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  1. -=-=Questions about Guild Creation=-=-
  2. House Delletore
  3. Pheonix Ascension
  4. DK - Publicity Gush!/I want alliances!!
  5. Looking for more than just another guild?
  6. The Warrior’s Isle how to open gates
  7. Destoryers of Gargoyles [DOG]
  8. Undead Corsairs Of Tyria Wants You!
  9. Monk looking for Guild or even Static party for 7am-10am eastern time
  10. LoT Looking for an Alliance
  11. Ascending Phoenix [AP] - Mature European English Speaking Guild - Recruitment Open
  12. Mo/W looking for a high ranked guild.
  13. [DotL]
  14. Lucky Legionnaires recruiting members for RP
  15. House Of Fury Now Recruiting!
  16. UK Guilds
  17. UnREaL SoLJaHs
  18. The Heroics wants you!
  19. The Crystal Order needs more american pvpers
  20. SGM, a multi game clan looking for new members
  21. -DTR- Merging
  22. Guild board software?
  23. The Real Shur Tugal IS RECRUITNG
  24. Guild [VV] - Veritate Et Virtute
  25. Join a Community and a Family of Gamers (TSK)
  26. Looking for a PvP/GvG guild
  27. Track Stars [TS] New Guild!
  28. New PVE Guild Looking For Members
  29. Looking to merge with small guilds (no more than 5 members)
  30. (UPDATED VERSION) we dont want the best, we want to create the best
  31. LFGuild
  32. IMPORTANT QUESTION-please reply quickly
  33. New Guild Looking For Elites
  34. Howdy from {HDK}.
  35. Wolffestar Clan - Looking for friendly members
  36. Merchants' Guild
  37. Looking for Europe members
  38. {Sons of Heaven}
  39. Searching Guild
  40. noob question about guilds: how to leave your own guild
  41. Hardcore Gamer (But nice guy) looking for new home!
  42. Ascalonís Brigade [AB] is looking for new members
  43. Rabidus Venatus... Euro-Guild looking for members
  44. Looking for a guild!
  45. In search of a Guild
  46. Built To Pwn [BTP] is recruitng PvP and FoW-UW players
  47. mXm
  48. Probably looking for a new guild, maybe
  49. Farmer's Looking for a guild
  50. [ACE] Ancient Combat Experts
  51. Looking for casual but active guild for me and my gf.
  52. Looking for a GvG/PvP/PvE Guild
  53. Searching a New guild
  54. Looking for a guild.
  55. [KoN] Knights of Narsil
  56. GoDS Guardians of Decedant Souls
  57. 20 E/Me Searching for Guild
  58. Looking for Serious, Mature, Respectful, Organized Guild!
  59. Bellum Aeternus Open Recruitment
  60. new guild looking for members
  61. Need your thoughts on guild name =P
  62. Looking for Serious, Mature American Guild!!
  63. Mature Player LFGuild
  64. Casual Guild Looking for a Monk
  65. Gotlub - Guild - Active, friendly, cape/hall/forums/site - read here.
  66. Raven Gard Guild seeking helpful players
  67. Suggestion for more information on fellow Guildmembers
  68. Friendly Addicted Gamer Looking For A Guild
  69. Warrior/Monk looking for Guild
  70. Exiled Dogs Are Recruiting!
  71. Looking for an elite guild.
  72. looking for a guild
  73. Guild Searching
  74. Looking for an Australian PvP Guild
  75. The Sworn Brotherhood of the Night's Watch
  76. Bloodstone Coven (BsC) Looking for new members!
  77. Dread Knights Recruitment
