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  1. Tyrian Rune and Glyph Research
  2. Tyrian Rune and Glyph Research, 3rd Edition
  3. Chronicles of Tyrian Palaeolography, 5th Edition
  4. Chronicles of Tyrian Palaeography, 6th Edition
  5. Chronicles of Tyrian Paleography, 7th Edition
  6. **SPOILER** Catacombs and Crystal Desert Connection Found!
  7. The Margonites
  8. Tyrian: Margonite vs Elonian: Crystal Desert Civilizations
  9. What would the desert look like with water?
  10. Tyrian ArchaeologyPaleo-Anthropology project, Introduction
  11. Tyrian: The Unseen Ones Revealed: A Cultural Survey of the Mursaat
  12. Tyrian Academy of Sciences - Join Today!
  13. The Ascalons Lost Trek: The Desert Revealed
  14. Congratulations to the Paleoanthropological Society!
  15. Kryta-Ascalon Teleportation System
  16. Tyrian: Of Giganticus Lupicus
  17. Tyrian Landmasses
  18. Lore Forum Rules and Policies
  19. Lore Forum Rules and Policies
  20. Lore Forum Rules and Policies
  21. Lore Forum Rules and Policies
  22. Desert-Jungle connection?
  23. Desert Minotaurs as slaves?
  24. recreation of Orr
  25. Ancient Weapon
  26. The Ascalon Wizard Tower
  27. Are those Eggs?
  28. Bleached bones/Ghosts in desert-Pictures and location
  29. More desert pillars
  30. Anet feedback?
  31. Some kind of Teleport device?
  32. New to Paleoanthropology
  33. Deadline for 8th Ed
  34. The Searing
  35. Shadow Box in the Desert
  36. Tyrian: Glint, Friend Or Villain in Dragon's Clothing?
  37. Cantha map, Cantha connected to Kryta !
  38. Glint's Altar
  39. Ring of Fire island Chains in Ascalon?
  40. Class runes
  41. Charr or Ascalon Glyph?
  42. Zee Scepter of Orr
  43. Why did the Charr invade?
  44. The Tale of Shiro Tagachi
  45. Game Cinematic Trailer
  46. The Kurzicks & The Echovald Forest
  47. The Luxons & The Jade Sea
  48. Tyrian: The Powers of the Blood Stones and their possible locations.
  49. It's all his fault! (Speculation about the Vizier)
  50. Wall Logic or Not
  51. Luxon and Kurzick
  52. Results of the Maguuma banner search
  53. Report: Investigation Of The Green Hills County Elemental Cave
  54. Tyrian: The Giant's Basins
  55. Tyrian: Banners at the Ascalon Academy
  56. The Mursaat, Glint and my first contribution.
  57. Ascalon
  58. GW, RL (conspiracy) and mythology stuff...
  59. Charr Invasion
  60. All along the Watchtower......coast
  61. The Origin of the Species...........King Doric?
  62. Eastern Frontier
  63. Tyrian: Why are there corpses of Ascalonian Soldiers in the Dragon's Lair?
  64. Tyrian: The Flameseeker Prophecies
  65. Who do we think left this behind?
  66. What is left to figure out before Factions?
  67. Mysterious Desert Pedestals
  68. Tower and Tombs
  69. Categorization
  70. Tyrian: Glint and Ascalons
  71. Tyrian Zoology
  72. Banners of the Gods
  73. The Dwarves of Deldrimor
  74. Translate this!
  75. White Mantle Religion........so sure are you?
  76. Ponderance on the White Mantle and Mursaat...
  77. Factions BWE Lore Gathering
  78. A question of murder and untimely death.
  79. Cryptomorphology of Select Extant Tyrian Fauna
  80. A Thought on Kurzick Architecture
  81. Gods of Tyria
  82. Gods of Assassins and Ritualists
  83. Full size labeled Cantha BWE map
  84. Lord Kree
  85. Collection of Info from the FPE
  86. WMV files and Gods
  87. (Minor Factions Spoiler) Could it be a bloodstone?
