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  1. Heroes Ascent build- Armageddon
  2. New Ranger SPIKE -OMG-OMG- ^-^
  3. honest question re: iway
  4. Question
  5. Pheonix emote?
  6. Resing threw frozen soil!
  7. Heroes' Ascent
  8. Assasins in HA
  9. (MERGED) Rank Discrimination
  10. Spirit Forest
  11. Moments With Henchway
  12. what are the ranger iway builds?
  13. Some holding build questions...
  14. any ways to improve this soul barb spike?
  15. Channeling spike
  16. F-IWAY Build - Just a concept
  17. Building!
  18. New Build Idea
  19. Why wouldn't a 6 toucher/2 bonder team not demolish everything else?
  20. Gaze of Contempt
  21. Channeling Rit Spike
  22. Want to get away from IWAY?
  23. Crystal Spikers
  24. what build does a nuker and a warder have in ha?
  25. Invinci Bomber Build?
  26. Pressure in HA
  27. The new double fame/6man HA event
  28. Hero's Ascent
  29. potential 6v6 build?
  30. Death Bomb (not eoe)
  31. WIN HoH!!!
  32. 8v8 Fragility Spike?
  33. the starburst eles
  34. Victory is Mine , how do you beat it?
  35. Should Heros Ascent be kept as 6v6?
  36. Fun mass Flesh Golem build for 6v6
  37. Poll: Should Anet implement new maps for HA?
  38. Fame Farming Service 2k a fame
  39. degen pressure, unusual backline
  40. Oi!! /rant?
  41. Death spike
  42. My version of Air spike
  43. For you rspikers, what's currently....
  44. New Flesh Golem Spike FoTM
  45. Getting into HA... what are the critical terms?
  46. Scaryway: New Winning HA Meta Game Team Build
  47. >Water Spike OMG<
  48. Fear Me IWAY setup
  49. What exactly is Hall of Heroes??
  50. Relic Runs and Odd Behaviors?
  51. Permanent 6v6 HA starting Friday
  52. HA 6v6 Discussion thread
  53. The Map changes.
  54. Petition to change HA back to 8v8
  55. Longbow trick
  56. 6v6 is here to stay FOR GOOD (MERGED)
  57. Gwshack?
  58. Henchway now is too Viable
  59. nightfall gc!?
  60. A Question to all the experienced monks in HA
  61. HA help
  62. Wishing to start HA
  63. Hero interupts: WORST IDEA EVER.
  64. The challenge of the new HA
  65. Nerfing Heroway
  66. What HA FotM build is annoying/frustrating you the most right now?
  67. Heroes negate the advantage of 6v6 over 8v8
  68. Dervish Smite Build Idea
  69. Heroway Yea or Nay in HA?
  70. How to Heroway Effectively
  71. HA build - Signet Spike
  72. HACommunityFixingIt,WhatsWrongWithIt?The Meta?
  73. [Minor Dev Update] Heroes' Ascent
  74. How does 2 necros start out with max minions
  75. Supposed Rank Elitism
  76. HA problems
  77. NOW i understand rank eliteism
  78. To solve a lot of problems wiht HA why not have a ranked and unranked verions of HA
  79. Is the woh/rc two-monks build still relevant?
  80. Maps, Strategies and Flavors
  81. LFG System
  82. What is the searing flames build out at the moment?
  83. Favorite HA Moment?
  84. necro team build
  85. The noob friend list thread
  86. Massive energy denial build
  87. Black Parade's Interesting 3P3W build
  88. Last cap vs Team Wipes.
  89. Hero Way...RIP NERFED
  90. Alter maps broken
  91. Share Your Thoughts: Heroes' Ascent
  92. Should Heroes Ascent be 8 vs 8 rather than 6 vs 6?
  93. Testing new build- plz tell me what u think
  94. heroes ascent: discrimination?
  95. Team Build - Fevered Conditions
  96. Beating the necro backline
  97. Probems with HA
  98. Changes coming to HA
  99. Zealot Spike?
  100. I know it's overrated, petition for 8v8.
  101. Vergway
  102. About how many active HA districts on Euro servers?
  103. Single Smite?
  104. Upcoming tweaks to HA?
  105. Guildwars is the best PvP game
  106. The (un)offical HA Changes thread
  107. Need your criticism for this balanced build
  108. HA is 1 year old today!
  109. Zergway?
  110. HoH reward
  111. My views on "new" HA
  112. D. was glaive [e] all rit HA build
  113. New Murderball = GLORIOUS
  114. Diversity in HA
  115. On the First Day of 8v8 my true showed me
  116. I'd a never thunk it...
  117. Balanced build....am I the only one
  118. Balanced or Spike
  119. Are You Guys Stupid?
  120. any plans on nerfing ritualists?
  121. Where do we vote and comment on 8v8
  122. Trying to make a Semi-Balanced
  123. Gaining fame in HA
  124. new to nightfall in HA
  125. How to Fix HA: A Guide for Arenanet
  126. what does meta and fotm mean?
  127. Heroes' Ascent Changes Coming
  128. 8v8 returns for good
  129. HA Vetting Procedure: More Democracy in Halls.
  130. New Meta will Break HA
  131. how to get to ranked?
  132. No HoH on Obs mode
  133. Electronic Empire (eE) Spike
  134. Attempt at training sessions.
  135. Fix HA pls kthx
  136. first time for everything
  137. make hall of heroes 8v8v8v8v8 (5 teams at once)
  138. die zaishen die
  139. Leader
  140. HA unranked fame farmers gathering
  141. Can we get rid of kill counts plz ?
  142. Bring back the old Heroes Ascent
  143. How to fix Heroes Ascent
  144. What is the IWAY Build?
  145. A call of aid...
  146. Anti-Heroway?
  147. Hero's Ascent, not Player's Ascent
  148. titles in HA
  149. Rampage as One still overpowered?
  150. Anet, please fix HA before the weekend
  151. Hero-way Nerfed!!!
  152. Tombs still sucks
  153. How dead is HA? I have proof
  154. Need help on relics running
  155. Suggestion : get new players into ha.
  156. Question: Is fame feasible in AB?
  157. another HA weekend?
  158. Assembling group for this weekend....
  159. help new HA players!
  160. Advice on forming a group please.
  161. R-Spike new META?
  162. Anyway! Can any Way win???
  163. 2 DA Frontline with 3 Monk Backline ..how nice! ..Oh No Angelic Bonder too!!
  164. What is a good balanced build for today's HA?
  165. Why Limiting The Easy Access To Fame Will Be Good For Everyone
  166. question about eoe
  167. Pls help a nub!
  168. Shadow Form lameness
  169. The New HA meta
  170. Tostiway...
  171. Ha bug abuse?
  172. New to HA...some advice please?
  173. SWAY - even chicks play it.
  174. THis is nuts
  175. Attention!!!
  176. Randomway - Heroway
  177. Looking for people to HA with
  178. Ranger Spike
  179. New Healer/Prot Builds
  180. Starcraft got r15
  181. 4 monks dual smite bs
  182. Update
  183. What is the lastest and greatest in HA?
  184. New Player
  185. reorder, what's the point?
  186. What has changed
  187. warrior paragon team
  188. Solution to get everyone in HA. Anet read :)
  189. HA and GvG Question