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  1. Looking for Casual Small PvE Oriented Guild!
  2. Searching for the One
  3. RP Guild
  4. The Genocide Prophets is Recruiting!
  5. COG looking for more members
  6. Anarchy Ftw Recruitment
  7. A personal experience from Heroes of Talia [HOT]
  8. Factions and Smaller Guilds
  9. The Power Glove\Tribute is looking for 2 new PvP players
  10. Booty Bay Pirates PvE
  11. im lookin for a guild ~READ THIS~
  12. Two Exp GvGers LF Subpar Active GvG Guild
  13. Looking for casual ppl to farm it and do GvG with
  14. Looking to Join Friendly Guild
  15. eSIN [electronic sin] recruiting
  16. The Knights Who Say Long Words[NI] Looking for members!
  17. [Dark] Psywolves is recruiting.
  18. Looking for an European guild (pvp/gvg/pve)
  19. The Boros Dominion Looking for members
  20. Forming New Guild
  21. R6 Player LF GvG/HoH based Guild
  22. Rackham's Academy recruiting
  23. Guild Hunt
  24. Recruiting: Deadly Guardians [DEAD]
  25. Old person looking for old people to game with
  26. Light Hearted PvE Guild - We Run With Scissors - Recruiting
  27. Fun/GvG/12v12 Guild Recruiting - [Pure]. Look in!
  28. Five rank 7-9 players LF guild
  29. Vanguard Excelsior [VeX] Looking for Members to rampage around and have fun!
  30. Looking for a good guild
  31. Looking for BIG guild
  32. Dark Vigalantes Guild
  33. Looking for friendly guild
  34. [HDK] Hard Days Knight recruiting for PvP & PvE
  35. Looking For New Members
  36. Looking to join a good, friendly and active guild
  37. r3 Looking for r3/r6 HoH/GvG guild
  38. Looking for a guild for factions.
  39. Out of the Ashes, an old name with a new vision.
  40. The Awakening of Immortality
  41. VTL - GvG Guild LF Fun Members (We used to be rank 20)
  42. Fun Lovin Kriminals - Rank 69 Guild pvp/gvg/hoh
  43. Looking for European guild.
  44. Misfit Mafia [MM] Recruiting! (America)
  45. Serious Gamer Looking For Kurzick Factions Guild with lots of Pve PvP GvG
  46. Gouda Gang [GG] Recruiting!
  47. Looking for a heavy RP guild!
  48. 2 guildies looking for a new home
  49. Looking for active guilds!
  50. Ulf Gaard [UlfG] wants you! (And you, and you, and . . .)
  51. Need ideas for contest
  52. Looking to join competitive, PvP oriented guild
  53. VoH Victory Or Humiliation Now recruiting pvpers and Players
  54. Three fools .... easy going uk guild LFM.
  55. Mature and Well Established Guild Now Recruiting
  56. Ivex
  57. Looking for an active, friendly guild.
  58. Looking for a Guild
  59. Serious player looking for guild
  60. Mature, experienced guild [PA] looking for some new blood pve/pvp/gvg
  61. Assassins of the Infinite [Sai]
  62. Looking For Kurzick Faction Euro Guild (Pve Pvp GvG)
  63. any small guilds want to merge or create alliances?
  64. Experienced MMO Gamer Searching for a Home
  65. The Rosencrance Family Guild - A Light RP Community
  66. Durance of fate[DoF] is recruiting
  67. Myriad of Saints needs you! New Guild just formed, need experienced players!
  68. The Sarafan Warriors are looking for Luxon Allies
  69. Unknown-Warriors Looking For Kurzik Alliance
  70. 2 players LF a guild
  71. looking for an established, active, pvp/gvg oriented guild
  72. LF PvE Farming Guild (Kurzick)
  73. The Power Glove is looking for guests\new members.
  74. Guild: The SAGA X are searching......
  75. Guild [DDS] Recruiting
  76. Rank 6 LFGu
  77. The Eternal Champions
  78. Enchanted Destiny Seeking new members
  79. Hello Guys :D
  80. What does it cost to create a guild?
  81. Guilds
  82. Looking for HoH PvP Guild. [+Images]
  83. New World Domination recruiting for officers
  84. Looking for a Guild
  85. The Knights of Winter's End (KOWE) - RP/GvG/PvE
  86. Looking for PVP/GVG guild
  87. Win-Only Riders Clan Recruiting
  88. Experienced Online Gamer Looking for Guild. N/ME 17
  89. 6 lvl 20's, millionaire, 1,800+ hours, LF 50+ uber active PvE only guild.
