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  1. The Rogues' Alliance [RtR]
  2. Wings of Sorrow recruiting (Players for Guild, Guilds for Alliance).
  3. Looking for a PvP Guild that is newbie friendly :)
  4. RezQ - Recruiting experienced players for GvG/PvP
  5. Guild Looking for PvP Inspired Players.
  6. Wee Free Men (high level PVP guild) needs 1 or 2 newbie pvpers.
  7. Ordinis Draconis [OD], experienced EU guild, PvE & PvP, recruiting
  8. Mirkwood Guild [LOTR] Seeking Europeon Server Members!
  9. lf guild
  10. LF a PvP oriented guild
  11. Do you want to join a relaxed guild that plays for fun?
  12. Misfits Of Fortune [MOF]
  13. [AoM] is recruiting(pvp guild)
  14. [LoS] Is recruiting!!!
  15. Greek guild recruiting Greeks
  16. European Operation Forces [eu-of]
  17. I Will Avenge Your Pets {iway} is Recruting r 3/6+ Members 3-4 slots left
  18. Looking for EU pvp guild
  19. Guild Recruiting: Resident Evil Outbreak [REO]
  20. Frontline Formation: Recruiting
  21. Looking for RP Guild (and more)
  22. Looking for a mature guild
  23. Paladins of Pellenor[PoP] Recruiting!!!
  24. The Millennion Organization is looking for members.
  25. Street Pharmacists [WHOA] now forming an alliance
  26. Looking for a guild
  27. [DHW] Draft House Warriors - Open House
  28. Need help on Guilds
  29. New Guild GOTR looking for members.
  30. LF PvP Guild
  31. Kissed By Dwayna [KD] Recruiting.
  32. [GRDS] Mature Balanced PvE / PvP (GvG) Guild Recruiting
  33. New PvE guild Mystic Guardian Angels [MGA]
  34. FOM recruiting-Mature only, Casual Players OK
  35. Desolation's Outcasts(DSO)
  36. Looking for good PVE Guild
  37. PVP guild recruiting!
  38. I'm looking for a PvE type guild
  39. Dividere Et Imperare [DEi] Looking for Members
  40. TSH Recruiting For GvG
  41. Looking for a Guild with good rules, Mature, Sensible and Friendly members.
  42. NEW GvG,PvP (EUROPE) guild needs members + officers
  43. Question on guilds
  44. Mafia Syndicate [SyM]
  45. LF good GVG Guild with luxon faction!
  46. Question about faction guilds
  47. Question about faction guilds
  48. ? about making alliance factions
  49. LFGuild Sylvan Dragons
  50. two mature and friendly players LF a mature pvp guild
  51. Silent Strike Of Death [SSD] - Guild.
  52. Looking for an active guild..
  53. New Guild
  54. Brand New Guild Seeking PvPers....
  55. My guild only has two people (one being me)
  56. No fighting over me, I'm looking for a permanent guild.
  57. Prisoners of a Liberated State (PLS)
  58. Former Guild group LF mature European guild
  59. Bloodstone Coven (BsC) Kurzick Alliance
  60. Recruiting : The Ancient Fallen
  61. Looking for a big very active Pve guild(PvP and GvG is cool too)
  62. Forum Change, as of 5/23/06
  63. Honest Politicians [RarE] Recruiting
  64. The Seventh House Of Babylon (SHoB) Is Recruiting
