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  1. The Valedictorians [GWU]
  2. Looking for a Mature PVE Guild
  3. [SKY] Guild Looking for active members - All Welcome
  4. Movie Maker LF dedicated guild
  5. Souls of Torment [RIP]
  6. Ascending Phoenix [AP] are Recruiting
  7. [RoMS] seeks fun, emotionally mature people with a great sense of humor :)
  8. Im looking for Guild
  9. All Nomad players, find a place among friends
  10. EU GvG Guild Recruiting
  11. new guild for rangers
  12. Experienced player looking for a PvE guild with possibilities of GvG
  13. Heroes Etc...A guild of mature easygoing gamers is looking for new PvE/PvP members
  14. Legio Romana [LR] The guild for you!
  15. [EC] Evil Core Recruiting
  16. [RAGE]International Recruiting
  17. By Any Other Name [Rose] is recruiting!!!
  18. Looking for someone to help run my guild
  19. Returning player looking for a guild
  20. Longtime player in top 500 teams/etc. LFG plays midnight central or later
  21. White Lotus Clan [hasu] Recruiting for Hard-Mode/High-Level PvE
  22. Organization XIII is recruiting all levels
  23. We Are Ganking Ooo Or Are We [GaNK]
  24. LF -Pve focus- Guild
  25. Free Ale!!
  26. Looking for GvG Guild!
  27. The Ebon Vanguard needs your help in fighting the Destroyers!
  28. [STAR] rocks your face.
  29. The Anarchist Horde [AH]
  30. Trinity Capers [TcS] Guild forming. Wizards Isle, I know you want to join...
  31. [PS] Recruiting peopel to make a GvG team(Everything you need to know, click here)
  32. Tactical Error [Stop] - Casual GvG
  33. Im looking for a guild to join :)
  34. Celestial Twilight [CT] is looking for active, mature players
  35. The Merry Band of Reprobates {ftw} is looking for players!
  36. exp. player lf exp. Ha only guild
  37. Jam Death [Jd]
  38. Mystic Spiral [MYST] seeks Players and Guilds
  39. Ascending Phoenix [AP] are looking for friendly players
  40. The Brotherhood Of Gladiators GMT Timezone
  41. Swords of Villianousity (SoV) Recruiting
  42. LFGuilds to join the [EYE] alliance
  43. Seeking guild
  44. [OOPS]the page you are trying to reach is being used to further the ice cream kingdom
  45. Recruiting Knights Of Anor New AB Guild
  46. Roar Recruiting - Community P vs E Guild
  47. Exile Champions of Heroic Order [ECHO]
  48. Searching for a guild
  49. Does Such an Alliance exist?
  50. EU GvG Guild Recruiting
  51. necro Looking for EU PvE guild
  52. Looking for a PvE guild.
  53. Valhalla Gaming sponsoring guilds!
  54. Chosen of Grenth[CoG] seeking active players (R6+) for GvG/HA
  55. L5 Elamentalist -- Wanting A Guild
  56. Very active balanced player LF guild
  57. Dragons Zen [Zen]
  58. Like Minded Megalomanics [GODS] alliance recruiting
  59. Old PvP Player looking to get back into it
  60. The Defenders Of The North [EYE]-Luxon, HM, titles, events, PVE, and more
  61. Core GvG Guild Recruiting- Finally, some heavy GvG'ing!!!
  62. [ATRA] now recruiting, the dark calls for you!
  63. After a PvE guild....
  64. 2 Guilds looking to join a good kurz alliance
  65. ANGE is now recruiting
  66. Experienced Player Looking For Active, Mature Kurzick Guild
  67. [eXs] Extra Smooth Recruiting
  68. Corrupt Forces [CF] recruiting for PvP
  69. Who owns The Knights Who Say Ni guild?
  70. Pirates of the Silver Tide - Now recruiting more players
  71. Hands of Trust recruiting!
  72. Sword of Justice [SOJ] is looking for "nice" & active people
  73. Elysium of Angels [EOA] is recruiting
  74. Kurzick Guild, Cape, Hall, Forums and TS
  75. We will eat your children (and you'll thank us for it).
  76. The Army Of One [TAO] recruits
  77. Phoenix Knights Templar [PKT] recruiting now!
  78. The Noob Army!!!!!
  79. Monky Monk LF Guild.
  80. <(DOH)> Death of Honour is recruiting
  81. [Wind] Winds of the Tortured Souls
  82. [Sh] Silent Hell looking for players
  83. [SYKO] Syko Killers recruiting!
