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  1. MMD looking for experienced and newer members
  2. Guild Recruiting.
  3. New Guild Recruiting.
  4. Guild Recruiting Experienced PvP players
  5. [PP]pidgeon power(europe) is recruiting NEW!
  6. Looking for a guild
  7. How Much Does It Cost To Build A Guild?
  8. New Guild - The Royal Knights
  9. New UK/Euro Guild Recruiting!
  10. Guild searching for like minded members
  11. Tyrian Mafia (PvP) Recruiting
  12. Pvp Guild Recruiting
  13. Looking to Join a Guild
  14. Defenders of Gods [DoG] Recruiting Mature Players
  15. Player since Day 1 looking for a PvP guild
  16. A new mature and ambitious guild looking for similar players.
  17. Trojan Protection Guild
  18. Lightning Strikes Twice
  19. Looking to create a guild or join one (please read)
  20. The Ancients of Ownage [OWND] Recruiting!
  21. The Last Dons [MOB] Recruiting
  22. Active pvp euro monk looking for guild
  23. New Guild Keepers of the Broodwich [KotB] Recruiting!
  24. Xealots Fire [XeaL] new guild recruiting active pvpers
  25. High End Player looking for guild.
  26. Looking for a Guild
  27. The MACOs are looking for new Members
  28. The Simic Combine [TSC] is recruiting
  29. Looking for a Guild
  30. Looking for a guild!
  31. R3 looking for guild
  32. experienced player looking for new guild
  33. Rk 6 GvG veteran looking for an established guild
  34. experianced player looking for high ranking guild
  35. Will there be any means to easy finding a guild?
  36. New Guild Recruiting....Big Opportunities
  37. The Subtle Gale...
  38. Mixed Blood [MB] seeking dedicated members
  39. Chaos Dominion recruiting Active PvP members
  40. [OthR] Teh Others Are Now recruiting ONLY Rank 6++ Players for PvP and GvG Purposes
  41. Recruiting Expert players, no rank req.
  42. Arena Duels
  43. The Eternal Champions are Recruiting - Farming Rangers Wanted
  44. Webring and XML feed: My Reply to the admin
  45. Looking for RP guild
  46. Looking for an active PvP Guild
  47. New Guild, needs new members
  48. Developed Guilds Looking for Members - JADE Guilds
  49. Cognitive Dissidents (COG) looking for members
  50. Searching for a Guild
  51. WTHIRE Guild Recruiter
  52. Forsaken Crusaders is Recruiting
  53. looking for Successful GvG Guild
  54. Need guild
  55. Cut Your Mullet - Recruiting thread
  56. Ascalon Academy [AA]
  57. Australian/NZ Guild [DAWN] is Recruiting!
  58. Fortunes Favored recruiting
  59. Total Kaos Strikes [TKS]
  60. Are you looking to join a guild?
  61. Dattebayo Fansubs [DB]
  62. Requiem of Antaeus [RoA] Recruiting
  63. help re guilds
  64. Looking for experienced pve guild
  65. The Remnents [RmNt] looking for more PvP/GvG players
  66. The Black Mantle is recruiting (yet again)
  67. The Tremere Vampires are Recruiting PvE & PvP!
  68. Looking for an active guild that does pve and pvp
  69. Vagrant Voices [VV] are recruiting!
  70. HoT - Recruitment and Alliances !
  71. Recruiting!!!! really wanna get a good guild goin
  72. Gold
  73. Magic Rose [MR] needs people to help us move into HA and GvG
  74. Pirates Of The Jade Dragon
  75. I Need a Guild!
  76. [GaS] Guild of Gentlefolk and Scholars: Roleplaying guild
  77. Shepherds of Ascalon [SoA] Recruiting!!
  78. Looking for smart, sensible people (RPers welcome) for the Chosen of Grenth!
  79. Eternal Legion of Gamers [ELoG] Now recruiting!
  80. [VeX] Vanguard Excelsior Looking for medium-core players.
