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  1. SotD 3-10-07 Spirit Light Weapon
  2. Ritualists - the Jack of all Trades, Master of None
  3. Is your Ritualist a socialite?
  4. SotD 3-13-07 Death Pact Signet
  5. I thought I needed a monk.....
  6. Found this Rit/W setup - UW
  7. SotD 3-16-2007 Spirit Rift
  8. how good are spirit spammers in PvP
  9. Grasping was Kuurong spike
  10. The ALL-ritualist PURE-ritualist trip to FOW!
  11. Ugh Male or Female??
  12. spirit spammer
  13. Your favorit elite...and why?
  14. Looking for that *last* skill for my Channeling Ritualist
  15. Wacky RA build
  16. The ALL-ritualist expeditions! The Keep-In-Touch list!
  17. "No, Shadowsong! Hit the OTHER guy instead!"
  18. I miss Ritual Lord build as it used to work
  19. Updates to Skill section
  20. The ALL-Ritualist Trip To FOW Part II
  21. Ritualist + Dervish Builds?
  22. Here's a PvE Rt channeling build i came up with.
  23. Smiting Rit
  24. Fun 1 spike kill RA build (No it's not Rt/A)
  25. 1 Spike Kill build- different than Aries De Lyle's
  26. Reclaim essence - better on primary Ne/ MM ?
  27. Need help picking a focus
  28. The ALL-ritualist expeditions!
  29. Item hold + weapon mods?!
  30. Healing a Spirit
  31. ritualists arent just spirit lords!
  32. Useless or Used less
  33. Rt/R UW solo can kill Aatxes
  34. Question about Serpent's Quickness
  35. Ritualist build help
  36. Trying to get Razah with my Rit.
  37. I took.... Assassin for my secondary...
  38. When Spirits just sat there!
  39. Is this where all my Mesmer friends are going?
  40. The All Ritualist Spiritbusters Trips!
  41. Ritualist - Survivor Hints
  42. Using Spirits that Die Quickly
  43. New Ritualist EoTN Skills
  44. Rt/mo massive heal build
  45. The All-Ritualist GATHERING!
  46. RA Restoration Build
  47. Channeling Martyr
  48. Battle of Turai's Procession solo farm
  49. All ritualists vid now ready! Check it out. ;)
  50. Need help on a Rt/E build that is not a spirit spammer
  51. All ritualist next event Poll
  52. Seeking advice for Rt/W
  53. Preservation: worth to have?
  54. my ritualist's secondary profession?
  55. HA rit weapon build
  56. Destructive Was Glaive suicide spiker
  57. Hard Mode
  58. Spirit Born Sword: Melee Ritualist Reborn, By Lord Helmos
  59. Gazy of Fury - The Absent Minded Spirit
  60. another melee rit build
  61. Preservation Arena Build
  62. Purified Soul Cleanser: A Healer and Dealer, By Lord Helmos
  63. Rits hex removal skills are godly...
  64. Dervish or Paragon secondary?
  65. A Change to Spawning Power...
  66. Rt/N MM build, Help requested
  67. RA healing Glad Machine
  68. Whats your most used PvE/PvP build recently?
  69. Favourite Nightfall Elite?
  70. Ritualists in DoA?
  71. no halves casting time rit weapons?
  72. Restoration builds
  73. Attuned Restoration By Lord Helmos
  74. All Ritu next event Poll
  75. Need some help deciding what to buy.
  76. What armor stats to get?
  77. Ritualist/Any For Abaddon Mission??
  78. Ritualist Appearances... Which One?
  79. Attempt on a Rt/A
  80. i give anguish a sideways slap
  81. A Ritualist with a hammer?
  82. What is that Rt/A build?
  83. Request to my Ritu Friends
  84. Need Some Help With A R/D Build
  85. Ritualist Secondary
  86. Lets Show Those Other Professions, The Ritualist Show Off Thread!
  87. Ashpots
  88. Build -- Spirit Song
  89. ? about Brutal weapon
  90. Spirit's Strength in PvE
  91. Awesome Tanking Rt/Me build? (PvE)
  92. Some help needed...
  93. Rt/P Spirit's Strenght build?
  94. destructive was glaive
  95. Biggest heal.. EVER
  96. Ritu Gathering Times
  97. plowed through vizunah square normal mode!
  98. Seeking Build Advice
  99. Spirit Channeling Fun
  100. New Item Spell Ideas
  101. Nightmare/SplintBarr Hybrid
  102. All Ritualist Urgoz Takedown!
  103. Lf Rit hero build
  104. Ritualist Leveling build for noobs?
  105. Ritualist Urgoz Takedown Promo Vid
  106. Regarding the Current Discussions on Ritualists
  107. RT/R or RT/N
  108. Rt/e
  109. Looking for build feedback
  110. Making a good choice...
  111. RiT/E - "Blindness Was Constant"
  112. Idea - Ritualists and indirect Channeling
  113. Ritualist headwraparounds, what to choose?
  114. does malign intervention..
