the time - but slow energy?
  215. Materials For FoW Armour
  216. My Battle Rage Axe Warrior Build
  217. w/mo swordmanship help
  218. More useful? Cleave or Eviscerate?
  219. My W/Mo Farming Build
  220. Need Sincere Advice/Help with FoW/UW War/Mo build
  221. A new Hammer Build- Malign Mauler
  222. Warrior/Necro Build
  223. Where are the good collector shields?
  224. Need help with Hammer W/N pre ascend
  225. Question About Wepones Requirement and Attribute points
  226. Axe Help
  227. Illusionary Weaponry on Warriors
  228. What is the best Sword build for PVE
  229. Mesmer runners
  230. W/Me or W/N...looking for advice
  231. how weakness applys to swords and axes
  232. A note to all wa/mo farmers using balt's....
  233. PvP Build
  234. PvE Axe Skills
  235. Were the buffs to the Ripostes necessary?
  236. Speed Capped At 133%?????
  237. Well, since no one else has said it...
  238. Why are most warrior armors so similar?
  239. W/Mo Pvp Build Critique
  240. buh bye droknar run
  241. Ultimate SF Warrior Build...what is it??
  242. Why the punishment again? asbos for the anti social
  243. Petition: Please give us better collectors shields a.net
  244. Deep wounds question
  245. Endurance Caster?
  246. Cursed Executioner W/N revisited...
  247. Odd request for a Warrior with FoW Armor
  248. Icant beat my mirror!!!! :(
  249. W/E Farming Builds?
  250. W/2nd Profession