  81. Knights of the Unholy One [DOH] - recruiting
  82. New Method Recruiting!!
  83. New Guild Recruiting Mature Members [WCR]
  84. Guild Star Fyr [FYR] recruiting, looking for members to GvG
  85. [RFE] seeks 20 more members. (serious PVE & PVP, EU players needed)
  86. looking a guild that farms alot and will be active in factions
  87. Go Hoax Yourself is recruiting highly active, experienced players for GvG/PvP
  88. Go Hoax Yourself is looking for Guilds to unrank with...
  89. Warrior looking for a guild
  90. [DONK] seeks 4 more members / buscamos 4 miembros mas
  91. My Guild Twilight of Heaven
  92. Dutch Guild
  93. Good Guild
  94. LF Active PvPing Guild
  95. [LAZY] is LF like-minded trolls
  96. [DRAK] Draconian Jabberwocks Recruiting!
  97. Jade Wolf Recruiting [Euro PvP only guild]
  98. The Destined Children.. Recruiting PvE members, future gvg
  99. Imperial Fist is starting Imperial Alliance
  100. looking for a guild-> r4 (570 fame) UAX
  101. PA Looking for recruits
  102. [TKCM] is looking for new PvP players who feel alone in HA
  103. [DK]Deova Knights is Looking for fun loving members
  104. Aussie Alliance! Prepare for GW:F!
  105. Guild Hall suggestions
  106. Forming New Guild for Collectors Edition players
  107. new convert
  108. Guild Hall price?
  109. Old Player LFG
  110. Small Friendly Mature Guild Recruitment
  111. Casual GvG guild recruiting
  112. Guild looking for members
  113. --Den Of The Cloven Hoofed is Recruting--
  114. I need a "You Can Do it Rilder"
  115. Experienced player looking for guild!
  116. Searching for a PvE or RP Guild
  117. Looking for guild merger
  118. Knights of Reincarnation [KoR] Recruiting up to 10 members [pve and pvp]
  119. Looking For a Guild
  120. Taking Care of Business [TcB]
  121. Fearless Echoes [FE] Now recruiting!
  122. looking for the right fit, for both of us :)
  123. 2 account player seeks GvG guild
  124. FOM Recruiting NOW! Casual, New ok. MATURE ONLY!
  125. To Join or Create?
  126. New Clan | Clan DET recruiting
  127. [UW]Unknown-Warriors Recruiting Adult PvE/PvP
  128. Hey, looking for mainly a gvg/pvp active guild
  129. Guilds based in Halifax, NS?
  130. Project Luna is recruiting
  131. Ethereal Nights Guardians are Recruiting (we have TWO guilds)
  132. LF Guild to Practise GVG
  133. The Second Foundation Alliance Invitation
  134. Changing capes
  135. Loyal Minions of Trogdor Seeks Officers
  136. [ARK] looking for only 3-6 helpful PvP players
  137. [KPT] Knights of the Profound Table is recruiting
  138. [DRNK] DrunkenGuild is Recruiting!
  139. [RoK] Riddle of Kings, opening it's doors...
  140. Chip And Dale Rescue Rangers[RezQ] recruiting primarily for PvP/GvG
  141. Starting Guild Order of Akatsuki[Art]
  142. [GWAR] Need A Guild?
  143. [Star] Stars Fall Academy is Recruiting
  144. New Clan.
  145. Dead Presidents seeking members for this weekend
  146. Having trouble getting your guild started?
  147. [TwKd] is recruiting active members who enjoy PvP/GvG.
  148. Secret Agents [SA]
  149. The Lag: Euro GvG-Happy Guild
  150. Old pro needs help
  151. Looking for a PvE guild?
  152. Mature newbie looking for mature guild
  153. Looking for Quality Mature Guild
  154. [kids] Neverland Ranch
  155. Molecular Movement [MoVE]
  156. The Pokemon Collecters [PM]
  157. Looking for good PvE guild
  158. HoT Guild still has room
  159. Raven Blade [RAVE], a Malaysian Guild for Malaysians
  160. The White Knights of Death [TkWd] is recruiting
  161. THE GUARDIANS OF CANTHA..recruiting
  162. Welcome to: Level Twenty One [XXI]
  163. Looking for Mature guild
  164. Group of Two Looking for PvP Guild
  165. Lf Reasonably Ranked Guild
  166. Experienced player (R3) looking for guild!
  167. LF a mature guild
  168. Creativity + Want to make a serious Guild.
  169. LF EST Weekday/Weekend Players HoH / GvG
  170. Looking for a great PvE guild? Check us out
  171. LF a mature/immature guild...
  172. Does anyone know Idiot Savants[iQ] website address?
  173. Experienced player looking for a mature decent ranked guild.
  174. Guild Looking For Members
  175. "The Tyrian Alliance Of Guilds " looking for guilds to join with us.
