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  1. New dagger soundeffect!
  2. critical bow 'sin
  3. Petition to Revert to Old Dagger Sound Effects
  4. Our position in the team
  5. Assassins counter teams without dedicated healers, but not the later?
  6. Sin in Hard Mode, tougher challenge or totally new game?
  7. need help with sin build (AB)
  8. does anyone use pve sin in pvp areas?
  9. new and looking for advice on my PvE build
  10. Tiger stance v.s flurry
  11. The Burning Spajker
  12. A/E Lighting Surge
  13. Scorpion Wire. How to use effectively?
  14. Dark Apostacy- extremely underrated
  15. Q: about Double strike.
  16. Q: about blocking.
  17. Q: about criticals
  18. Skills That Need Buffs
  19. "/ Assassin" Really the way to go?
  20. A/W "Warsin" - maybe not new, but new to me!
  21. Assassin vs R/A
  22. Any assassins out there using pets?
  23. Shadow of Haste?
  24. A "Survivor" cut short
  25. [Build] Predator Strike
  26. Critical Strikes Line effect Pets?
  27. What do you go for?
  28. BoA PLS
  29. were did my thread go
  30. Making Money/Farming
  31. A/E and Hard Mode
  32. Do people still hate assassins?
  33. Beguiling Haze Sin
  34. farming the DoA?
  35. A/* No Way is Way
  36. Rate my build - A/D - Grenth's Grasp
  37. What's my role in Fort Aspenwood (Luxon) as an Assassin?
  38. The AoD - BoA variant
  39. Shadow Of Haste Suggestion
  40. Couple of returning assassin questions
  41. Critique this build
  42. Decent Combat Assassin
  43. Shadow Refuge: A Terrible Skill? Thoughts
  44. Things about the assassins (and suggestions about it)
  45. living with deadly arts
  46. AB Assassin, please crit.
  47. A/D concept
  48. Assassins and farming?
  49. Build me something around "Mark of Instability"
  50. Assassin skills in GW:EN?
  51. The Widowmaker
  52. Is Slashing the best damage type for Daggers?
  53. A build I've been playing with: The AB Ambusher
  54. Dozens of Dancing Daggers
  55. Hahaha... Funnest RA build EVER!
  56. 1 of the New Assassin Armors
  57. Best survivability build?
  58. Critical Spear Thrower
  59. Phoenix Fangs Spiker
  60. New Lighting Surge Spiker
  61. The difference in 1.5k and 15k imperial mask
  62. best setup with insigneas
  63. which assassin looks better? pics inside
  64. Temple Strike in PvE
  65. As an Assassin, What pet should i get?
  66. Fort Aspenwood Mine Clearer
  67. Spellcaster's Torment
  68. ::A palm strike build::
  69. Assassin's Promise.. Enjoy it while you still can...
  70. Black Fevered Parasite
  71. Assassin's Monologue
  72. Why are Sundering mods on Daggers bad?
  73. Making an Assassin, would like some tips.
  74. shadow form
  75. Build: The Grasping Gust
  76. does 15^50 affect bonus damage?
  77. A work in progress: The utility/assist Assassin
  78. Team arena?
  79. Best place to farm for LB points as a sin?
  80. RA - My Glad. Farmer
  81. Hard mode what should i do?
  82. Grenth's Triple Strike
  83. (PvX build) 'Extending' Killer
  84. Assassin skill re-balance, June 12th
  85. Theoretical team idea:
  86. A/D: Whirling Golden Skull Build
  87. <<< Defender of the Deadly Arts >>>
  88. A/Mo Temple Strike /build
  89. Shadow Prison variant /build
  90. Most Desired Dagger ???
  91. PvE only skills
  92. Looking for shadow
  93. A good assassin secondary?
  94. Good News for Sins and Bad News of Everybody else, Critical Agility scales with CS.
  95. Jungle Strike...huh?
  96. What type of armor?
  97. Critical Agility Nerf even for Primary Sins
  98. My PvP Build
  99. NEW Locust's Fury Build
  100. Does critical agility stack with flurry?
  101. New Assist/Utility Assassin: Needs improvement
  102. What's the most efficient dual attack?
  103. Permanent Shadow Form?
  104. KD Death Dealer
  105. Having fun with Nightmare weapon
  106. Pvp Assassin
  107. Taking on apprentices
  108. Assassin Builds for All your Elites
  109. Is it possible to achieve a critical under IW?
  110. Critical Scythe is back
  111. What to name an assassin
  112. Assassin Challenges
  113. A/W Fearsome Energy Blighter
  114. Calling all assassins to help test and comfirm this bug
  115. Siphon Strength sin
  116. materials for fow sin armor
  117. B.Y.O.E! The 'Bring Your Own Elite' template
  118. crit spear thrower
  119. A/W Build: Enchantment Fragger
  120. PvE Support/Damage Build: The Spearasin!
  121. Sin drok build help
  122. Question/suggestion for Wastrels Collapse
  123. The Wheels are A-Turnin'.
  124. the best assasin secondary class?