  84. Experienced PvE player seeking FoW/UW PvE oriented guild
  85. Wolf Pack Samurai [WPS] is recruiting
  86. Guild Starting up and looking for an Alliance to learn from
  87. Guild LF Kurz Alliance focusing on GVG
  88. [Ozzy] Recruiting
  89. Slice of Orange [ORNG] looking for relaxed Luxon allies
  90. The Celestial Guard [CG]
  91. Echo recruting
  92. Unknown-Warriors Recruiting
  93. Disciples of Sunset [DusK] is open for enrollment!
  94. Snuggle Bunnies [Paws]
  95. Nomads Of Sedition [nos]
  96. Look for A Guild
  97. Old Guild waking back up
  98. NiX, GRE, and TSP are seeking...
  99. We Know All The Answers [QA]
  100. Krazy Guild With Krazy People [KrZy] LF Mature, Friendly People for a Casual Guild
  101. Looking for a fun european PvE guild.
  102. didn't see the ban
  103. Ascending Phoenix [AP] - European Guild
  104. Grailknights Of The Dragons Now Recruiting
  105. Rogues to Riches [RtR]
  106. Ancient Shaolin Guardians looking for members and fellow guilds for Alliance
  107. Heroes of Talia [HoT] seeks mature players for GvG/PvE
  108. Myth Alliance: Looking for a Guild
  109. Killroys Vanguard [Kv] Australian Guild
  110. Any Friendly 18+ End Game Guilds?
  111. seeking Kurzick alliance
  112. Our Other Name Was Funnier [BaN] recruiting GvGers
  113. [CIA] The Cold Iron Adventurers Seek Brave Souls
  114. Zero Mercy [zm]
  115. The Biggyverse [PLEB] - Recruiting PvP orientated Guilds
  116. [hosy] is now recruiting
  117. [Wind] Seeking Luxon GvG Alliance
  118. By Any Other Name [Rose]
  119. The Seraph Order (TSO) Looking For Members
  120. Slytherin House [Serp] We can teach you how to bottle fame, brew glory...
  121. Need guild
  122. Fellows Of Mythgar [FOM] looking for a few more good people!
  123. [HVK] Havok Fleet Is Recruiting!!
  124. Heroes of Elonia [HE]
  125. Heroes Etc...[HeEt] A long established PvE/PvP guild, seeking like minded members
  126. Priest of Eris: Putting the Laughter in Slaughter since 2005
  127. SoV - Swords of Villanousity Recruiting!
  128. THE BLACK WIDOWS [WEB] - Mature Guild Recruiting
  129. Protean Core is recruiting core GvG members
  130. Monk LF Guild
  131. One Fry Short For A Happy [Meal] is recruiting!
  132. New guild forming
  133. Looking for a friendly guild
  134. Looking for a highly social PvE mainly guild
  135. Looking for a guild
  136. Buttermilk Biscuits [Yum] recruiting for core GvG
  137. TheGatheringClan -- Recruiting
  138. (aeg) Recruting Small Guilds For Alliance
  139. Archons Ascendant [Arch]
  140. Looking for a Guild
  141. Total Randomness [tR] is recruiting.
  142. looking for a guild of awesomeness
  143. Saint Aggro [Agg] Experimental PvE Martial Guild is Recruiting
  144. Reborn Alliance - Play with REAL people
  145. [Tree] is recruiting.
  146. Priest of Eris: Putting the Laughter in Slaughter since 2005
  147. Kurz PvE Guild Recruiting
  148. Looking for Guild
  149. I am looking for a guild that....
  150. Legendary Survivors [TLS] are recruiting
  151. [VK] - Seeking casual, mature PvE'rs who would like to dabble in PvP
  152. guild recruiting
  153. ddl looking for members
  154. Knights of Immortal Blood is recruiting!
  155. Small guild looking to grow
  156. DG are recruiting for core GvG
  157. Draconis Legion looking for alliance
  158. UJ United Jedi Pve and PvP guild
  159. [ArA] Elite PvE guild recruiting!
  160. Dragonslayers Of The [Mist] recruiting.
  161. Looking for a PST Guild
  162. Let´s play together
  163. Faithful and Forgotten [FAF] is recruiting (ZA)
  164. NuB Guild looking for dedicated/active/social members
  165. [Rage] HA/pvp guild recruiting HAers
  166. {ZS} is recruiting, LF alliance {Luxon}
  167. I'm Looking for a late night guild.
  168. The Samoyed Soldiers recruiting couples and Families
  169. LF Motivated GvG Guild at Pacific Time (GMT -8:00)
  170. Krazy Guild With Krazy People [KrZy] recruiting 18+, FUN, MATURE, SOCIAL people ^.^
  171. Is Gwen Eighteen [Yet] Recruiting
  172. New PvP guild: Brothers of Maeseyck [MSK]
  173. GUILD [FOA] looking for members!
  174. [TKS]Total Kaos Strikes Looking for Lux Alliance
  175. High-End PvE Focused Guild - Mature. 18++. GW Veterans only.
  176. NASA recruiting members and officers
  177. [Arch] Guild + Alliance [Luxon] Recruiting
  178. #1 Rebel Rising [rawr] is now open for recruiting!