  176. Naurath Eglerio Recruiting
  177. Fun Lovin Kriminals - Rank 50 Recruiting PvP players.
  178. Guild LF Active PvP'ers or PvE'ers
  179. Grammar Guild [SP] seeking new members.
  180. Looking for Guild
  181. !Looking for a Guild!
  182. "The Exemplar" (Mature and family-based) guild has opened its enlisting doors!
  183. Guild Nirvana seeking mature minded players
  184. RnR seeking active players
  185. Failure to Launch [FTL] looking for members
  186. Casual PvE guild recruiting. [AG]
  187. RtR Recruiting Once Again
  188. Black Wing Crusade is recruiting
  189. Seeking Guild
  190. Heroes Ascent guild recruting
  191. LF HoH/GvG guild
  192. New Guild, Knights of the Phoenix
  193. [AoH] Alliance of Heroes - Recruiting
  194. Guild coming back from the dead; new members needed.
  195. Looking for PvP {GvG & HA} Guild : Read For Details.
  196. [SFK] - Sacred Forge Knights -- Alliance/Recruit Post
  197. Guild Problems =(
  198. The Weatherlight Crew --> Reqruiting
  199. The Shinagami Clan
  200. Looking for Oppurtunities
  201. Unknown-Warriors Recruiting Ages 19+
  202. Looking for guild
  203. How to change the guild name?
  204. Join Us
  205. Strike Force [SF] - Guild and Alliance.
  206. Looking for a guild
  207. Home of Fighters guild accepting members
  208. Rivendell Guild [LotR] A Community, not just a cape.
  209. Looking for a pvp guild
  210. PvE/GvG Saints of Darkness is recruiting [Cape/Hall/TS/Website] No requirements
  211. The path to Nirvana
  212. New Guild Halls?
  213. *Kurzick guild*
  214. Looking for an European PVE-friendly Guild
  215. PvE/ [Redemption of the Phoenix] has 10 openings
  216. Battling Gods
  217. Cvi
  218. Order of the Sentinels-Recruiting.
  219. The Tempest Knighthood
  220. Vacancies in The Nursing Home
  221. Looking for an european PvP guild
  222. Esprit De Corps Recruiting
  223. The Heroes of Cantha
  224. Aequitas Deis, American PvE-friendly guild
  225. Da Aloha Spirit [MaNa] seeks da kine memba's!!
  226. [RezQ] seeking experienced players for PvP/GvG
  227. I'm seeking a new Guild!
  228. Kurzick Alliance
  229. Mature player looking for PvE and GvG guild
  230. Forsaken Crusaders is Recruiting
  231. Order of the Black Ram [OBR] Seeking new members.
  232. Ethereal Darkness Now Recruiting!
  233. The Final Exodus [FX] is recruiting
  234. "Sword Of Justice" Recruiting (EU members for GvG,PvP and PvE)
  235. GoTF is looking for Alliances
  236. GoTF is recruiting
  237. Active and Mature player looking for a fun and friendly guild..
  238. The Polar Bears Club [Brr] Wants You!!!!
  239. The Legion
  240. AoA looking for pvpers
  241. looking for guild
  242. casual guild?
  243. Rank 5 Looking For GUILD
  244. ***Looking for Guild/Clan***
  245. Top 150 Rank Guild FC Is Recruiting!!!!!
  246. Chaos Dominion recruiting Active PvP/PvE players
  247. Looking for BIG guild
  248. CoLD Looking For Active Members!!!!!!
  249. The Muromachi Shogunate [MURO] Open for Recruitment
  250. Three veteran PvE'rs looking to find a mature PvP focused guild.