  65. Heroes Etc... is seeking mature players for PvP and PvE.
  66. Disturbed Creations (Dc) is Recruiting! GvG and PvP Oriented Guild!
  67. Looking for a guild that does it all :D
  68. Looking for an active PvE guild
  69. Lookin 4 Easy Going Pve/pvp/gvg/ guild
  70. Brand NEw guild hall/cape/luxon faction looking for officers and alliances
  71. [DFir]Dragonfire Rising is Recruiting
  72. Looking ofr a guild to fill our alliance last spot
  73. Guild Halls
  74. [TM] is recruiting
  75. The Diamond Dust
  76. A tutti gli italiani
  77. Looking for a Guild
  78. Former top 100 ladder players looking for Warriors
  79. [GEAR], the comic guild, is look for players to become officers
  80. New Guilds
  81. Recruiting PACIFIC TIME ZONE PLAYERS- Mature Only please!
  82. Kurzick guild looking for guild mates.
  83. LF Guild Pve/PvP/GvG
  84. All female guild recruiting!
  85. Luxon Guild recruiting
  86. Minas Morgul LF members
  87. UK Player Looking For Mature Guild :)
  88. Why is r3 a must for recruiting?...
  89. New Dawn Ascended [NDA] recruiting!
  90. Retards of Gaming
  91. STRONG PLAYER looking for kuzick guild
  92. The Luxon Knighthood [LuX]
  93. The Infamous Furby Avengers Are Recruiting!
  94. My application to a GvG guild
  95. Conscious Collective [cc] is recruiting
  96. Mesmer looking for mature guild!
  97. Mako Filled Moogles Recruting
  98. SITH COMMANDOS Is Recruting [SITH]
  99. European Friendly Alliance
  100. LF a european GvG-guild, around GMT+1
  101. Looking for guild
  102. Orphan Genocide - All your Orphan are belong to us. (Recruiting)
  103. Aureus Red Fraction - [Recruiting]
  104. Small Guild Looking for Alliance
  105. Team Lag is looking for a few more Aussies!...
  106. The path to Guild Nirvana
  107. The Vampiric Blood Legion.. RECRUITING!
  108. SBD Guild now recruiting
  109. Warrior Searching for Guild
  110. Recruiting GMT+12 or similar Time Zones
  111. Losing Alliance Faction
  112. Small, Mature guild looking for Luxon Alliance
  113. Looking for chatty Kurzick guild
  114. Looking for a mature guild
  115. Guild Looking for Alliance (Kurzick)
  116. Small guild seeks PvE members or Alliance
  117. The long search for a guild
  118. Small guild in search of casual alliance
  119. Looking for a Guild
  120. Diablolus Ex Machina [DEXM] (Kurzicks) is looking for "casual" members/alliance.
  121. (\ /) Sacred Foundry Is Now Recruiting Experienced GvGers (\ /)
  122. Old person looking for guild
  123. Aurelio Furor [AUR]
  124. Human Alliance is recruiting!
  125. Nothing But Sunshine[NoBS]
  126. [KC] KingCross looking for fresh Aussie players ONLY!!
  127. Elder Alliance
  128. Karma Payment Plan is recruiting
  129. looking for good pvp guild
  130. Lfg
  131. Sik Affliction
  132. [ZR] The Fallen Kings of Zu Ran (luxon guild)
