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  1. Basic guide to using the Assassin
  2. A noob build idea (flame on)
  3. +15 AL (Attacking) Armor Discussion
  4. New to Assasin (2nd try)
  5. noob Armor Question
  6. Rate My Build(started 4 days ago)
  7. Blade of Steel, maximum damage?
  8. Whats your current build of the week
  9. Assassin Builds (Plz Sticky)
  10. NF fun combo : shutdown warrior and own casters =p
  11. Are assasins good for general solo play?
  12. 1Month in Closer to the Stars and still not pass it
  13. Question on NF skill "Shadow Walk"
  14. question about the skill Deadly Paradox.
  15. SoS Caster Hunter
  16. assassins made in Nightfall
  17. New assassin needing build/help!
  18. Change Secondary
  19. How are Assassins at PvP?
  20. Looking for a dye mix...
  21. Soldier's blades (A/W) PvE
  22. Are Assassins Too Strong?
  23. How does Assassin armor work in taking damage?
  24. Anti tank/toucher sin (for AB)
  25. Shattering assault Q
  26. A/Me I'm Afraid to Go To Sleep
  27. My Core Assassin Knockdown Build
  28. ( A/Mo ) Monster In the Closet
  29. A/Mo monster in the closet a good build?
  30. golden lightning striker
  31. Fox's Wicked Promise
  32. Is there a way to link canceling of AOD to a keyboard key?
  33. Oh god...casters...beware of the Assassin on Nightfall.
  34. Assasin Elites
  35. Sin hench problem
  36. Skills Update: Some Boosts
  37. 2 sec Moebius
  38. 10/26 changes to Sin armor
  39. flourish - we don't need you anymore!
  40. Assassin's new elites... happy or not so happy?
  41. Assassin's Nightfall skill changes in final release
  42. Assassin armour in Nightfall
  43. 2 nasty sin builds
  44. Shadow Form, Under Min Health
  45. Assassin Nightfall armor (female)
  46. Seeping Wound & Hidden Caltrops Build
  47. shadow prison spike video
  48. New Lightning Surge Build
  49. Spiritgarden's Repose Solo-Farmable?
  50. Assassin Ancient armor (female)
  51. A/D Critical Scythe
  52. Vitae or Attunement?
  53. Thought and feedbacks on the new skills/elites?
  54. Assassin Ancient armor (male)
  55. Is there EndGame Armor For The Assassin?
  56. Assassin end game armor 15k (female) [SPOILER WARNING]
  57. Moebius build
  58. Hidden PVE Buff for Assassin?
  59. Amazing All Assassins GvG Team - No Healer
  60. The No-Dagger Fragger
  61. where do u capture shadow prison
  62. GOAL: A Sin Build That can go from Kill to Kill
  63. Viper's Defense
  64. Redo Sin's obsidian armor
  65. Add 15k armor for Sins in nightfall
  66. A/X Elite Skill hunter
  67. AoD replacement?
  68. A/P thx 2 nightfall
  69. Any builds for the Sin Hero?
  70. Expose Defenses
  71. The most effective PvP Assassin build I have seen out there!
  72. Why should rangers get all the fun?
  73. Shattering Assault
  74. new need adivse/help
  75. What Nightfall elite you are NOT going to use?
  76. Golden attacks NEED a buff NOW!
  77. Blades Of Onslaught Assassin
  78. Fix the Dye
  79. [Request] Some Sin Help?
  80. New Dagger Ideas Thread
  81. 8 sin gvg?
  82. Armors in NF
  83. Dye
  84. Preferred Insignia/Armor setup?
  85. Has anyone found the location of Golden Skull?
  86. New elite skill idea: Blind Luck
  87. shadow strikers versus shove
  88. A/D PvE Build
  89. Lead attack -- does anyone even use them?
  90. Rate my A/W?
  91. New Sin looking for Aid
  92. Good build for broke, relatively new Sin?
  93. Please help me not use mobius strike
  94. Anyone found an A/D build that beats the A/Mo AP-Prot builds for general PvE?
  95. Assassin difficulty level?
  96. Bath's Sin
  97. capping "way of the assassin" ...?
  98. Rangers >.<
  99. Rate my PVP Sin Build!
  100. Assortment of Sin builds video
  101. Vampiric Bronze Daggers of Enchanting?
  102. Defensive Skull Striker
  103. Dark Apostasy - worthless now?
  104. Real Assassins Don't Use Sundering?
  105. Newbie Assasin
  106. IW Assasin?
  107. PvP build: Shadow Prisoner
  108. Fox's Dexterity Build
  109. 15^50 dilemma
  110. Are these daggers possible? Could they be even more gooder?!1
  111. Assassin Factions or NF
  112. Moebius Strikes Location?
  113. Flashing Blades: Does This Thing Work?
  114. good idea or bad idea
  115. Need help testing DPS Sin
  116. Rate my A/Me
  117. is my build good?
  118. is my assassin build good?
