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  1. No love for Cautery Signet?
  2. Angelic Bond and Protection . My oppinion on them after having tried them out
  3. A Paragon Guild?
  4. PvE Build: Searing Protter
  5. Build thoughts for Stunning Strike
  6. Aggressive Refrain
  7. P/A or P/Ri ideas
  8. multiple sources of ias
  9. Should Paragons have better resistance to Hexes?
  10. P/r
  11. HA Build: Motivagon
  12. paragon/warrior
  13. Guide: Leadership and how to efficiently use it
  14. Song of Restoration-----Where
  15. Signet of Synergy
  16. Spirit of the Forgotten
  17. P/Ri Build
  18. Why does the Paragon have the 2nd highest AC?
  19. Paragon runner
  20. Any Other Spear-Only Paragons Out There?
  21. Naming a Paragon
  22. A P/D build
  23. None Shall Pass + Awe
  24. A command build plus some random idea goodies :P
  25. Paragon
  26. paragon pvp build post urs here
  27. Can Paragons act as a 'healer'?
  28. Another Paragon Build
  29. LuLu's spear and Mark of Rodgort
  30. Every Paragon and their Mommas have a P/W with "WATCH YOURSELF!" -- A Battery/Healer
  31. The Motivated Assassin
  32. Post the Picture of your Paragon here.
  33. Spear with +5 Energy?
  34. What Paragon Elite have you been finding the most effective so far?
  35. Spear skins
  36. Paragon farming builds?
  37. A Fiction book to read if you like playing Paragon
  38. Usefulness of Chorus of Restoration?
  39. Endless searing
  40. Does this go together - Brace yourself + Desperation/Drunken Blow ?
  41. Which Paragon (Elite) Armour do you wear
  42. Natural Temper vs Focused Anger vs Rit's Weap of Fury
  43. Give Paragons a buff icon
  44. The Deadly Nightingale
  45. Make energy gain skills adrenal based, and adrenaline gain energy based
  46. Song of Restoration after nightfallen garden?
  47. Where can i find/buy Blazing Finale
  48. The Key to a Highly effective spear build
  49. A few interesting P/W Builds
  50. The Elusive P/D
  51. Pa/Ra Crippling KD trapper ?
  52. Wearying Spear, the black sheep of spear skills
  53. My Straight Paragon Build
  54. Next in the Chapter of Builds: The Degenagon P/R
  55. Should description of "The Power Is Yours!" be changed?
  56. P/ME ideas
  57. How much energy does your Paragon have?
  58. I want a Fiery Spear
  59. Uses for Burning Refrain
  60. A Question about Angelic Skills: Angelic on Spirits?
  61. Dr. Angeliclove or How i learned to stop worrying and love Leadership
  62. If Palawa Joko chucked spears.....
  63. The Hexbreaking Spear Nuker and other Mega Spike Spear Build
  64. Do Paragons get into teams easy?
  65. Which Heroes do you use with your Paragon?
  66. Kiln's Paragon/Monk RA Build
  67. We all knew it was coming...
  68. Paragon Flag Running Support Guide
  69. The future of Paragons?
  70. Having some fun with Cautery Signet
  71. Ballad's: the Unfinished chant type.
  72. Walking Toaster Oven (P/E build)
  73. The Furious Jackal: An Almost Shoutless Spear build in tribute to NeferJackal
  74. Thoughts on The Power is Yours! - the Batterygon
  75. Guide: Energy Battery with The Power is Yours!
  76. Do Paragons Make Warriors obsolete?
  77. P/W; Defensive Buffer
  78. Master of Mitigation: The Paragon Defense Build
  79. Being a paragon..
  80. Burning Crusader
  81. Kilns HEX-agon Build
  82. Help me with my P/W
  83. R/P Build Idea..need paragon assistance!
  84. P/W vs. P/R
  85. Motiv Angeic bond build
  86. R/P in DoA?
  87. P/W Echo builds
  88. The Elonian Scavenger: PVP Pressure Disruption Build
  89. Paragons and IAS - Soldier's Fury
  90. P/W Builds
  91. Wearying Spear
  92. The Anti-Runner P/A Build
  93. Angelic Fire, a P/Ele build
  94. Talking about pointy things - our spears
  95. Defensive Anthem: Needs a Buff?
  96. Searched..didn't find anything...so...
  97. The Lazy Paragon: An Easy on the fingers P/R beast build
  98. Happy Holidays Fownkay: A Build For You
  99. is para spear usefull?