  78. Valiant Knights now recruiting
  79. Any large active guilds that do Not require a mic?
  80. We are looking for an EU timezone guild on US servers.
  81. Nights of Milwaukees Beast
  82. Establishing an elite guild that keeps the game interesting.
  83. The PVP Guild, Legion of Forgotten Souls, Is now reqruiting!
  84. Knights of the Light of Dwayna
  85. ***Another Looking 4 Guild Thread***
  86. Awesome Guild Looking to Expand!
  87. Stick Justice recruiting - exclusively PvP guild
  88. Elementalist guild
  89. Hardcore player looking for guild
  90. Guild Halls - difference?
  91. Tyrian Vanguard-A new guild born =)
  92. Wolverines Z Force (Stay Away)
  93. Join RAF, best casual guild ever =)
  94. Team Agon is looking for players.
  95. Recruiting-Order of the Crimson Edict
  96. Player looking for good guild
  97. "Serious Guild"
  98. Leaving or disbanding own guild with guild hall
  99. Reapers of Fate is recruiting for GvG
  100. Pro Trapper seeks established GvG guild
  101. New Guild - Northern Extreme
  102. Guild Merger Offer
  103. looking for a place to call home
  104. The Imperial Order are recruiting
  105. European guild: Deadly Viper Assassins are reqruiting
  106. Free Collective [FC] -- Oh it's on, baby!
  107. Legion of Forgotten Souls is recruiting!
  108. Looking for a Danish Guild to Join.
  109. Great new guild recruiting
  110. any Chinese/Asian guild recruiting?
  111. Rank 3 (275 fame) Mesmer or Ranger looking for guild tryouts
  112. New Guild Looking for PvPers with light PvE
  113. Guild recommendations?
  114. Practice GvG
  115. Crazy Eighty Eight [CEE] Recruiting!
  116. Leonardo Da Vinci (LDV) all dutch guild
  117. Longtime PvP'r LF Mature, Focused Guild!
  118. Looking for Mature Guild with TS2 server
  119. Wrath of Nature recruitment.
  120. Any RP or very active guilds need a member?
  121. New guild for us Oldies..
  122. Looking for a guild
  123. Guild needs members!
  124. Guild Needs Members
  125. Experienced PvP and PvE player looking for guild
  126. SoS-Looking For more members & web master
  127. Finding the right one
  128. New Guild: Scion of Honor [SION]
  129. [EaSy] - Empty Skillbars - Recruiting!
  130. Full Metal Alliance Is Recruiting
  131. [WTF] World Tree Foundation recruiting
  132. Shd
  133. -*-*- The House of the Flying Daggers -*-*- Recruiting :: Mature and Active Players
  134. PvP Guild.
  135. Soldier Looking for Guild
  136. The Warriors of Tyria - Seeking Members
  137. Maguuma Assasins Recruiting!
  138. Low Person Party PvE Guild
  139. WHeel of Time Guild
  140. Mystical Lords [Lord]
  141. Small friendly guild looking to grow
  142. Looking for a new Guild
  143. Schooling
  145. Good ways to recruit people ?
  146. Looking for a friendly, close-nit guild
  147. The Forgotten Guardians Looking For Members
  148. Guild with experienced PvP'ers looking for Guild Merge
  149. Chronicles Of Heroes is back and recruiting!
  150. Chronicles Of Heroes is back and recruiting!
  151. Paladin needs a roleplaying guild
  152. Experienced PvE Player seeks Active Guild
  153. Clan GLB is recruiting
  154. how to leave guild?