  119. Assassin = Best Runner EVER!
  120. Seeping Wounds... oh no.
  121. Ultimate A/Me Chest run build!
  122. Just plain vicious/fun......
  123. *SPOILERS* Help! Second to last Mission, Nightfall
  124. Question...
  125. Favourite Assassin Skill Icon artwork?
  126. Can someone recommend me a build?
  127. Blindness - How do you deal with it?
  128. Shattering Assault
  129. Other classes worth capping elites
  130. The end of Assassins?
  131. need good alliance battle build
  132. Sticky Paws A/D Scythe build, with what i can and cant solo
  133. Faster Attack Speed or Faster Attack Recharge?
  134. Mirrored Stance -- Gotta Ask!
  135. New Age Promise Sin
  136. Great AvA Sin build
  137. Lovers of Seeping Wound & Shadow Prison....
  138. Any use for hidden caltrops?
  139. Parasitic Assassin
  140. Moebius Strike vs Flourish
  141. Master Conditioner
  142. Way of the CRITICAL: This build is Critical-aholic.
  143. Future for the 'sin (and ritualist as well)?
  144. any droks sin runner build?
  145. Me/A
  146. "On Your Knees!" with Shadow Walk
  147. Assassins competing in Winterfest 06?
  148. A/E Stoneflesh Aura
  149. R/A's Defense?
  150. Piercing vs. slashing Daggers
  151. Assassin Builds for PvP/E
  152. WotA builds-need advice
  153. A/W, A/Mo, & A/E: Most Potent Builds?
  154. Exploring The Potential Of The Assassin
  155. *SPOILER* Last Mission Help
  156. Working to end game. Need advice Daggers and armor.
  157. [HELP] Need advice on killing Bramble Everthorn
  158. A/x - Lazy Assassin Build
  159. Empathy Fun
  160. Assassin Tank
  161. Point of Wastrel's Collapse?
  162. Rate Build
  163. Robust Moebius strike build ^^"
  164. Miss Sixkiller PVP build
  165. Build Advice?
  166. Solo Green Farming
  167. Ranger Skills for Assassins
  168. Silent Aggression - Caster Demolisher
  169. New Sin Seeking Advice
  170. A/P Ponderings
  171. When/How to Use Critical Barrager
  172. A/E Shadow Form Solo-Nightfall
  173. Question/Suggestion about 'sin skill.
  174. Legendary Survivor A/x
  175. I know sins can be good in PVE but....
  176. A/?...my spiker needs survivability
  177. Soloing Help
  178. RIP "Watch Yourself!"?
  179. shadow form assassin duo pvp
  180. Why should we be left out. Bring your elite-mission ideas
  181. Assassin Ancient Armor Male without spikes
  182. New team assassin build for City of Torc'qua
  183. I need this specific build.
  184. Current Build
  185. A/M builds
  186. How much is this worth?
  187. Domain of anguish a place for Sin?
  188. Is it true you can solo Sunreach with a sin in 30secs or less
  189. Legendary Survivor... Point?
  190. Critical 13. Worth it?
  191. Axe Sin
  192. Assassin droks runner
  193. Permanent ShadowForm (partner required)
  194. Dragon Scythes, WHAT drops them?
  195. Hypothetical A/Me build
  196. omg help me plz
  197. Need good all around PvE build
  198. A/X Black Blade Assassin for PvE
  199. WEEE! Demon Daggers!
  200. Question on Dagger Inherent Mods
  201. Any elementalist skills to speed up attacks
  202. Vabbian or ancient armor for sin ?
  203. Really fun assassins promise build.. PVP/PVE
  204. Should i delete my sin?
  205. Zhang Liang is a noob.
  206. Assassin and Secondary Mesmer don't mix?
  207. rate my build plz
  208. "Tormented," Dagger skin?
  209. An Assassin Build
  210. Sin HP
  211. The Joke: Dash
  212. A/W Pve/Pvp Fast 'Sin
  213. AP Pve build, what do you think?
  214. h0w the hell
  215. Three (or Four) Daggers every Assassin needs...
  216. The Scorpio Sin
  217. What PVE build do you use for your assassin?
  218. Pretty good build
  219. A theory build
  220. GVG Build - "Fear Me!" Spammer
  221. "Leg-It" Build
  222. Death Blossom Vs. Blades of Steel
  223. So I was winning another 4v1...
  224. Solo Assassin/Ranger Trapper
  225. Would this build able to farm?
  226. Shiro's Blade to 13 DM
  227. Nerfing Bat for Assassin?
  228. How do u Farm as an Assassin?
  229. why a paragon,derv and warrior have more deep wound skills
  230. Suggested sin skill changes
  231. Dual sin spike
  232. Sin solo Uw2 farming!? Oo
  233. Weird running build
  234. Can you think of a use for Wastrel's Collapse?
  235. Masters of 1v1?
  236. Shadow Prison Builds, and Better
  237. Oh Yeah? Well Take That W/Mo!
  238. A Warning to All Assassins!
  239. Can't decide... for 2nd proffesion!
  240. Black Lotus Strike
  241. Sin Forge Runner
  242. The Instant Throwing Dagger Fragger! A/Mo
  243. So I just beat Factions...
  244. Shadow Stepping at its Best
  245. Dealing with the rampant Blind...
  246. Which would look better with Ancient?
  247. 15k Kurz. or Vabbian
  248. The Factions Preview Event Assassin
  249. why do......
  250. Advice needed