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  1. A Lunar Revelation
  2. Of Things Religious
  3. Lore Forum Rules, Policies, and Proper Usage of Theory or Hypothesis.
  4. Join the Tyrian Academy of Sciences!
  5. Planned Expeditions
  6. Underworld Lore by Garumn Darkslayer
  7. Compendium of Tyrian Sciences, 8th Edition
  8. Transcripts of the in-game movies?
  9. TAOS Expedition and Research Requests
  10. Gaile Speaks on Lore
  11. A Suggestion - Thread Labelling
  12. Factions-Prophecies Connections
  13. Is there a connection between Mursaat/Jade Armor and Cantha/Jade Sea?
  14. White Mantle in the Fissure of Woe
  15. Presenting Centurion Antonious
  16. New Lore Forum Community Member Welcome Thread
  17. Lore Lounge (General Discussion and Q&A Thread)
  18. Angels in Tyria?
  19. Looking for Backstory on HENCHMEN.
  20. Ok, I'm dead...........................
  21. Boats in fissure, and other fissure questions :)
  22. The Ultimate Expedition: Update the Pet Beastiary
  23. What happened to the dragons of Tyria?
  24. Stone formations: FoW - Urgoz Warren
  25. Guild Wars Tamable Pet Index, 1st Ed.
  26. What is the Guild Wars Realm?
  27. Gods of Tyria
  28. Need Clarification of Region Names
  29. Guild Wars Tamable Pet Index, 2nd Ed.
  30. Gwen
  31. Notice of Abscence
  32. Stories behind the Skills?
  33. Balthazar
  34. The Philosophers of Tyria
  35. game zoology
  36. "Tyria" solely refers to the Continent itself?
  37. Guild Wars Timeline
  38. Dredge in Tyria
  39. Lyssa and Melandru, why have you not opened your domains to the faithful?
  40. Timeline of Prophicies and Factions
  41. Tyria to Elona collection of Lore
  42. lore conventions ...
  43. The Scroll of Dhuum: Connections between the Lich, Shiro, and the Chaos Army
  44. Resurrection Shrines
  45. The Future of TAOS: Input and Interest
  46. The Guild Wars World Map
  47. Striking at the Core: The Outcast God's Plan Against the Pantheon
  48. The Size of the Battle Isles
  49. emblem of the gods?
  50. Evennia from Elona...
  51. Guild Wars World Map, 2nd edition.
  52. The infusion of magic into the cultures
  53. White Mantle: Mursaat counter or support to the Sunspears?
  54. God Statues - Not Correct?
  55. Lord Odran is Abaddon?
  56. Lets Define Lore
  57. A Treatise: The Crimes of Abaddon, Margonites, Menzies, the Mursaat and Dhuum
  58. Map Travel: It's not just for game mechanics any more.
  59. Question about GW gods
  60. The Theory of Resurrection?
  61. Abaddon in the Ring of Fire: More than just Abaddon's Mouth
  62. Margonites worshippers of Abaddon
  63. A Tyrian Bestiary
  64. Recent archeological findings in the UW
  65. DISCUSSION: Abaddon, Charr, Margonites and the 2nd searing.
  66. Abaddon, Dryders and Twin Serpents links?
  67. Compilation of New Lights
  68. My Return
  69. Compiling Verified Studies since May
  70. Compendium of Tyrian Sciences, 9th Edition
  71. TAOS Lore Compendium (Wiki)
  72. Who is Menzies?
  73. INDEX: Compendium of TAOS Research
  74. The Tyrian Alphabet
  75. Global Map: Tyria, Elona, Cantha
  76. Seeking Deity Statues, Murals, and Banners
  77. World Timeline
  78. Lore interests...
  79. Tyrian Academy of Sciences (Lore Community)
  80. Recommendation / Request
  81. Lyssa/Lyss: A Discussion on the Nature of the Goddess
  82. Fortune Teller: Revealed! (NF Spoilers!)
  83. Possible Global-Map? *Possible Spoilers*
  84. Dhuum Depiction?
  85. Happy Birthday QA!
  86. Why is desolation full of sulfur but crystal desert not?
  87. Can we deduct Dhuum day of defeat? (sp?)
  88. changes to uw??
  89. Significance of golden pantheon statues
  90. Tyria-Elona Triangulation Error
  91. Statue and Point of Intrest Project.
  92. A new god is born! ...
  93. Titans (spoiler)
  94. Of Glint and the Seer (various spoilers)
  95. Wurms
  96. Canthan jade in Elona?
  97. Why does Melandru let Grenth and Dwayna determine the length of Winter? wtf
  98. The Lore Forum gets a bit of credit..
  99. Death and images of eyes
  100. Thoughts on Grenth
  101. Tyria (planet) has same moon as Earth?
  102. Memoirs of a heretic
  103. the gods army
  104. great destroyer
  105. Something I've wondered...
  106. Hinduism and Lyssa possible correlation?
  107. Unfinished business in Tyria, Cantha & Elona
  108. A Face of stone in the desolation
  109. Scarab Plague and the Afflicted Connected?
  110. A few lore questions bothering me : ( spoilers )
  111. Elementalist's and Dervish's Patron Gods
  112. Guild Wars: Utopia
  113. "Mursaat Architecture" and the Eye of Janthir.