  100. The Perfect Pure Paragon
  101. We Shall Return! + Lively Was Naomei?
  102. P/D Blind+Bleed+Cripple?
  103. Guide: Secondary Profession Knockdowns and Awe
  104. DoA Paragon Builds
  105. Lyssa's Paragon: P/Me
  106. LF objectif opinnion about para
  107. Need sutitute for warrior!
  108. Guide: Paragon Tricks of the Trade
  109. Flourishagon!: P/W with HIGH dps
  110. Paragons in Random Arenas
  111. Paragon Skeleton Shield?
  112. Guide: Having fun with Other Classes Primary Attribute Skills.
  113. spear damage
  114. 8 man paragon fow or uw clear group
  115. P/E Cautery Signet Burning Paragon
  116. The Hexagon!: a few P/N, P/Me and P/A Builds
  117. How does GFTE work exactly?
  118. Paragon Headgear: What to Get?
  119. A few Paragon builds / Paying homage to TakisKalakos
  120. A More Perfect Angelic Bonder: P/Mo
  121. The Holy Spear P/Mo; a passive offensive-defensive anthem build
  122. The "poor man's" Decapitate
  123. Fun With Enduring Harmony!
  124. More Fun P/W Hammer builds
  125. Question to the Motivagons
  126. Paragon Wintersday skill = horrible
  127. Team Strategy: Help Me! + Zealots Fire
  128. Using Grenths Balance as a Paragon: P/N
  129. Guide: The Echo Paragon
  130. Guide: Double Adrenal Shout Spam + P/Rt weapon spell example
  131. A second look at the Paragon elites
  132. Is it worth it?
  133. Which Shouts effect us?
  134. What is your Favorite Elite Paragon Armor?
  135. Need a running build
  136. Strenghts of the Paragon Class?
  137. Takis' own Harriers Trio build for P/D
  138. New Help Narrowing Down Skill for PvE Build
  139. Need advice on 2 questions please.
  140. Question about "The Power is Yours!" (Bug?)
  141. Paragon Farming Discussion
  142. Paragon Spear Attacks and Anthems: An analysis
  143. Working on a new Paragon healing build...
  144. The Death Pact Ressurector Paragon: P/Rt
  145. The GvG Paragon for SF builds
  146. Running a Low Leadership Build: P/Rt
  147. P/D Tank
  148. question
  149. Super Conditioner: P/W
  150. One Man Army: P/Rt
  151. Build: The Leadergon, making use of Defensive Anthem
  152. P/E "They're On Fire!"
  153. My spearagon build
  154. Angelic Protection - needs a rework?
  155. Purifying spear (concept)
  156. Paragon Battery build?
  157. TOF Question plz.
  158. Damage mods on Spears
  159. Anthem of Fury - Uses for it?
  160. Rt secondary
  161. Uh Any Good Paragon Builds?
  162. [P/E] "They're on Fire!" Power Degener
  163. Paragon Armor
  164. Projectile Annoyance
  165. paragon spear skins
  166. Will paragon FOW take the new insignias ?
  167. novelty p/d build (spear/command)
  168. Steady Stance paragon build
  169. Which Paragon build for Kilroy Stonekin shout ?
  170. Paragon Armour bugged :(
  171. Make-a-Shout Thread
  172. Paragon Skills Adjustment Thread
  173. paragons no longer useful?
  174. Song of Restoration trigger definition?
  175. Paragons role in DOA
  176. "No more nerf !"
  177. Paragon damage
  178. Meleegon build?
  179. Duplicated chant trigger rules
  180. Nub Question: Is Warrior secondary still the most popular secondary class?
  181. Frozen Flames (P/E) (pve)
  182. Quick Question
  183. Fear Me Paragon
  184. Anthem of Flame & Barrage
  185. Leadership borked ?!
  186. P/R Beastmaster Guide to ToPK w Heroes/Hench
  187. Fun Paragon Build - AB
  188. Test Week End for Paragon Round 2
  189. Legendary Paragon!
  190. New Paragon Shout: "You'll Never Fight Again"
  191. My noob build
  192. Why so quiet?
  193. P/E builds
  194. Februari 9th update
  195. RIP, Paragon
  196. Watch Yourself! vs Stand Your Ground!
  197. Optimists, Unite!
  198. Post 2-9-07 Evaluate and Rate the Spear Skills
  199. Full Paragon Team Build
  200. Paragon Chant/Finale Mechanics Suggestion
  201. Finale change suggestion
  202. Hexbreaker Aria
  203. Paragon Balance Speculation
  204. Paragon Guide?
  205. Warchief (Singing P/W)
  206. What insignias do you use?
  207. New To Paragon Profession
  208. Sad goodbye to the Paragon class
  209. Sh0w 0ff Y0o 1337 Parag0n!
  210. Axagon
  211. Fall Back Vs Stand Your Ground
  212. Paragon Title Track Thread
  213. Question about Awe
  214. paragon build
  215. Why can't I put an inscription on the Spiraling Spear?
  216. Leadership Question
  217. How do I get good with the paragon >:|
  218. Paragon Skill Ideas
  219. Few Questions for the Exp. Parrys
  220. Where does a Paragon excel in PvE currently?
  221. Defensive Anthem <-> Shields Up!
  222. Soldier's Fury and Aggresive Refrain
  223. Help collecting and evaluating Paragon Builds
  224. Fix mighty throw/unblockable throw.
  225. Is the Spear-a-gon a viable build to use in PvE?
  226. Need help picking skills, thanks!
  227. Just a teeny suggestion
  228. Paragon Revitalization Project
  229. Focused Anger Paragon Optimization
  230. armor penetration vs furious mods on spears
  231. What to look for in weaponry?
  232. Want some inspir.....Motivation!!!
  233. The Paragon
  234. SOTD: "Go for the Eyes!"
  235. 4 man farm build using heroes
  236. Paragon's have no offensive?
  237. Paragons in End-Game Areas
  238. Should Paragons Have Helmets in Chapter 4?
  239. SOTD: Mending Refrain
  240. P/Mo a better runner than W/Mo?
  241. Succor: Usable by paragons
  242. Paragon Elites, and some random questions...
  243. pure paragon TA team
  244. P/Rt - High AoE dmg build
  245. Potential Paragon right here!
  246. 4 top damage dealing skills;
  247. Best looking shield with Obsidian armor?
  248. Paragon Farming Spots
  249. Paragon vs. Prophecies
  250. SOTD: Burning Refrain VS Blazing Finale