  179. I never thought this day would ever happen!!
  180. Our Other Name Was Funnier [BaN] recruiting mature GvGers
  181. Looking for a guild that wants to play the game
  182. Funloving Gamers(FLG) a guild for casual gamers
  183. [AoR], a new guild, is looking for you!
  184. The Last Virtue [武士道] is in need of reinforcements (PvP)
  185. Casual PvE gamer looking for guild
  186. The Seraphim Knights are recruiting
  187. United Legit Gaming Guilds of Guild Wars Accepting Honorable Mature Members!
  188. [cake] Recruiting GvG/PvP and pve players 18+
  189. På jakt efter ett svenskt PvE, PvP (Kurzick) guild!
  190. LF TA players
  191. The Brotherhood [BRO] looking for members
  192. Atna Recruting Close-knit Ta Team!
  193. New Guild - Officer Oppertunities
  194. New Guild Looking For Alliance
  195. [Cold] Imperial Vampire Legions > Friendly PvE Guild
  196. [TWK] The Warlord Knights
  197. Bring the Band-Aids [Emi] recruiting.
  198. Ascending Phoenix are recruiting
  199. [DG] a GvG based guild are looking for an active PvP alliance
  200. [LGA] seeks leaders for structured spontaneity!
  201. MLRS Recruiting
  202. Looking To Join or Help Create a Jewish Faith Based Guild!!!
  203. looking for guild
  204. Fun Luxon Guild looking for alliance
  205. Celestial Twilight [CT] is recruiting
  206. Lf a High Level Focused (Kurzick) Guild, based in Europe
  207. TvT wants you! Unless you eat babies
  208. i need an kurz ff guild
  209. Guild of Honor and Pride Man
  210. Looking For Casual PvX Guild
  211. [KOT] GvG Guild Looking for Alliance
  212. Saint Aggro [Agg] European PvE Guild is recruiting
  213. Will anyone join my Newish guild?
  214. smaller guild with large alliance recruiting
  215. Pirates of Blountville,www.thepob.net, recruiting new members
  216. DDG (Dark Destruction Gods)
  217. [HoL] House of Light Alliance Recruiting
  218. MLRS is looking for officers
  219. The Arctic Marauders [TAM]-Reborn Elite PvE Guild-Hardcore Veterans and Fun Players!
  220. The League Of Friends - a guild for the discerning player
  221. Good Old Days [Old] Recruiting Adults -no teens in guild
  222. Rotten Eggs [Egg] is a new guild recruiting.
  223. [fang] is back and recruiting
  224. Lazy Has Added A Kurzick Allinance!!
  225. Need a Guild
  226. Luxon guild looking for active, experienced players to boost activity!
  227. Relaxed, 18+ Mature Guild Seeking Experienced Players
  228. Caliber Thirteen [CT] Recruiting! Also need more people for alliance.
  229. Wizardry Players' Guild [WPG] recruiting and seeking Alliance members
  230. Space Rangers [SR] Recruiting
  231. Looking For A Fun Social Guild. Story, RP, Video, Parties, Events, pve, pvp, gvg, ab
  232. The Dim Circle Ring is seeking heroes!
  233. Dragons Last Flame [FIRE] Now Recruiting!
  234. Drunken Piracy [Capn]
  235. Justified Ancients Of Moo Moo [JAMM] seeks friendly chatty Euro PvErs
  236. Small But Established Guild Recruiting
  237. Overlake Owls [OWLS] is forming alliance
  238. Alone Heroes [HERO] Now Recruiting!
  239. Looking for a Guild
  240. looking for guild
  241. Recruit me?
  242. Order of the Celestial Guardians [ocg]
  243. Looking for HA guild
  244. Celestial Twilight is Recruiting Members and Guilds!
  245. The Dead Wolves Claw [tdwc] is recruiting members! (kurzick)
  246. [NOOB] recruiting r5+ for core HA team
  247. Random Nobodies [Ran] wants some mature individuals
  248. Looking for a PvE guild
  249. Fun guild LF Mature, 18+, Friendly people to cheer us up! Free hugs for joining ^.^!
  250. [WkD]Alliance recruiting