  88. Uh? Can you make any sense out of this Luxon comment?
  89. Canthan: Mysterious Symbol in Cantha - Factions Trailer
  90. [Canthan Lore] Gods - Canthan Version (Factions Trailer)
  91. Canthan Champions (Faction Trailer)
  92. King Doric's Progeny: A Mathematical Exploration for Guild Wars
  93. With Kurzick and Luxon warring, where does the nation of Cantha stand?
  94. Logical Loopholes in Tyria
  95. Intersting Find-Stone Summit Cross in Ascalon?
  96. Mantle & Mursaat: Earlier Alliance than Plot Suggests?
  97. Ascalon -> Desert Path
  98. Seer in Ascalon
  99. Petition to share lore internationally!
  100. Incomplete: Info from the Japanese Factions page
  101. Weird thoughts....
  102. Maguuma druids homes?
  103. Who Lived at Moladune?
  104. Who are the Druids?
  105. Understanding Tengu Psychology vis-a-vis Talon and the Luxon?
  106. Large Extinct Desert Cetaceans
  107. Sign in THK
  108. Artificial Mursaat Wings?
  109. tengu
  110. The Shrine in Team Arenas
  111. Factions' Spoiler Posting Procedure
  112. Prima Guide and Lore
  113. Cantha: 1984 CC
  114. Elonian Mirrors
  115. Temple of Tahnnakai Inductees
  116. Ritualist Lore?
  117. [Canthan Lore] Door?
  118. Cutscene at the end of THK
  119. SPOILER Huge Favor - Mayhem in the Market
  120. [Canthan Lore] Motivation and possible forces behind Shiro Tagachi?
  121. Canthan Songs? (small Prophecies spoiler)
  122. Flame Temple Corridor 'Compass'
  123. Tahnnakai Pedastal Runes
  124. Lore vs. Pop Culture *Possible Spoiler*
  125. [Canthan Lore] Kaineng Center: Mysterious Chest
  126. Lyssa and Grenth: Absent in Tyria, Present in Cantha
  127. Thoughts on Searing; Thoughts on Giant Humans
  128. Castle in the Sky
  129. Prometheus of Brauer
  130. The Oni
  131. Size of Cantha
  132. Desert Scriptures
  133. [Canthan Lore] Envoys: shepherds for the gods?
  134. Why did the Mursaat save Kryta?
  135. Was the Emperor evil? Contains theories on cutscenes.
  136. [Elonian Lore] Chapter III connections to Tyria and Cantha? ***Spoilers***
  137. Titan Research
  138. Dredge - Stone Summit
  139. Canthan: Shiro the Betrayer, was he really that bad? *Possible Spoilers*
  140. Questions about Shiro
  141. Wondering About Orr
  142. Luxon and kurzick names background
  143. Teleportation in Cantha
  144. King Adelbern's Predecessor
  145. History behind Kanaxai and Urgoz?
  146. Are Kurzicks/Luxons descendants of Elonians/Margonites?
  147. Canthan interpretations of the gods?
  148. The Emperor of Cantha
  149. Blue Light Sconce in Mineral Springs cave
  150. Were the Forgotten different in Cantha?
  151. The fortune teller and the necromancer
  152. Tyrian: Strange stones in The Wilds...
  153. Interesting finds while exploring the Catacombs.
  154. [Canthan Lore] Bleached Bones in factions
  155. Ascalon-name origin
  156. So this is what happened to all those Gl skulls...
  157. The Henge of Denravi
  158. Canthan: Mhenlo backstory with Kurzicks
  159. How Striders evolved into Moa Birds - YES THEY ARE DIFFERENT!
  160. D'Alessio Seaboard stones
  161. Theory about the events in Tyria
  162. A place of significance to the Charr?
  163. The Dwarves
  164. Tyrian: Anyone else see the Dedication Stone?
  165. Interesting rune pillars.
  166. Canthan: Shiro's facial scars
  167. The kingdom of Orr, what we know of it.
  168. Sprite of the swamp, or what
  169. Runes on the church in Sardelac.
  170. Margonite ships?
  171. Tyrian: Strange Tower in Glints Lair
  172. Why the Flameseeker Prophecies?
  173. Charr fire
  174. Jade armors/bows
  175. Large area of Tyria left mysterious
  176. Quick Question...
  177. [Canthan Lore] Assassin of Lyssa
  178. Dragon Festival Lore
  179. Canthan: A New Threat Arises (spoilers and speculation)
  180. The Odran Code-Mysteries of the Mursaat and Truth of the Old Gods
  181. [Canthan Lore] Alua, Elora, and Ione
  182. [Elonian Lore] The Crystal Desert and Elona connected?