  115. Spawning Power Buff Leaked in Patch?
  116. i need a channeling build that can kick some buttox in PVP
  117. duo ritualist for factions
  118. Spike build for PvP
  119. Working with Razah...
  120. Ritualist in PvP?
  121. Possible use for Clamor of Souls? *gasp*
  122. Weapon of Warding
  123. What do you think of the new PvE Rit skills?
  124. Channelers and Spirits, how many to bring?
  125. Most unique insignia
  126. What is the best secondary profession for a ritualist?
  127. Rt/D need suggestions
  128. Rit farming
  129. Signet of Ghostly Might
  130. Seeking Ritualist Hero Builds!
  131. What Ritualists PVE Skills You Want to have in GW:EN
  132. Brutal Weapon question.
  133. i might sound dumb but..
  134. VwK farming works for Colossal Scimitars.
  135. rt/r splinter weapon variant idea (pve)
  136. What sort of things should a new Ritu look for?
  137. Rit Spiker Destructive Was Glaive?
  138. Melee Ritualist Mayhem: PvE Team, Death Twister.
  139. help with attack skills in PvE mode for Ritualist
  140. GW:EN PVP/PVE Skills
  141. New GWEN skills = awesome Rt\P & Rt\R!
  142. This weeks Ritu event!
  143. survival
  144. New to Factions
  145. Begining Rit
  146. Restoration E/Rt?
  147. 28/07 Ritu Sorrow's Furnace Event Pics
  148. Rit armour
  149. 28/07 Ritu Sorrow's Furnace Event Vid.
  150. Rits of the world, VOTE!
  151. Thread for an all-rit team build discussion for Urgoz.
  152. rits a few questions
  153. The age of the Promise Summoner has begun!
  154. Good Resto Build for PvE, RA
  155. Can you say "Exhaustion"? Skill Update - 09/08/2007
  156. Rise of the Rt/E.
  157. Destruction - the skill that actually needs changing
  158. Thoughts on living with exhaustion
  159. Thoughts on Balancing the Rit
  160. Any use for Vocal was Sogolon?
  161. The Helmos Guide to Ritualistic Mega-Farming
  162. What to name my rit?
  163. Ritualist survivor
  164. Continual Channeling Striker [Exhaustion Free!]
  165. Ritualist Build
  166. Un-Exhaustion Update
  167. Where oh where do we Cap Elite Skill "Offering of Spirits" ?
  168. AP+SigBind Deathtimer bug
  169. Making a new ritualist!
  170. how to defeat double ganger??
  171. Moving spirits, what do you use?
  172. Ancestor's Rage bugged ?
  173. A few GW:EN skills
  174. Ritualist bosses and their elite tomes
  175. Magni the Bison
  176. Vampirism
  177. GWEN farm
  178. Rejuvenation vs Heal Party... Rejuvenation sucks...
  179. So Tempted to make a Rit
  180. Can a RIT begin in Nightfall?
  181. Sword wielding Ritualist -- Is it practical?
  182. 3 Rit Party this past weekend *EotN rit hero joins party*
  183. Spawning Power and the GWEN summoning spells
  184. Wow Spirit's Strength Paragon pwnage
  185. Spirit Spammer.
  186. Revised Spirit's Strength: Swordsmanship with Style
  187. Preservation suggestion.
  188. LoD build
  189. Ritualist Cat Walk
  190. Riftwalker Channeler - PvE
  191. GWEN: Rit Solo Quests
  192. Verdict on agony?
  193. Thinking of deleting my ritualist
  194. Resto/Air healing build?
  195. Solo Bosses?
  196. triple exp, right, its time
  197. Anet.
  198. Swift was Songkai - Healer Build
  199. Seitung Armor
  200. New to the game, need help with build
  201. GvG.
  202. The Post EotN Rit
  203. Rit/E???
  204. Ritualist Smiting.
  205. What skill to replace?
  206. Thinking about getting back in rits
  207. About the Rit
  208. Ritualist Help
  209. Spirit Sword Off-Hand
  210. Spirit's Strenght: which weapon? (PvE)
  211. Good Rit Solo Build?
  212. PvP build: Augury of Glaive
  213. Current Build: Feedback?
  214. Minion Bombing?
  215. Rt/R Builds?
  216. Question to the Resto Rits, what spirit(s) do you use?
  217. Restoring Grasp
  218. Overlooked skill? Reclaim Essence
  219. Rit build for Bison Cup?
  220. creating an uber ritualist
  221. Ritualist builds in Slavers Exile
  222. New Rit from Cantha looking for help from you experts!!!
  223. Whats the damage since spirit health was depleted and burning added
  224. What's your attack spirit bar look like?
  225. Xinrae: Does it work?
  226. Need assistance with my Hero Resto build
  227. Spirit's Wandage
  228. Ursan blessing for ritualists?
  229. Skills for my ritualist
  230. [Merged] 11-08-07 Skill update discussion
  231. 5 skill Kunvie Firewing + Cultist Rajazan farm
  232. tackling Spawning Power
  233. Energetic Trapper
  234. Noob Alert! Ritualist in Prophecies?
  235. Testing Builds
  236. weapon of fury
  237. fear for nerfing spirit rift?
  238. Question about shadow-stepping
  239. Spirit Bombing
  240. Are Spirit Spammers really that bad.
  241. Lamentation?
  242. Ritualist lore question
  243. White 15k elite Kurzick female
  244. Legendary Survivor
  245. The Rit Class
  246. Rits and running?
  247. Male or Female?
  248. You know you want to say it....
  249. Just some Ritualist Spiker Build I made
  250. Top 5 Favorite Rit armors - Male and Female