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  1. The Midnight Enclave
  2. Sparda's Children
  3. *VATO looking for Merge/Recruiting
  4. Most hated GW monster
  5. Join the Fun!! Have some [SAKE] ^.^
  6. Smoke & Fire - looking for more members.
  7. Army of Shadow-Novus Sanctum Ordus
  8. Seeking Guild for PvP and PvE, voice chat, preferably East Coast, mature
  9. ~Tempest Sidus Now Recruiting~
  10. Looking for guild!
  11. BOHW now recruiting!!!
  12. Seeking Guild around the GMT +8 timezone
  13. The Unseen Crusaders
  14. Looking for big PvE guild
  15. Knights of Xunlai [KoX] *Recruiting*
  16. Huntsmen of Annuvin [HoA] Looking For Members
  17. The Sacred Violators - Recruiting
  18. The Deadsoul Tribe
  19. BrotherHood Of The Hidden Wind Now Recruiting!!!
  20. Tank-B Recruiting PVP/PVE
  21. Guild data feed. Comments?
  22. Guild Hall: Select apponent
  23. Got Game [GG] Recruiting
  24. Fallen Seraphim Guild is Recruiting
  25. New Guild TCC Now Recruiting
  26. The Midnight Raiders [MR] are recruiting
  27. Iron Fist....Yes i know its another Guild..but please read..
  28. New [SK] Guild Forming
  29. Belgian Guild
  30. Acsention Benifits if any???
  31. Am I asking for too much? (Tell us your ideal guild XD)
  32. Most Common Guild Hall?
  33. Tank-B (PvE & PvP) Is Recruiting
  34. Guild Gods Heroes and Legends Is recruiting
  35. Grammar Guild now forming!
  36. 0 for 3 in my quest for a major part of GuildWars!!!!
  37. Well Established Guild is Recruiting
  38. Anarchistic Revolution is looking for pvp and gvg players
  39. What guilds are available to join?
  40. FEDZ -- Gaming Group Recruiting Adults
  41. Belgian Guild
  42. Seeking Active and Dedicated Players
  43. we dont want the best, we want to make you the best!!
