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  1. Interrupter assassin
  2. Spike Assassin (alpha strike carnage)
  3. Assassins and Fragility
  4. Which does more damage?
  5. Where are Assassin armor stats posted?
  6. A/R max degen spreader
  7. Assassin/Warrior....
  8. A/x Guild Lord take-down Assassin (5-attack combo)
  9. A strange idea...
  10. An Idea...
  11. Assassins put on too many conditions?
  12. EDenial A/W
  13. balthazar zealot, assasin build.
  14. This is MY Assassin to end all Assassins!!! [PvE]
  15. Question about Armor
  16. How do these skills work?
  17. Assassin dual run
  18. Noob question: where cant i change my secondary to assassin?
  19. The final Shadow Refuge kinda sucks... and thoughts on other 4/26 changes.
  20. My build so far.
  21. Assasin / Second profession ????
  22. Will the assassin be the new runner?
  23. Why Ranger is the best PvE secondary for Assassins
  24. Teenage IW Ninja Assassins
  25. Skills
  26. Dissappointed with the assassin?
  27. 6 x A/Mo PVE group idea
  28. Dash FTW
  29. A vague build idea (Hammer Assassin)
  30. Assassin 15k Armor
  31. doppeleganger down XD
  32. Assassin Fow Materials
  33. Deadly Arts Weapons
  34. Shing Jea Monastery Armor
  35. Throwing dagger ability?
  36. Where is Temple Strike?
  37. Is this Sai any good?
  38. PvE A/Ra report
  39. Where is Moebius Strike?
  40. Assassin armor question plz
  41. If you have acquired Death Blossom...
  42. 1.5k Armour Crafters (Location and Styles)