  155. Legend of Phoenix is now Recruiting
  156. New Guild Seeking Members
  157. Looking for a Guild
  158. Looking for Guild
  159. In search of a well organised guild with TS
  160. Knights of Sauron [RECRUITING]
  161. Its Always hard to start a guild
  162. Valhalla's Chosen is recruiting!
  163. New Guild NEED experienced ppl
  164. LOP is looking for active players or small guilds that wanna merge.
  165. Rank 3 Player Looking For Serious Guild
  166. RP Guild, Serpents' Sorrows [SS]
  167. Original Gamestaz Recruiting
  168. Knights of the Scorched Earth
  169. Guided by Voices
  170. I need to join a mature smiting guild
  171. Free agent is looking for a contract with a guild
  172. Hardcore PvP'r looking for like-minded guild!
  173. Looking for a guild...
  174. Looking for a guild
  175. Search for a new guild (An Officer's Plea V2.0)
  176. Looking For Mature PVP Guild
  177. Guild officers? How to get them?
  178. New Guild Capslockon
  179. A guild hall mistake that might have cost us...
  180. Looking for a guild
  181. Rank 5 Ranger, Mesmer, E/Mo, N/R looking for ranked guild with ranked members
  182. Tell me about GvG please
  183. Black Griffins [BG]
  184. Legions Of Black Dragon-recruiting members
  185. PVP player looking for guild
  186. Hardcore player since WPE. PVP DEDICATED GUILDS ONLY.
  187. Looking for a friendly and fun guild
  188. Roleplaying Guild (Cyrician Knights)
  189. Looking for Ambitious, Active PVP Guild
  190. The Jun Horde is still recruiting
  191. New Guild Forming
  192. Leader seking advice
  193. Mana Dragons recruiting new members ^^
  194. Guild Forum Banner
  195. Band of Mythical Brothers (BOMB)
  196. looking for a friendly pvp/gvg/pve guild
  197. Order Of The Silver Tower (OST)
  198. Looking For A Guild..please Help
  199. Rank 3 (305 Fame) looking for a fun but knowledgeable PvPin guild
  200. Experienced Online player looking for an active Guild
  201. Wanted: Dedicated PVP Players
  202. Rank 218 Guild, 55 Members, Very Active,teamspeak, Looking For Experienced Gvg Player
  203. Aofg Looking for lots of new members
  204. Divine Virtue Recruiting
  205. Capeless Ones Guild Recruiting
  206. Lords of Nosgoth [LoN] recruiting PvE players
  207. Dark Culture Society is Recruiting
  208. Looking for a Uk based guild with teamspeak
  209. Silent Deception Recruiting (Developing players, PvP)
  210. Sitting On Deaths Shoulder - UK based guild recruiting
  211. Are You a Good Runner?
  212. Shadow moon clan recruiting
  213. The Virtuoso Art - A New Guild for the Creative
  214. The Crimson Legion wants to merge with other small guilds
  215. Guild LG looking for more members and site supporters
  216. dumping items
  217. Drunk Guild Always Recruiting!
  218. Finding a guild...
  219. The House of the Flaying Daggers is Recruiting!
  220. Zero Tolerance
  221. Please indicate the area you are in (Europe/America/Korea?) in the posts
  222. Record of Lodoss Wars [RoLw]
  223. SoD guild LFM
  224. Looking for a small guild that uses TS
  225. In desperate need
  226. Looking for Guild that uses very odd/whimsical/original ideas in PVe and PVP
  227. Wielders of the Flame
  228. The Black Knight Guards [BKG] recuiting, and private challenge thread.
  229. Keepers of Melandru Guild recruiting
  230. Keepers of Melandru Guild recruiting
  231. VvV looking for members & alliances
  232. i need i guild
  233. looking for guild...
  234. Breath Of Life guild is recruting [Live]
  235. Wanna Join a Guild????
  236. MASH 4077th Recruiting
  237. SoD Looking for new members
  238. We Are Titans Recruiting Message (PvP Only Guild)
  239. Looking Europe Guild
  240. Shadow Dragons Guild Recruiting
  241. Recruiting:[AOU] Angels of Utopia
  242. Looking for Mature U.S. Guild
  243. Experienced player looking for guild
  244. I dont want the best I want to create the best.
  245. The Death Of Everything [TDE] - Recruiting!
  246. LF A Strong Based PvP Guild
  247. Looking for a good mesmer
  248. Recruiting for Legion ?
  249. Ranger fan looking for a guild
  250. Maguuma Assassins are recruiting