  44. Guild List?
  45. Level doesn't matter - ShbC (EU) wants you!
  46. Seeking UK guild
  47. Vampires of Carafax
  48. ShD - Forum skin
  49. experience pvp player since beta lf a decent guild
  50. Like To Hump is recruiting
  51. Eastern Vanguard-Recruiting
  52. Graue Horde [GH] is looking for members
  53. Wings of Dwayna - roleplayer guild recruiting
  54. Rawkstars Inc. (European Guild - PvP)
  55. My friend was wonder!
  56. CyberGameZone Now recruiting!
  57. Anyone from the West Coast wish to join a guild?
  58. Guild in the Midwest (Champaign and Chicago Areas) Looking for Members
  59. Warrior/Monk Looking for Guild
  60. Obsidian Novitiate: Recruiting Experienced PvP'ers
  61. Getting a guild hall?
  62. Fallen Shadows is accepting members!!
  63. Help
  64. Mo/me Lfg
  65. Guardians of Light: looking for members/Allies
  66. *Experienced PvP/PvE Guild*
  67. The Amber Legions
  68. Angkatan Bersenjata RI recruiting
  69. Knights Of The Binding Circle Recruiting
  70. Experienced monk looking for guild. :) - PVP -
  71. Looking for UK Guild....
  72. Just realized there's more beyond sanctums clay
  73. New GW player looking for a guild
  74. HELP! I can not create a cape!
  75. Mortis Eternus MxE
  76. Mature Casual Player Looking for Guild
  77. Creating a guild for female gamers (no flaming please)
  78. Mature Mesmer/Elem looking for PvP guild
  79. Is there a All Monk Guild?
  80. Question About Officers
  81. PVE ranger guild....
  82. Annihilation of Evil is recruiting !
  83. A million clans, all with one member each??
  84. Puertorican guild
  85. Iron Ravens
  86. looking for mature non rude pvers
  87. Mature player lookin for a PVP guild...
  88. X Akatsuki X guild is recruiting!
  89. GW Guild Hall challenges
  90. Skilled PVP player looking for a Professional ts/vent-using GUILD!!
  91. Seeking mature pvp focused guild
  92. Looking for big friendly, non rude guild
  93. The Theatre[tt] roleplay Guild
  94. Defenders of the Faith recruiting
  95. Ranger looking for rp guild
  96. Looking for a powerful, organized, and fun guild
  97. New Roleplaying Guild
  98. Seeking the elusive guild
  99. Shadow Thieves are recruting(XP players and just nice ppl)
  100. Want to have a join a good Guild
  101. Seeking a guild with free officer place
  102. Guild Uniforms?
  103. Are you HERO material?
  104. experienced monk looking for a guild
  105. Looking to join a guild
  106. Looking for newer guild, friendly. =D
  107. French Canadian PvE/RP Guild
  108. Guild Wars United Nations (G.U.N)
  109. Lookin for a guild to join that does Hall of Heros
  110. Chronicles Of Heroes is recruiting!
  111. Guild looking for HoH players
  112. Cyrodiil Council is recruting
  113. Experienced Clan Player looking for established Guild
  114. Looking for small relaxed Guild?
  115. GW | ninjas
  116. Do you know "the brother of Jared?"
  117. Guild questions...
  118. Healer looking for mature, fun, active guild
  119. Immortal Fury Recruiting
  120. Is there a way to leave Guild
  121. Alliance of Bishonen Recruiting, A social guild
  122. Serious PvP'er looking for a Ranked Guild
  123. The Chosen of Shanrio is recruiting!
  124. Onyx Dragons Recruiting
  125. The Tree of Justice[TToJ] is now recruiting!!
  126. Sacred Forge Knights - Recruiting/Merger
  127. **Brand NEW guild - seeking members**
  128. New Guild "Black Sun Over Midland" Now recruiting.
  129. Trapper, ritual specialist seeks dedicated guild
  130. Looking To Form an Elite PvP Guild, anyone interested?
  131. The Fallen Knights of Tyria
  132. Looking for a Guild - lvl 20 War/Monk - get me for some GOOD BENEFITS
  133. Guild Capes
  134. Eisen Dragon - fun PVE/friends guild seeking new members! (GvG as well!) :)
  135. Clan Imperial Guard
  136. Looking to join a Role Playing Guild.
  137. The Apex [Ap]
  138. Looking for an organised UK or Euopean guild
  139. Gay pride guild now recruiting !
  140. Soldiers Of Jeebus is Recruiting
  141. Rawkstars Inc. (European Guild - Recruiting - Got Guild Hall)
  142. Small Guild disbanding and good members want to join a competitive guild
  143. Storm Riders Guild
  144. AMERICAN GUILD: Military mindset, civilian fun!
  145. Green Berets Lookin for New Members . Competetive Guild
  146. Sigil
  147. ARF, Trapper.
  148. The Seng Fist are recruiting!
  149. Detroit area guild looking for members
  150. Looking for members for the Lords of ELemental Power guild!
  151. Maybe someone good will see this...
  152. -Dreams To Reality- Now recruiting
  153. sissy boys
  154. WOLVES OF THE PACK- American Guild
  155. fun mature active guild. We want to make you better!