  183. [Canthan Lore] Maat... What?
  184. Charr presence in the Ascalon Foothills?
  185. Continent of Cantha?
  186. Analysis and Translation of the Tablets of Janthir
  187. Tyrian: Dwarven Religion and the Tyrian Pantheon
  188. [Canthan Lore] The Ulrikars - Forgotten Kurzick House?
  189. Titan effigies in relation to the Searing ritual.
  190. Tyrian: Status of Post-Searing Grawl-Charr Relations
  191. The seer, good or bad? *possible spoiler*
  192. Grawl in the Southern Shiverpeaks
  193. Enchanted in Ascalon? *Possible Spoilers*
  194. The Ancient Threat: The History & Reality of the Titans
  195. [Canthan Lore] Into The Deep
  196. Interesting lore from Turai Ossa
  197. Suggestion about Chapter 3 (to shut up about it ;) )
  198. Musings of a moonbrained explorer.
  199. [Northern Tyrian Lore] Anyone found clues about Campaign 4?
  200. [Elonian Lore] Nightfall Storyline
  201. [Elonian Lore] New architecture -- thoughts?
  202. Bridge Made Out Of Bones Under Amnoon Oasis Dock
  203. [Elonian Lore] Struggle On the Same Side?
  204. Elonian: The Dervish - Chapter 1 Clues
  205. [Elonian Lore] The History of Elona
  206. Prophecies Timeline
  207. [Elonian Lore] Travel markings? Elona east of the desert?
  208. Tyrian Sea Level
  209. The Undead of Orr.
  210. [Canthan Lore] ELONA, trade, and connections
  211. [Elonian Lore] Nightfall "Offscreen" Preview Screenshots (creatures)
  212. [Elonian Lore] Nightfall "Offscreen" Screenshot (architecture)
  213. Abaddon's Mouth
  214. [Elonian Lore] the new god
  215. [Canthan Lore] Missing Area - Deadwood Fall
  216. [Elonian Lore] Details on modern Elona and NF plot revealed
  217. [Elonian Lore] Deciphering the image.
  218. [Canthan Lore] Vizu is an evil mastermind
  219. [Elonian Lore] the river elon
  220. Tyrian: Piecing together the Catacombs.
  221. [Northern Tyrian Lore] Chapter 4 Civilization
  222. [Elonian Lore] More information about Elona - Scribe#9
  223. 2 years later...
  224. [Elonian Lore] The Way to Elona!
  225. [Elonian Lore] I wonder how many chicks Mhenlo had in-tow in Elona?
  226. Lost Shiverpeaks settlement?
  227. [Elonian Lore] Campaign 2 and Campaign 3 SL links
  228. The Mage Lords
  229. [Canthan Lore] The Naga: A Comprehensive Study
  230. [Canthan Lore] another war brewing in cantha
  231. [Canthan Lore] Concept art and the information it gives us ...
  232. [Elonian Lore] The Cause of it all
  233. The Door of Komalie
  234. The Forgotten and their odd "wings."
  235. [Elonian Lore] Will Tyrian ascended have a special status in Elona ?
  236. A New Gwen Theory...
  237. The Guild Wars Alphabet
  238. [Elonian Lore] Canthan - Elonian relations
  239. Clearing up a point, the Charr are D-E-F-E-A-T-E-D
  240. What is Ascension?
  241. [Elonian Lore] Important C3 Plotline Info
  242. [Elonian Lore] The Scribe #11 - New Weapons Reported
  243. Canthan: Origin of Kurzicks
  244. An odd thing east of Thunderhead Keep on the world map..
  245. A theory about the Charr's civilization and government
  246. [Elonian Lore] Picture Connnections Outcast god?
  247. [Elonian Lore] Linking Tombs to Elona
  248. [Canthan Lore] Faction State Names
  249. [Elonian Lore] What kind of pets do you think elona will have?
  250. Size of Tyria