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  1. I'm at 20 and don't know if I should keep going. Check this out!
  2. Which skills do you get for free from training in the monastery?
  3. Rt/A and Rt/W... can this be done well?
  4. Lively Was Naomei - not so lively!!
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  7. How Mighty Was Vorizun?
  8. Have anyone tried to make an ashpot based Ritualist?
  9. Spirits
  10. My Damage Based Ritualist Build
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  12. Which Spirit to choose?
  13. Definition of a Ritualist
  14. Rit/Nec MM help
  15. Need Help with Spirit Rit
  16. Energy Solutions for Ritualist
  17. 309+ Heal Party? Heck Yeah!
  18. A few questions
  19. dansofly's RT/E pvp battle build
  20. Beginner Ritualist?
  21. Different Healer Rit - Spam Healer
  22. Rt/A?
  23. Help me like the ritualist...
  24. Forced to take Ritual Lord or Soul Twist?
  25. Ritualist with pants
  26. R/Rt with spirits: can it compare?
  27. do spirit stacks ??
  28. Any Ritualist farming builds yet?
  29. Compilation of Farming Builds.
  30. Choosing a secondary for party support skills
  31. Rits can't Dmg hard? Don't make me laugh!
  32. My Ritualist/Ele Nuker build
  33. I've got half a mind to stop bringing Restoration Skills.
  34. Survivor Ritualist -- request for advice
  35. Is this a good Rit build for PvE?
  36. Is "Gaze from Beyond" ignoring armor?
  37. explosive growth where?
  38. Kurz Armor Collector's Where ?
  39. My rit build... it seems pve good
  40. Spirit Spamming and wat prof?
  41. Doppelgagner Beating
  42. Alternative to Ritual Lord
  43. Alright im not shy anymore Rate my healing ritualist
  44. Tricky Ritualist Spell Damage
  45. Ritualists are NOT the Best Healers, Damage, etc.
  46. Capping Ritual Lord
  47. Newbie Rt/N in need of help. =(
  48. Tactics against MMs in PvP?
  49. Any Collector +5nrg^50 wand?
  50. Best weapon/focus combination?
  51. Wanderlust instead of Ritual Lord or Soul Twisting
  52. looking for starter build Ri/Ne
  53. Spawning Power is useless as a whole.
  54. Dye Help
  55. Feast Lord
  56. Rt builds for Tyria
  57. Dance Dance Dance
  58. Nooo! Gaze From Beyond! D::
  59. Lf good strats for a 2 man ritualist team...
  60. Ritualist AOE spike
  61. Ow. My pride.
  62. Flying Fortress (4v4 dmg Rt/Me build)
  63. Fast Forwarding GW
  64. Ritualist build: "Project Doom" version 1.0
  65. Ritualist Weapons
  66. Exotic Armour annoyance
  67. Please Improve My Channel Rit
  68. Weilder's Boon?
  69. Returning to GW...tell me about Ritualists
  70. One hand restoration weapon?
  71. Nerf on Soul Twisting-.-
  72. Spirit Light Weapon?
  73. Beware ritualist black painted skin armors!!
  74. Clamor of Souls pwnage?
  75. Healing Rit Build Help
  76. Ritualist Trapper?
  77. Ritualist Elite Skill Locations (with maps!)
  78. preservation: looks better on paper
  79. Stick and Teapot: Ritualist Armory
  80. A little help please...
  81. Is it me or do People don't know what we do?
  82. Healing Monk vs. Restoration Ritualist
  83. Urgent!: RT/E
  84. Rt/N needing help From this amazing forum
  85. Let's Do Our Part to Stop Touch Rangers, et al
  86. Why no moving spirits?
  87. Oni Farming for Fun and Profit
  88. Advice/Suggestions on my PvE build (Channeling). Do it... now. =)
  89. Restoration
  90. Vengeful Was Khanhei
  91. Spirit Postioning= spirit spike
  92. Ritualist hench Staff
  93. Ritualist weapon Mod flawed.
  94. Attuned Was Songkai - how much reduction at 16?
  95. Union/Shelter question regarding dmg reduction
  96. Ashes: one at a time
  97. Is Earthbind Broken?
  98. New build i came up with, got me Glad Title :D
  99. Item spells?From Rits
  100. Whats a good PvP build for a Rt
  101. Ra/Me or W
  102. Rt/N MM - is it worth it?
  103. I need a RT PvP build
  104. What is ritualist
  105. Introduction to Ritualist and FAQs
  106. Welcome to the Ritualist Forum - Please read!
  107. Links to popular build threads
  108. To all those who doubt the power of ritualist healing...
  109. Healing spirits
  110. A guide to Ritualist/Ranger FoW Forest Farming
  111. Resilient Fortress (from mesmer forum)
  112. New Faviote Skill!!
  113. New Ritualist
  114. choose
  115. Spirit Overlap
  116. ritualist iway mod
  117. A ritualist version of Spell of the Day
  118. Tyrians hostility towards Rits
  119. Mighty was Vorizon bugged?
  120. A Ritulist bug??? IMPORTANT
  121. Is ritualist a good pvp class after all?
  122. SotD 6-17-06 Weapon of Quickening
  123. Build... feed back is needed
  124. White Dye
  125. Offensive Ritualists...Underpowered, Yay or Nay?
  126. 12 + 3 + 1
  127. Best Elite for a PvE Restoration Ritualist?
  128. RA TA Rit build I'd like to share.
  129. SotD 6-19-06 Spirit Channeling
  130. Collector's Armour
  131. Vengeful weapon build for RA
  132. Spirit Transfer
  133. Noob and a ritualist please help
  134. Ritual Lord Guide
  135. Vengeance Seeker, PvE-ers make this worthless item worth 100k....
  136. Curious about dmg potential of rituatist
  137. Ritualists "too easy?"
  138. Best Wep for spirit caster?
  139. The future of Ritualists
  140. Armor question for the pros
  141. Real Curious
  142. Spirit Spire - Offensive placement build
  143. Rt/A Combo Idea
  144. original topic: help with my build
  145. SotD 6-22-06 Signet of Spirits
  146. consume SOUL where?