  156. Battling against inactive members; [FATE] Sealers recruit guild members
  157. Question about Guild Halls
  158. [KoC] Knights of Chaos
  159. Looking to join and ELITE Guild that has a decent rank on ladder..
  160. Not too serious adventurers guild
  161. Two friends looking for a mature guild
  162. Seeking mature, PvP-active guild
  163. Anime Fan of GuildWars Unite !! warning Otaku inside
  164. Small Guild looking to expand...
  165. Order Of Aggression is Recruiting (PVE)
  166. Looking for decent members for THE GUILD OF SHADOWZ
  167. Trading Superior vigor for sigil.
  168. Servants of the Son [SoS] Recruiting
  169. Portuguese Guild Recruting
  170. Chunky Lovin [Recruiting]
  171. Looking to join French Canadian Guild
  172. MIGHTY MYSTICS recruiting good, active LvL 15+ PvE/PvP'rs
  173. Guild question
  174. The Hanseatic League is recruiting!
  175. Is there anybody out there?
  176. Looking For Elite Pvp And PvE Clan
  177. want 2 join
  178. Circle of Chivalrous Knights [Cok]
  179. Guild Recruiting Looking For Active and Pvp Players
  180. [VvV] - A guild for the casual player
  181. Hawaii Guild lookin for members
  182. VvV - A casual guild for the casual player
  183. Looking for active guild that auditions members
  184. Looking for a guild that uses ts or vent and does pvp once in awhile.
  185. IVEX Recruiting - In'Visus Exsilium
  186. Leaving Guild
  187. "Knights Of The Templar" Guild Forum
  188. BEER and BeeR; both drunken stupid
  189. Exp player looking for a little more mature guild
  190. [TOKR] Guild looking for new members
  191. Hellreapers looking for recruits
  192. Looking to join or start a mature pvp/endgame guild
  193. Gods Right Hand ---> dutch/belgium guild!
  194. Shadows Of Mordor(SoM) Looking for members who like to have fun!!
  195. Scarlet Crusaders-Casual, but Respectable
  196. Guild Halls
  197. Asylum Are Now Recruiting!
  198. Pratice: Small guild looking for another guild
  199. Looking for a PvP Guild with Vent
  200. Danish guild need members!
  201. URGENT question about guild halls
  202. Recruiting for holy guild
  203. Where can I buy a Guild Hall
  204. Looking for guild active in GvG
  205. New Danish guild needs members
  206. Final Echelon - We're looking for more members!
  207. LPC is now Recruiting!
  208. quick question about guilds
  209. Guild idea: The Honest Traders
  210. NTSA needs you!
  211. European Guild needs more europeans.
  212. The foundation is recruiting
  213. Looking For Guild
  214. Small guild alliances
  215. Looking for Practice Partners!
  216. The Xtreme Gaming Federation Is Recruiting
  217. Realm of dark order recruiting
  218. What is the Rank of a decent Guild?
  219. Good attitude PVEers please read!
  220. Question about skill points
  221. Casual PvE people :) look here (we PvP but with PvE chars)
  222. Are you tired of failing missions?
  223. White Desert Legion [WDL] is recruiting active PVPers
  224. New Guild Here Needs Members
  225. Smoke & Fire - European players wanted
  226. Looking for PvP/GvG Active Guild.
  227. Amazon Nation needs you!
  228. Looking for Australian players!
  229. European guild needing friendly PvP:ers
  230. Lookin For A Guild
  231. Laid back fun PvP guild needs more
  232. I'm single and looking
  233. Roleplaying Guild-The Broken Union
  234. We are Godzilla You are Japan [WGYJ]
  235. Legions of the Asharak Guild
  236. [International] Havoc Legion Recruiting
  237. Searching for a guild
  238. Crazie Monkeys [CM] are recruiting :)
  239. Grandma's Holy Egg Yielders!! [GHEY] Recruiting now!
  240. looking for a guild
  241. War Titans
  242. Walking Dead Army
  243. Looking for all female guild
  244. Looking for a UK PvP Guild
  245. King's Great Battalion is Recruiting!!!
  246. Hardcore pvp, gvg, and pve player looking for an elite guild
  247. Dutch Guild searching for members
  248. (( Fangs of Fireshui is recruiting ))
  249. two noob cape questions
  250. Knights of Satan would like some new members!