  125. A/d Critical Scythe
  126. Locust's Fury or Way of the Assassin?
  127. Should an Assassin always run DM at 16 points
  128. Fun Golden Skull Crack sin
  129. What (Race Based) PVE Skills Would You Like to See in GW:EN?
  130. Build idea: Dozens of Dancing Knockdowns
  131. Frosty the Assassin
  132. Critical Interrupter now viable thanks to Critical agility(PvE)
  133. 105hp 'Sin Tank
  134. Scythe PvE build?
  135. Toasty the Assassin
  136. Wastrels's Collapse?
  137. Pressure for dummies
  138. Double att. = double energy gain?
  139. Whiach is better for Attacking? A/W, A/R or A/E
  140. Assassin's Pride
  141. The Pressurizer
  142. Spin off from The Widowmaker
  143. Ganker's Promise
  144. The Unblockable Apostasy
  145. Aura of the Phoenix (Please comment?)
  146. Opinions about a Shattering Assault Build
  147. Can low lvl solo in Shing Jea Island?
  148. Couldn't contine assassin primary quest...
  149. Repeating Palm Strike
  150. PvP Build: Black Beat Stepper
  151. Sin vs Margonites
  152. WotEP assassin (PvP, AB)
  153. Off-Hand Bravo Brawler
  154. Assassin runner Fights back vs Dervish Runners ;p
  155. Which Assassin?
  156. Hidden Update!
  157. Dark Prison Optional Slot
  158. The A/E Solo Build and Soloing Everthorn
  159. Little Help for New Assassin
  160. Rumored new Assassin skill names for GW:EN
  161. Your thoughts on taking Sin to NF - please help
  162. Official Assassin GW:EN skills (pre-release)
  163. Shroud of Contempt
  164. Idea for build involving GW:en skills (just an idea)
  165. Sin Builds for Hard Mode?
  166. Sin pvp build?
  167. What is the most damaging 3-skill attack chain you know?
  168. deadly spike (could use some help)
  169. Knock Down Touch build...
  170. Vampiric Assault's Deadly Arts
  171. Palm Strike's Deadly Arts
  172. Assassin's Hellfire of Corruption
  173. YAY! Critical sins vetter than ever with Gwen!
  174. Looking for a build that does decent, consistant damage without Mobius
  175. Hypothetical ScytheSin...
  176. "YAA!" 'sin? Concept Builds
  177. Armour
  178. Locust's Support
  179. Ride teh Lightning
  180. Hero Battles
  181. Looking for some help/inspiration
  182. Sin resistance for Ele's
  183. "Sin's creed" armor in GW:EN or reskin
  184. New assassin for pvp, please help
  185. Help with Vermin farm build
  186. Create an Assassin skill
  187. Been using in RA/TA (A/mo)
  188. Orochi Ped's Concept build:Way of the Scythe
  189. Upcoming Skill Balance for Assassins.
  190. A/E secondary B surge sig spiker
  191. Flourish-sin... Dont call it a comeback!
  192. Mirror of Displacement (w/ Variant Aura of Burden)
  193. Vampiric Leech
  194. Are you pondering what i'm pondering?
  195. The Pressurizer
  196. Shadow Form Farmer(i think its cool 0_o)
  197. Please Help Me Figure It Out
  198. Sinskill update August 16
  199. A/W E-Denial
  200. Best Skills for Assassin/Ritualist?
  201. PvE: Way of the Smackdown Palm
  202. SS/SF duo UW
  203. PvP: Augury of Knockdown
  204. Critical barrage the next generation
  205. Deadly Silencer
  206. Why no Spear Assassins? (Build Attempt Included)
  207. Kukris are Rarer than Ceremonial and Zodiac Daggers!
  208. RaO sin??
  209. Exactly how do you unlock Critical Agility on a Hero Skill Trainer?
  210. Who says Assassins can't solo? [Video]
  211. Just A Thought
  212. What benefit is there in using a melee weapon besides daggers?
  213. What elite would you choose for a newcomer to the class?
  214. Great new PvE build: A/any Anti-Stance Poisoned Spiker
  215. So lets talk Preview Event for us sins
  216. Norn Tournament
  217. Critical Sin Builds
  218. GW:EN for Assassins- 2 Questions: Arrowblade & Norn Daggers
  219. For the Shadow Prison sins
  220. What are Furious Dagger Mods used for?
  221. Need Help
  222. A Moderate PvE Build?
  223. "our arrows, will blot out the sun!"
  224. GW:EN PvE build
  225. Asuran Scan - Possible Assassin Friendly Skill
  226. Daggers question
  227. the pve glass cannon button masher :D
  228. Your opinion on GWEN's armor and Anton's armor
  229. Can Assassins really assassinate?
  230. PvE build - Lazy Locust
  231. Anyone found post-release Norn Tourney build that works well?
  232. Critical Disenchantment Spear Sin
  233. What's the best thing to do against Blind / Block?
  234. 2ndary for assassin as solution to weakness
  235. MS+DB vs. CritBarrage vs. CritScythe
  236. Flamin Rodgort
  237. The Grenth's Grasp Assassin (A/D)
  238. GW:EN Skills; which do you like best?
  239. Starting an assassin..
  240. SP/TS killer????
  241. New to the Assassin- Advice for the Early Game?
  242. (Q)New to Assassin, Need Assistance
  243. Living off conditions
  244. vabbian's shiny chest
  245. My 1st Assassin video :)
  246. How to Kill a Destroyer (or anything else) in 10s or less
  247. Critical Destroyer Build
  248. Can someone post images of these two armor combinations?
  249. Symbolic Corruption
  250. Favorite Dagger Skin