  90. Circles of Honor (CirO) Recruiting
  91. We Farm For Fame [FAME] Recruting!
  92. Buy your guild
  93. guild bores
  94. Looking for PvE and PvP Guild!
  95. R6 in need of a guild
  96. In Need of a Kurzick Guild
  97. Orto Sole [oS] Recruiting...
  98. Advanced Necro Undead Society Recruiting
  99. LF: Guild Based Within Australia
  100. (PvP Guild) Have A Nice Day [YHBP] recruiting!
  101. 12 W/R looking for guild...
  102. Boston Guild [BG] Recruiting.....
  103. Join Ghost Corps!
  104. Older experienced gamer looking for FUN PvP AND PvE guild that cares about strategy
  105. Looking for guild
  106. Looking for a nice guild
  107. SHIFT WORKERS wanted!!!
  108. OLDER PLAYERS wanted!!
  109. Need an alliance?
  110. New All IWAY guild --- Rercruting any rank members---
  111. Mature Gaming Association recruiting!
  112. GWO Seeks GMT-8:00 Players
  113. GW International Alliance Looking For Allies!
  114. Look for active friendly guilds to join our active alliance
  115. Teh Rockstars are Back!!!!!
  116. New Guild Halls
  117. Active, Mature PvE Guild Recruiting Now... High Guild Interaction In and Out of Game!
  118. BrotherHood Of The Hidden Wind,old guild new beginnings
  119. Honor Warriors - a fun casual PVE guild for honest players
  120. Half-Life Republic - Now Recruiting Members/Allies
  121. Forming Kurzick alliance of mature guilds
  122. Di Immortales-New Guild--Looking for Old Players (PvE/PvP)
  123. LFG, were the G stands for Guild...
  124. The Forsaken Sect (TFS) Now Playing
  125. [LoD] Recruiting. :3
  126. The Crimson Skull Crusade [sKuL] is looking for new members for a PvP Oriented Guild.
  127. Twisted Misfits
  128. Looking For European PvE Guild
  129. Looking for a PvE Guild
  130. Band of Samurai is recruiting
  131. Lothlorian Guild [LotR] is now open!
  132. Looking for High-RP PvE guild (PvP okay), America
  133. Multiplay UK (Europe) Looking for Fresh Blood
  134. Looking for SUPER-ACTIVE PvP/HoH/GvG Guild!
  135. New Guild- Read for info
  136. Silver Blood Knights [SBK] Looking for Members
  137. Guardians of Destiny Recruiting GvG/HoH
  138. Dominating Kurzick Alliance [TLA] looking for Guild
  139. Guild seeks a merger!
  140. In need of some advice...
  141. | Formidable | ; an elite pvp guild, is recruiting
  142. Alliance ?
  143. Looking for a new Guild
  144. [nerf] Recruiting
  145. Where can i find the factions ambassadors?
  146. Guild looking for an alliance
  147. Old or new guild needed.
  148. New Guild Recruiting
  149. Gospel of Chaos [GoC]
  150. Experienced player looking for PvP guild.
  151. Anyone know if you change halls do the NPC's come with you?
  152. [MoS]Myriad of Saints is Recruiting!!!
  153. XoO all over YoO
  154. House Durheim [HD] Guild Information
  155. (Quite)Experienced PVEer looking for guild.