  114. The Old Gods and the Older Gods *spoilers*
  115. The status of death in Guild Wars.
  116. Official Guild Wars Wiki - Lore Section?
  117. How to become a God
  118. Is this the location of Chapter 4?
  119. Dhuum's rider ?
  120. Is this right?
  121. Chapter four
  122. Talhkora in love with Koss???
  123. Is there any evidence of time-based magic ?
  124. Who are the parents of balthazar ?
  125. Other Races
  126. GW:EotN - Lore connection speculation
  127. a godly question
  128. St Patrick's surprise?
  129. Asura : Evil in Hinduism
  130. Name of the Charr's Kingdom/City?
  131. Tyrian World War I ?
  132. Kurzicks,Ascalonians,and Altrumm Ruins
  133. Canthan-Elonian Architecture Connection?
  134. Age of Man
  135. Mursaat in the Fissure of Woe?
  136. GW2 ascalon
  137. pic of the lich please
  138. Forum Rollback Causes Data Loss In Lore Forum
  139. Hard Mode Offers New...?
  140. A path to Asurian/Tyrian Tunnles Found in Old Ascalon?
  141. The Measurement of the World
  142. XD plz help Constructs and Shiro'Ken
  143. What doesn't go in the subforums?
  144. Timeline Confusion for me.
  145. XD timeline and the three games
  146. Call for Mursaat Rally information!
  147. History's Greatest Events
  148. Are there really any "God realms"?
  149. Fahranur, Orr, and Bahltek
  150. An interesting viewpoint on the continents
  151. Kisu! inadvertantly gave wepons that lead to the Elonian War
  152. Menzies Discovered?
  153. Margonites, Mursaat, and the Seers
  154. Where do spirits go when destroyed?
  155. Wardens...Corrupted Norn?
  156. Hall of Heroes
  157. Abaddon and The Great Destroyer
  158. How big is Tyria? This big:
  159. Golemancers and their importance in Guild Wars 2
  160. Four Horsemen Theory relating to GW
  161. Charr invaders
  162. The Fate of the Stone Summit and the Dredge
  163. [PCG] GW2's state
  164. The Dragons of Guild Wars and perhaps their relation to Guild Wars 2.
  165. Editing Error in PC Gamer?
  166. Why were the dragons hibernating/asleep/slumbering in the first place?
  167. Dragons and the Searing
  168. female races
  169. Why Guilds?: The Prominence of Adventuring Guilds in Human Societies
  170. Undead Factions?
  171. GW2 Lore - The ancient dragons
  172. [spoilers for EotN] Massive lore post...on the wiki
  173. [spoilers maybe]Hypothesis on Gods & Dragons
  174. Sunspears to use Jedi model in GW2?
  175. A Dragon in Maguuma too ?
  176. Guild Wars World Map, 3rd Ed.
  177. Guild Wars World Map, 4th Ed.
  178. [Spoilers] will she be around in GW2
  179. So are the Gods Universal or Race Specific with links to GW2
  180. The Coronation of Queen Salma
  181. Was the great wall a huge mistake in planning?
  182. Withdrawal of the Gods
  183. The Sylvari Nightmares
  184. GW1 and GW2 hundred years difference??!!
  185. All Good Things...
  186. Those with or without the Bonus Mission Pack, discuss the new lore here.
  187. guild wars cinematic trailer
  188. The Ecology of the Charr
  189. Rally for Mursaat Rally 2
  190. Charr female
  191. Titans, Destroyers, and Dragon's Gullet
  192. Thought on the Dragons, the Gods and the searing.
  193. Shadow army (humanoid units) > White Mantle
  194. The Orbit of the Moon
  195. Hierarchy of the demons
  196. The Central Archives.
  197. Mursaat Rally 2 - Mursaat Rights for Guild Wars 2 [4/12/08|12pm EST|5pm GMT]
  198. gw2: class speculation
  199. A Theory on Water's Magical Conductivity and the Floating Structures.
  200. The movement of the world [GW2 wiki]
  201. War on Tyria - Hypothesis on the Great Giants, the Dragons and the Charr 'buildings'
  202. Classes have Lore?
  203. Gwen and Devona relationship
  204. Cantha in GW2
  205. A LOT of questions about the gods of tyria plz clarify for me
  206. Biogeological Survey of the Tyrian Continents
  207. Shiro W/A?
  208. A simple thought.
  209. The Five Gods, Abaddon's taste for eyes, and the Temples of Grenth and Balthazar.
  210. Mhenlo and Cynn
  211. Decision on the name of the Lore Guild.
  212. Titans and Torment Rifts
  213. The Tengu's Behavior
  214. Origins of the Wardens
  215. A Little Project of Mine
  216. Fahranur, the Rift and Humanity's First "Appearances"
  217. Solitude Plinth
  218. A look at "Arachnia"
  219. Gold god statues
  220. Possible GW2 Concept art
  221. Joko and his undead
  222. Possible menzies artwork! (possible spoiler)
  223. if a god is casted down
  224. Odran and Abaddon
  225. The Great Dwarf's name found?
  226. Spirits
  227. Mysterious Stranger
  228. Hypothesis On the Rift/Realm of the Gods
  229. Nature of the Mists, Gods, Bloodstones, and the Essence of Magic.
  230. somethign that puzzles me
  231. The Centaurs
  232. Hidden Rooms!!! Possible Dragon Art!!!
  233. The Dredge
  234. The Ascalon royals and their fate
  235. Spirits and Undead. Revised.
  236. Ancient Weapons
  237. The Alchemy Circle
  238. Gwen's Ebon Vanguard outfit
  239. How skills work - a lore perspective
  240. Mursaat Rally 3 - The Plans?
  241. 8 Skills
  242. Resurrecting
  243. Compendium of Tyrian Paleongraphy, Revisited
  244. The Impact of the Books on canonical Lore
  245. Physics and Guild Wars
  246. The Stylist
  247. Fountains?
  248. The Four Schools of Magic
  249. The Riders. Abominations or, perhaps, something more.
  250. Arborstone and Ascalon