  43. Assassin Crave
  44. Where Do I Capture "Flashing Blades" - Elite Spell.
  45. assasain daggers
  46. Falaharn's Split Chakrams
  47. Assassin Impression
  48. Assassin Damage Bug?
  49. I need a good A/MO please
  50. a few questions
  51. Assassin lessons learned.
  52. Gold Sai
  53. Moebius Strike. where is it?
  54. Assasin dueling!
  55. Tips for Newbies
  56. Shiro's Blades
  57. Armor Recomendation
  58. Luxon/Kurzick and FoW Assassin armours
  59. Which Secondary Prof Would add Max damage to the Assassin
  60. Blocking/Evading/Dodging chance...
  61. If I see one more Assassin Death Charging to his death...
  62. Is there a Poisen Dagger mod?
  63. Armour Crafters! Please
  64. Weapons: an assasins best friend!
  65. Assassin/Elementalist?
  66. Flashing Blades elite
  67. Imperial 15k armor: Does it exist?
  68. Is the Assassin primary att. that good in PvE?
  69. A/R How to maximize survivability?
  70. These daggers any good?
  71. My one big gripe with the final Assassin
  72. Assassin Elite Cap Locations
  73. Assassin/Ranger or Assassin/Monk????
  74. A/W: Tactics Spike Build (5 Second Kills)
  75. Can't find this armor...
  76. trainers
  77. Need help! I'm sorta new
  78. Secondary for assassin...
  79. Shroud of Silence
  80. Trying to find this armor...
  81. A/W cookie cutter build :/
  82. anyone got a map to the imperial armor
  83. What's The Best Assasin Elite ?
  84. Was the sin designed for PvP only?
  85. Acquiring skills
  86. Shadow of Haste pulling
  87. Best Armor.
  88. Would someone please post pics of 1.5K and 15K Female Exotic?
  89. Shadow Shroud - Where to get this?
  90. Too dependent on energy?
  91. All Purpose Assassin Guide
  92. The 'No lead attack' Spike Assassin
  93. A/Me Build
  94. Need a good build for A/Mo
  95. Aura of Displacement Assassin
  96. Knock Down Combo: New/Old Skill Discussion
  97. Thunder Clap + Death Charge
  98. There a way to change 2nd profession with assassin?
  99. need a/mo smite build
  100. Control timing for Shadow of Haste?
  101. Suggestions for Shadow Stepping
  102. Capping Palm Strike
  103. Male Obsidian Screens
  104. Armor Question
  105. An A/R who really need some help.
  106. Moebius Strike build
  107. assassin in 4 man pvp observations/shiro's blades question
  108. I call this "Backstabber" build
  109. 2 Assassin build for GVG
  110. Assassin Doppelganger troubles
  111. Flashing Blades (Quest Only?)
  112. Question about Exotic armor
  113. White Assassin armor?
  114. Would this pve build work a/mo
  115. Looking for help (A/Mo)
  116. Assassin/Warrior Sword Build
  117. White dye for Assassin armor?
  118. nubby mcnub-nub question about armors
  119. Someone please prove me wrong!
  120. A/R Help. (PvP)
  121. Req Female 1,5k exotic armor dyed silver
  122. Self healing for Assassin- whats best secondary for it?
  123. When can I create an assn?
  124. Moebius Strike: Luxons left out?
  125. quick question bout armour location
  126. 1,5k Armor
  127. Shadow Refuge : Give me a break
  128. LF certain build 5 energy skills lead-offhand-dual
  129. Is there a place to get good daggers?
  130. Duel-Wielding
  131. Just got Factions, need help on point distribution and secondary
  132. Fissure Armor 4 Assassin?
  133. Serious Bug in Siphon Speed?
  134. Kung Fu Fans as dagger skin?
  135. Need opinions on secondaries for assassin (PvP point of view prefered)
  136. wow i need a price check for this
  137. Farming with Henchies
  138. homeage, to duel wielding knife fans(V for Vendetta)
  139. good second class
  140. My "don't kite it's alright" build
  141. If I were to do it all over again... (advice for newb 'sins)
  142. Wild Strike needs a rethink?
  143. What are the critical strikes braek points?
  144. Assassin's lack of defence - a solution.
  145. Dagger types
  146. LoL again i really need a PC on this one
  147. R/A vs A/X: Daggers - The Final Showdown.
  148. Collectors
  149. sharpen daggers skill name
  150. has anyone seen this, CE dance???
  151. Which armor does your assassin wear?
  152. assassins promise, where is it?
  153. A/e Build
  154. What if...illusion wep A/Me
  155. Female Sin Dance
  156. Assasin Rune question
  157. Role of Assassin in GvG battles..
  158. Assassin/Ranger with a bow
  159. targeting AI- huh?
  160. 15k kurzick masks show your assassin noise now
  161. Ettin farming with assassins - works great!
  162. The Assassin Plague~
  163. The "Lost" Assassin Armour?
  164. Flashing Blades
  165. Cobra Commander! (A/E Arena Build)
  166. Assassin armor is not enough.
  167. few questions
  168. What is my critical?
  169. Anyone have pics of Shrouded armour?
  170. Show off your assassin!
  171. The "Victory Is Mine!" A/W!
  172. Assasin Help
  173. [SiN] AoD Build.
  174. Assassin class: deceptive to the extreme
  175. Assassin's Promise?
  176. lawes sincon build
  177. Problems with AoD and scorpion wire
  178. Tried to make an Assasin build to do some nice damage
  179. Does Moebius Strike recharge Iron Palm?
  180. "Best" Secondary for Assassin
  181. Shadow Concealment runes:possible fix for assassin's lack of survivability
  182. The Best Defense...
  183. Shrouded better than Nightstalker's?
  184. A/n Spiking Build
  185. Assassin's Promise? - anyone seen it?
  186. A/Me PvE Build
  187. Wotf Spike Done Right! (Universal A/E Build)
  188. What assasin armor to go with?
  189. Assassin Armor?
  190. Tachi's A/R Build
  191. The Assassin Shrine: Showoff Thread
  192. The Sniper: ranged assassination
  193. Endless Palisade (Arena Assassins LOOK NO FURTHER!)
  194. question about
  195. yellow+silver a good gold dye for sin armor?
  196. Aura of Displacement
  197. Elite Hunting - What's Worth Getting?
  198. What offhand attack do you use?
  199. Preferred dagger mod: zealous or sundering?
  200. obsidian armor?
  201. Assassin Degenerates
  202. Your Favorite Assassin Secondary Poll
  203. Dagger mods: give up your dmg buff for +5 energy?
  204. "must have" skills
  205. Dealing with the Afflicted
  206. Shadow Form Farmer!
  207. A/Mo Build suggestion
  208. Offering Reward for Assassin's Promise location
  209. 1.5k armours
  210. R/A Any good in pvp or pve?
  211. Image Request: Male Seitung 1.5K Armor dyed black
  212. Should the 15k armor thread be stickied?
  213. Let's see some genius!
  214. Armor Piercing and Crit hits.
  215. Celestial Weapon Farming: soloing Nahpui Quarter with an Assassin
  216. A/W with 1h weapon+Shield ,will it work?
  217. tips for solo'ing Xuekao the Deceptive
  218. Modifying Sins for Ranged Damage?
  219. Degen Assassin Build Idea
  220. Assasin FoW Armor
  221. The Warrior Monk
  222. Assassin armor setup
  223. Class discrimination.
  224. Shiro's Blades
  225. Energy Efficient Build. A/Mo
  226. Where the heck is the Sickened Am Fah?!!!?
  227. The "Standard" GvG Assassin...
  228. There seems to be one major flaw in the Assassin class...
  229. a/me build?
  230. Where is Bramble Everthorn
  231. hos & scorpion wire a good combo?
  232. A/R Builds... Anyone...?
  233. Assassin Building 101
  234. Final Verdict - Assasins are indeed too squishy for PvE
  235. "The Wraithwatcher" Build
  236. "The Wraithwatcher" Build
  237. Fevered Deams Assassin
  238. Shadow Form FTW?
  239. Would anyone be so kind as to help me with a good all around pve bulid?
  240. Assassins+Unwaking Waters=oh god...
  241. Assassin elite advice.
  242. Guidelines on how to maybe find Assassin's Promise.
  243. GVG(AoD) Assassins: Which Dagger Tang?
  244. Dual Strikes and conditions
  245. Any deadly arts/shadow arts heavy builds?
  246. Best damage, with decent defence and energy
  247. Guild to support a noob sin?
  248. Any oppinions on the various green daggers out there?
  249. Kurzicks or Luxons?
  250. Moebius Strike/AOD questions