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  1. Soloist builds for GvG
  2. Working out damage on certain skills.
  3. Necro blood or FOC spike?
  4. Un-rated GvG Round Robin for Practice!!
  5. Classes to become more "holistic" in Chapter 3
  6. How and Why is IWAY "Successful"?
  7. A different Warrior/ranger shut down
  8. How much health in PvP
  9. Rate my new team build
  10. How Many Wins In Ascalon Arena?
  11. NEW IWAY from factions will suck
  12. Character Slots...official
  13. Guild Wars PvP: Gimme the lowdown ^_^
  14. Elementalists in PvP
  15. Bot Monks, a big problem with Factions?
  16. Assasin/warrior mana denial
  17. ??? Question ????
  18. HOw does one Actually achieve...
  19. Realistic approach to gaining Fame/Rank
  20. PvP: Guild versus Guild
  21. Hard Res. in GvG.
  22. Endure Pain with IWAY!?
  23. Will Assassins replace rangers?
  24. HA New comer
  25. Will R/A's replace R/W's (bunny thumpers)?
  26. GvG Runners
  27. Faction Farming in RA
  28. TA Lottery
  29. The Iron Fist 1 VS 1 Tournament
  30. Post here if you see any Faction-based NEW team builds!
  31. Low level arenas in Cantha?
  32. Irritating new thing in 12v12
  33. Earth Elementist "warder" Build !!Help!!
  34. Voice of Reason
  35. How do I get in 12 vs 12 allianced battles?
  36. The power of Spirit Spamming!!
  37. Necromancer/Warrior Build (any good)?
  38. Ritualist + Monk = the new nightmare 2-monk team?
  39. Mesmer/Monk FC smiter
  40. Thunderclap + Earthbound?
  41. A/N: Killer of Boon/Prot Monks
  42. A/X or R/A in 8v8, HoH, or GvG level PvP?
  43. EvIL in GvG
  44. Ritualist in Heros last night.
  45. PvP Tournaments
  46. The guild Battesl (unfair)
  47. New Rit Spike Idea
  48. Mo/W making a comeback?
  49. Ladies & Gentlemen, I give you the "Super Thumper!"
  50. IWAY, and Factions
  51. What's LuNa's build?
  52. gladiator's arena
  53. gvg pressure build
  54. Game controls
  55. Slightly annoyed
  56. Announcing 1 v 1 Tournament
  57. 12v12: Old or new format?
  58. "Suicide R Us"... A "Light-hearted" team build
  59. new to gw, questions about pvp
  60. Would Restoration spirit help EoE bombing?
  61. Integration of Factions skills into GvG
  62. Spirit Spamming?
  63. opinions.
  64. remember the good times?
  65. The Assassin's doublestrike ability/dual attacks against hexes
  66. Shadow Shroud needs a nerf.
  67. How do I do 12 vs 12's???
  68. finally the iway era has ended! Bring back the dual smites!
  69. The new trend - Faction leeching
  70. My Minion Bomber Build
  71. Master of the Nameless Isle challenge
  72. Running, a good thing?
  73. dual smite has returned
  74. Random HoH/GvG Tips Thread
  75. Me/Mo build. What to change form RA to GvG?
  76. Going for A number?
  77. A extremly Modded Iway
  78. W/N PvP Build
  79. PvE characters in PvP, Yay or Nay?
  80. Fort Aspenwood need some improvements!
  81. Tales from Ra "Post Your Own!"
  82. I've come to the conclusion that RA is not Random at all
  83. Why does death magic get no love from the devs?
  84. Guildwars Dodgeball ... how to play (video)
  85. Elementalists taking a beating?
  86. A Wail of Doom PvP necro build
  87. Possible Emo Flag Runner GvG Build
  88. Most Overused RA Build is...
  89. HoD weapons in PvP
  90. Aura of Displacement - soon to be ubiquitus for GvG assassins
  91. EViL's monks equipment
  92. Another build from me :D
  93. Spirit control build-a balanced build using factions
  94. Interesting new build that needs tweaking- take a look
  95. Not a new Heros group. But...
  96. FoC/Water hex build...
  97. Lets have some 8v8 fun!
  98. New Trend Scamming for guild Membership
  99. hard to get a new player in team arena...
  100. Suicidal Infamy
  101. My new gvg build
  102. My rant on the state of PvP.
  103. Korea's New Blood Spike
  104. How to counter Interrupting Mesmers
  105. The GvG gate debate.
  106. The Blackout Spam build!
  107. Old AC PKer looking for some advice/info
  108. this probably sounds stupid
  109. Hehe say hello to sinway
  110. Bunny Thumper, any changes in GW:F?
  111. what build does a woh/hp monk have in ha?
  112. Build Analysis: Examining/Critiquing a Build
  113. Pay to Play (Tombs), with top players, 3k Per Fame
  114. Evil Has Been Conquered!
  115. Does "Shields Up!" own Assassins?
  116. A Defensively Modded Iway
  117. Bigger Damage IWAY
  118. Suggestions to beat Rit/ groups using Spike groups
  119. Learning about PvP (Specifically RA/TA)
  120. which people do i need to cast life bond on in heros ascent?