  147. Best Shelter Caommuning Build for Rotscale?
  148. strong and weak points of a ritualist
  149. Emissary armor bugged?
  150. Can Healing Spring be used to heal Ritualist Spirits?
  151. SotD 6-24-06 Vengeful was Khanhei
  152. Rt/R
  153. Quests for Skills?
  154. New ritualist skill ideas
  155. Problem with Displacement appearently
  156. Question about displacement
  157. Some Ritualist Polishing Ideas
  158. Anyone found an use for Consume Soul?
  159. Rit/Me PvP(/PvE?) Build
  160. Lively Was Naomei, Bug or Feature?
  161. SotD 6-27-06 Vengeful Weapon
  162. Ritual Lord's Staff
  163. Capping Wanderlust?
  164. Defensive Spirit Analysis (Warning: Math ahead!)
  165. Do Ritualists hog a lot?
  166. State of the Game article on Ritualist Profession
  167. Spirits and healing question
  168. Rupture soul question
  169. What Ritualist can do for the team?
  170. Sort of confused....
  171. RT/R the ritualist fury
  172. I have difficult times in scrimmage
  173. Restoration Rit Guide: Lets get us known as a valid healer
  174. Clamor of Souls... why?
  175. Ritualist help required
  176. Sotd 7-01-06 Soul Twisting and Ritual Lord
  177. Strangeness with Soul Twisting and Distracting Shot
  178. Ritualist vs Glint
  179. Problem with capping Wanderlust
  180. Spirit Bomber...not what you think
  181. How should I mod these staves ?
  182. union of the sword
  183. My....First....POST!!
  184. Quick Question About Ritualist Weapon Spells?
  185. Rt/R builds
  186. A unique Shadow Form support Rit/As build for arenas
  187. two-handed Staf or single handed wand/rod
  188. Has anyone tried this?
  189. Fort Aspenwood builds for Ritualist
  190. Shoo kappa, dont bother me.
  191. Preservation capture
  192. Guide: 600 hp Rt/Mo + Me/R UW Smite Run
  193. need pink dye mix for my armor
  194. SotD 7-07-06 Attuned Was Songkai
  195. Ideal rit for TA?
  196. Communing useless until you get Ritual Lord?
  197. Energy Mgt
  198. The Ritualist Nuker
  199. Quansongs Focus
  200. quick question
  201. How is the Ritual Lord doing in PvP
  202. What's the best way to buiild a Ritualist/Necro nuker?
  203. Another skill which does heal spirits
  204. Ritualist Seitung Armor...Price Over the Edge?
  205. Looking for help with Rt/E builds pls
  206. A 'Rezrit'?
  207. fun rit build for RA
  208. Can we get Spirt Health bars like ranger pets ?
  209. Instructor Ng's Dojo help.
  210. SotD 7-12-06 Soothing Memories and Wielder's Boon
  211. Question about Rt/R
  212. I'm just so confused now..
  213. noobiouse maximus r/e
  214. which build is best for leveling up?
  215. Ritual Lord PvE Build -- Suggestions Needed
  216. Displacement, fixed and offical
  217. Looking for a good Rt/Me build that doesn't use any elites...
  218. how to offensive spirit in 4v4?
  219. The Succubus
  220. Ritualist/Elementalist Question
  221. Mend Body and Soul + Destruction?
  222. SotD 7-15-06 Resilient Weapon and Resilient was Xiko
  223. Earthbind skill?
  224. Spirits still bugged
  225. Consume Soul Very, Very broken
  226. Clamour Spammer- Mass damage channeling rit
  227. Fastest way to Cap Ritual Lord? :)
  228. Collector Locations and requirements of AR 60 Ritualist Armor
  229. Shadowsong got buffed or bugged? it has dual description
  230. OMG Ritualists are super awesome
  231. Tranquil was Tanasen <--- Lame Elite
  232. Follow up on SuXxorz post on TvT
  233. / / / The 30-Regen Ritualist \ \ \
  234. Rt/W Vengeful Spammer!
  235. Shelter Skill
  236. Introducing the Saboteur
  237. Convince me!
  238. Displacement
  239. What should a rit do in a PvP battle in PvE?
  240. Ritualist Skill Improvement Compilation Thread
  241. Quick Ritualist/Ranger Question?
  242. how do i effectively play a ritualist?
  243. Rt - laying spirits?
  244. Nice offense/support Rt/W
  245. Looking for discussion on Channeling
  246. thinking about resto RA/TA
  247. About how much HP do spirits have with a 12+2 Spawning Power?
  248. The Bound Spirit HP Test
  249. Have you ever beat Shiro w/ henchies as Ritualist?
  250. young Rit/Me girl looking for help