  133. looking for active good pvp guild
  134. Dragons Of Blackfire [Fear] recruiting new members
  135. Luxon Guild looking for Alliance
  136. Starting new guild
  137. AE webdesign recruiting/offering services
  138. Good Player LFG
  139. Looking for a Guild
  140. Free Beatings Inc Guild & Alliance Recruiting
  141. Guardians of the Stars [GOTS] - European Kurzick guild
  142. Unknown-Warriors Kurzick Alliance Looking Family Oriented Guilds.
  143. Legions of the Light [LotL] is recruiting new members!
  144. The Loyal Sharpshooters of Heltzer are recruiting!
  145. Looking For A Guild
  146. Servants of Cyric recruiting
  147. How do I apply to a top 50 guild?
  148. Require an active PvE guild
  149. Knights fo the Alliance [KoA] is recruiting mature players.
  150. R3 LF semi-competitive GvG Guild (Eastern Standard Time)
  151. Servants Of Syn want your SOUL!
  152. Grenth's Cold Grip recruiting.
  153. Vikings Of Valor
  154. Helpful, Casual Guild Looking To Expand
  155. LEGION OF THE ACCURSED [LotA] is and likely will always be recruiting.
  156. TOP Luxon Alliance looking for guild to join!
  157. Cerulean Midnight [CeM] is looking for members.
  158. New Zealand/Australian Guilds?
  159. lvl 20 r/mo lf guild
  160. l Angels And Airwaves l is recruiting
  161. Looking for Active GvG guild.
  162. Looking for a new Guild
  163. Random Acts of Kaos Looking to Expand
  164. Heros Of Sorrow currently recruiting
  165. Bushido [WotW] is recruiting
  166. Looking for PVE guild
  167. Looking for PVP or PVP and PVE Guild [HA]
  168. Twisted Misfits [TwMs] is recruiting
  169. Looking for "Mom and Pop" Luxon alliance...
  170. Looking For a Guild
  171. Female Roleplayer looking for Active RP Guild
  172. Funloving Gamers recruiting!
  173. The Guild Of Mercenarys
  174. Does Luxon/Kurzik choice affect guild members?
  175. Former Top 150 Guild FC Is Recruiting PVP & PVE!
  176. Killing Is My Business [KiSS] is recruiting...
  177. Thinking of starting a GvG guild - need help/advice/tips.
  178. Nl/be guild?!?
  179. *My Guild Door is Always...*
  180. gw 3
  181. 4 great players LF a Guild
  182. Order of Y Ddraig Goch now recruiting!
  183. Hundred Blades, The guild you've been looking for?
  184. [DF] Desert Foxes wants friendly players
  185. Husband and Wife Looking for Luxon Guild
  186. Disturbed Creations is looking for LUXEN guils to be allianced with!
  187. Aurelio Furor [AUR] ~ (Luxon)
  188. For the Yum!
  189. looking to guest with gvg guild
  190. Looking a Experienced Partner(s) for guild
  191. Looking for a Top GVG clan
  192. GODZ--soon to be Luxon ally-- now recruiting
  193. Looking for GvG guild in European time zone
  194. Looking for a big Luxon, PVE/PVP guild..
  195. RhyDin's Alliance seeks 2 more Well-Organized Guilds
  196. [IPX] Infinite Paradox recruiting
  197. Looking for an Active Factions Guild
  198. Guild Of Mercenarys
  199. What is the best way for recruiting?
  200. House of Light [HoL] - looking to recruit & make friends within the community
  201. The Protectors of Cantha
  202. looking for an older established guild
  203. looking for established guild
  204. The Crusaders of Valhalla [Odin] are seeking mature players to join our community.
  205. Looking for PVE EUROPEAN Guild,larger then only its founders,lol
  206. Sad Statue [SaD] recruiting....
  207. Looking for a European PvE/PvP Guild.
  208. New GvG/HA based Guild Recruiting
  209. Fun-Loving, Relaxed Guild Recruiting.
  210. Experienced Pvp'er LF Hard Core Pvp Guild
  211. Sacred Forge Knights [SFK] -- accepting members
  212. DHW Gaming
  213. Some friends and me LF Guild
  214. Heya, Chronicals of Arythlion [CoA] is recruiting :)
  215. Yearlong Player looking for PvP/PvE guild with fun, dedicated players
  216. Ctrl+Alt+Del reader looking for a guild? We have the guild for you!
  217. I'm looking for a Roleplaying Guild
  218. Vengeance Reloaded [VGN] is Recruiting!
  219. Uptown Pimps Wants You!
  220. Player looking for PvP guild
  221. Need a New Guild Guys
  222. Seeds Of Deception [SEED] Recruiting...
  223. Looking for an Australian guild..
  224. Pvp Only Guild Is Recruiting
  225. The Platinum Knights NEEDS YOU!
  226. Aequitas Deis [AD] is looking for HA players
  227. Black Widows (luxon) is recruiting, also looking for Faction Farmers!
  228. Looking for active PvE and PvP guild.
  229. Kurzick Alliance seek guilds
  230. Guild Looking for Members!!
  231. Your Math Teacher [MATH] is recruiting
  232. White Dragon Fury
  233. [GoEG] Needs You!
  234. 'Play2Enjoy' Style Luxon Guild LF members & allies
  235. The Black Helm Gang
  236. Looking for competitive gvg guild
  237. Capes, Beer and Treasure is recruiting
  238. Seeking roleplay/lore based guild
  239. Honor, courage, fierce fighting...is that u?
  240. [RFE] Hates Faction Farming.
  241. I Need a Guild!
  242. Looking For VERY Active Hardcore PVP-ONLY Guild
  243. All-Farming Guild with ABs
  244. Alliance: Open Invitation
  245. The Return of Swurling Blades is looking for members!
  246. OTH: International Guild LF Recruits and Mergers
  247. Lake of Mist Recruiting
  248. New guild now recruiting!
  249. Lfg [pvp]
  250. Look Were P V P [Hold] Recruiting.