  121. So a team with 4 henchies in the 2nd season playoffs...
  122. Season 2 Semi-Finals: SOTW vs. EW + WM vs. IB
  123. Is it possible to "kill someone until he's dead" in 8v8?
  124. Powerblock?
  125. R/N getting really common in RA
  126. Ritualist Spike build
  127. Hello there!
  128. Top GvG builds (need some input pls)
  129. Level 28s Hurt more, but do they Heal more?
  130. KD-Chain Rangers? - Possible replacement for Gale-Chain Warriors?
  131. Severe Interrupt team?
  132. Eat Ya For Breakfast's insane HA build
  133. recalled edge bomb
  134. new update causes relic run glitch
  135. Best Ranger Elite in PVP?
  136. *New* AoE Necro Blood Spike
  137. Ranger Damage Test...
  138. iB and EW ran same build in their last matches
  139. New GvG metagame: 12 man teams.
  140. Spiking Build is overpower than ever?? [Spoiler]
  141. What the..?
  142. HoH Warrior aftershok 8 man team
  143. Need help with E/Me Air build to GvG
  144. Curious as to why people say my build sucks, just wanted some insight from others.
  145. Best shield for PvP
  146. Help gaining Fame.
  147. Pets On Pvp
  148. chalenge: how much damage can u do
  149. Is it just me, or are the Kurzicks completely pwning in Alliance Battles?
  150. Auspicious parry + riposte
  151. what build does a aoe smiter have
  152. Alliance battle assistance
  153. Palm Strike Spike
  154. Spirit Spike (HoH Build)
  155. Comming back to GW
  156. Assassins in HA?
  157. dual account alliance battle sabotage???
  158. Flesh Golem Factory in HA - ingenious or exploit?
  159. GvG Battle Against Guild Of Geeks
  160. Notes on Voice Communication for Competitive Play
  161. A Thread for the RAers
  162. Quick spike and other channeling ideas
  163. Question about Split-spikes, and needling shot.
  164. does a migrane mesmer has the same things as an e-surge mesmer exept the elite is....
  165. Dreamwalkers build (degen+EoE+spike)
  166. The Scourge of the Arena! (Now with Voting)
  167. Touch Ranger, Viable for GvG?
  168. Fort Aspenwood EOE Madness
  169. What exactly makes the boon prot so good?
  170. deadly vs caster combo?
  171. Whats Your Balthazar At?
  172. Basic for those in the know
  173. Using pve characters in pvp
  174. Learning curve too big for PvP?
  175. Help!!
  176. Sad condition of HA
  177. Poll: Should HoH chest drop some better loot?
  178. Fort aspenwood rant part 2
  179. GvG - Res. Sig on Flagrunner?
  180. Need some suggestions for a spike build in ta.
  181. R/N Touch in GvG? - Possible flagrunner build?
  182. BEGGING stop the touch ranges
  183. GvG rating change problems
  184. How to stop touch rangers
  185. Is it possable.........
  186. New player
  187. A new hope for HA? A Discord-pressure Build
  188. Energy on the isle of jade map
  189. PvP leavers
  190. OMG I'm going ot have an anurism trying to choose a permanent PvP char!
  191. Spirit Spike V.01
  192. a request, read then plz close it
  193. Making a GvG build, need tips.
  194. Slight confusion...
  195. GvG build question - What is the 'standard' monk backline now?
  196. no monk
  197. attribute question
  198. Good team build??
  199. Assassins IN tombs
  200. pvp build for n/mo
  201. How should I mod this Longbow... *PvE but... I want to PvP so :/*
  203. plz dont put things in pvp forum if they shouldnt be there.
  204. RA..needs more experience players :\
  205. Players want Random HA
  206. Order of Apostasy
  207. What rank where you first time you won halls?
  208. Well, its finally happenned
  209. Notes on Voice Communication for Competitive Play (author Aiiane/David Holtzman)
  210. 1 v 1 Tournament arenas? Good or bad idea?
  211. Caster main weapon mods
  212. Best Profession For 1v1 Scrimmage?
  213. We can end the Fotm builds YES WE CAN!!!
  214. Assasin Fragility Spike?
  215. Ty to everyone who "helped"
  216. How to Counter those nasty silly R/N builds
  217. The invincimonk enters other PvP
  218. elementry for some
  219. Shock Warrior
  220. Meteor Shower "Spike" Idea
  221. ts / vent
  222. Anti-Monk Build
  223. GvG: Thumper Vs. Shock War
  224. Fort Aspenwood - Kurzik side - strategy talk
  225. assassin's promise difficulties
  226. GW Build Database
  227. Keep up the good work!
  228. Dragons vs Glads vs Beserkers
  229. OoA *might* just be over powered you know :D
  230. GvG matchmatical formula for Ratings?
  231. soul bind
  232. I want to try this build that I came up with(but no one will help me!)
  233. need help on gvg build ive been working on
  234. W/Mo PvP
  235. GvG Air Spiking, Me/E or E/Me?
  236. Alliance Battle FAQ/Info
  237. First GvG Build
  238. Extending PVP: Team Scrimmages
  239. dual smite-help me
  240. /duel
  241. flame my build =)
  242. Famous players in GVG
  243. Boon prot build- help
  244. Zeishen Challenge?
  245. Standard Monk "in" PvP builds?
  246. probably a stupid question.
  247. Weasel's Super-Fun THUD Build (RA + AB)
  248. GvG Manners
  249. Some Tweaks for ranger and ele touchers
  250. a toucher killing warrior build?