  156. Looking for Mature, Active Guild
  157. New Greek Guild looking for local players
  158. Viral Damage is looking for more
  159. Looking for a decent guild
  160. Where to go from Dragons throat?
  161. Seeking New Guild (American Server)
  162. Rackhams Academy Still Recruiting!
  163. [XTC]Xtasy Of Execution Looking for more
  164. [RFE] LF [ek] Empire Kurzick
  165. Any couples/family members out there?
  166. The Celestial guard is recruiting :d
  167. Looking for a guild
  168. Seeking Guild :P
  169. Looking for a Guild
  170. The formation of the Alliance of the Hog
  171. Clan Lightning Hammer is Recruiting
  172. Selling Guild
  173. Starting Kurzick Alliance Leader Guild The Great Alliance
  174. The Clan of the Grey Marshmallow has thrown open it's doors
  175. Experienced player Looking for guild
  176. What's the best way to grow a new guild?
  177. New GvG guild -- We Got Rice [Azn]
  178. New PvE/PvP - Gwens Band Camp [camp] recruiting
  179. Do better guilds help new guilds?
  180. St Anges Home for Wayward Girls [Juvi] is recruiting
  181. Whats All these New Guild Features please
  182. Looking for a guild
  183. [tmm]
  184. Joining a Faction
  185. Fake is calling All Aussie and NZ players
  186. Looking for Luxon Allies!
  187. Looking for a Guild
  188. Dirty Rotten Strippers is now hiring!
  189. The Killers of Satan [KOS] Are Now Recruting!
  190. Rising of the Dark Phoenix- recruiting
  191. The Half Angels (recruiting)
  192. Fear the Pack [Wolf] is currently recruiting PvP and PvErs!
  193. Legion of Exile Now Recruiting
  194. I Will Avenge Your Pets {iway} + Why Should We Get A Real Build {IWAY} IS RECRUTING!!
  195. Smoke & Fire ~ Looking for members and/or Alliance.
  196. Looking for a Guild
  197. Looking for a Guild
  198. Guild Question
  199. Arctic Knight Alliance: Looking for New Members
  200. [Lm] Like Minds Guild Wars Clan is looking for members!
  201. Death Diamonds [Rule] is Recruting!
  202. A Fresh Beginning [OTDK]
  203. Looking for Mature Hardcore PvP
  204. Ashling Ingrum recruiting open
  205. Veteran Player looking for guild
  206. Kurzick Council Alliance (Europe)
  207. Beauty (l)
  208. Unranked GvG tournoment.
  209. Looking for a new guild
  210. New Guild - Infinite Paradox [IPX] Recruiting
  211. Looking for a Guild
  212. New to GW and looking for a Guild...
  213. Guild Looking For Members!
  214. [UKB] Recruiting
  215. The Great Alliance is Recruiting *New Guild*
  216. Looking for an euro PvP Guild..
  217. State of Roleplay?
  218. LFG guild
  219. New Hardcore PvP guild recruiting
  220. Looking for Active Mature Guild
  221. Looking For Guild
  222. Looking for guild
  223. looking for active fun guild
  224. Lookin For Good Guild
  225. Immature Players
  226. Player Kama
  227. My search begins..
  228. The Lovely Red Dolls [Doll] brand-new recruting! community and friendship first!
  229. FTS recruting
  230. I am looking for a specific guild.
  231. Paladins of Pellenor[PoP](Luxon) recruiting
  232. New Republic - Rebuilding Guild
  233. A Question for the mom n pop players
  234. Mako Filled Moogles [Mako] recruting
  235. LF PVE Guild
  236. [TC] The Crusaders Alliance Appreciation Thread!
  237. Does anyone know Avenging Angels?
  238. Makin new guild pointless
  239. Disturbed Creations (Dc) Recruiting!
  240. Teh Rockstars [RS]
  241. King Of Slaying [KOS] Recruiting
  242. LF Active, Mature PvP Guild
  243. 6 Guild Alliance looking for more Guilds!
  244. Attn : Kurzick Faction Guilds
  245. Everything In Transit Now Recruiting!
  246. LF active HoH guild
  247. veridic saligia lf alliances and members
  248. [DHW] wants to join your alliance
  249. Looking for Mature Guild
  250. looking for a active guild