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  1. Europe : Soul Society recruiting experienced officers.
  2. Experienced Player(s) looking for elite guild..
  3. Experienced And Friendly Guild Looking For New Members
  4. Warriors of Ascalon Recruitment
  5. Looking for a guild
  6. Join Guild Name!
  7. Another one LFG :).
  8. SoD accepting new members
  9. Europe : Soul Society is now recruiting members
  10. question
  11. Mad Americans [mad]
  12. Guild Looking for Mature players
  13. Guild of Pirates! (Ranger and Monks Please :)
  14. New Guild DoA Recruiting
  15. Just an observation
  16. SUPER SHREDDERS [bUST] guild Looking for cool people
  17. Warrior Seeking Good Guild!!
  18. Guild Seeking Mature PvP Players!!!
  19. Some suggestions for the guild hall
  20. Looking for Guild(US)
  21. New Guild Recruiting (RICE)
  22. Black mages guild recruiting
  23. Sik Affliction [Sik]
  24. Ice Razor [ICE] recruiting
  25. Legend of the Phoenix is recruiting!
  26. Experienced Player LFG w/ Vent or TS
  27. Several Guild members/officers looking for a better Guild
  28. Guild of {WAR} - Warlords of Earth [WE]
  29. Last living souls is recruiting
  30. Guardians of Destiny -GoD-
  31. Quite a Situation - and Looking for guild
  32. Eternal Forces Xtreme - EFX
  33. LA Lakers now recruiting!
  34. 2 friends looking for a GUILD
  35. The Unknown Pack
  36. Looking for UK/Euro Guild
  37. Unranked Guild Battles
  38. Team Agon is currently looking for players.
  39. Forsaken Sanctuary [FoSa] Rank 371 is recruiting
  40. My guild
  41. I Need A Farming Guild For A W/e!
  42. I couldn't find them in the controls guide, what are the guild commands?
  43. Hardcore PVPer Looking For Mature PVP Guild
  44. GOD joined Divine Wrath, you should too!
  45. TSL Recruiting
  46. Looking for a decently established guild.
  47. Warriors of the Ages Recruiting
  48. Draken Guardians
  49. Officers
  50. Star Wars Fan Guild! Join XWNG!
  51. Having trouble with webring
  52. CANADIAN Guild Recruiting: Legends of Poker [LOP]
  53. The Fearless Knights os Ascalon
  54. Mana Screwed - guild seeks members or merge
  55. Three looking for a new home.
  56. Casual Guild [UBC]: Looking for People
  57. Active PVE Guilds
  58. A proposition
  59. The Chosen of Bane recruiting
  60. Looking for people to start a guild...
  61. [B]Liquid-X Guild Looking For Members[/B]
  62. Wanted: XPed GL to Lead MEK
  63. r7 LF Active Ranked PVP Guild more inside
  64. Wrath of Nature (WoN) Looking for Active pvp people.
  65. I need a guild!!!
  66. Help me build a guild.
  67. Looking For PvP [Tomb, HoH] Guild to Join
  68. Looking FOR Hardcore PVP/GVG Guilds
  69. TCoB looking for more members
  70. "The Kolat" [HAND]
  71. The Brother of Jared
  72. Soldiers Trained for Usurping [STFU] probably doesn't want you!
  73. Creation Question
  74. Gaming Couple Seeks Mature PvE Guild
  75. Cautious to Pursue (CTP) Looking for Members
  76. Inventory
  77. Willing PvP players who want to move Guild forward
  78. How do you make guild generals, etc
  79. CXV Guild Recruiting (UK)
  80. UXC guild looking for members
  81. Le Quebec - Qc ( PvP )
  82. Ghosts of War Recruiting!
  83. EOI: Does anyone here ever get sick of looking at capes? Join "Get Over Capes"
  84. Guild. I am looking for one.
  85. Brand new guild, Son's Of Lilith, LFP to be core members
  86. Searching for the right guild for me
  87. Laure Uruloke [LU] is recruiting
  88. The Older Gamers searching for allies.
  89. Looking for PVE (mostly) Guild
  90. Another Player looking for a Guild in UK/Europe
  91. Reclaim a Guild Hall Signet?
  92. The Committee [KGB] is recruiting
  93. The People's Champions [TPC] is recruiting!
  94. Looking for Singapore guild
  95. Looking for European pvp guild
  96. Ranked :)
  97. Daoine Sidhe currently looking for new members
  98. New small guild seeking...
  99. Apologize to GWOnline Member
  100. Seeking Guild
  101. Looking for a euro PvP guild
  102. Any guild that doesnt have a cape
  103. Guild GWO...?
  104. Name of a guild hurt recruiting?
  105. PvP/Pve Guild revamped and hiring (old guild 21:9 in GvG)
  106. Divine Circle of Provinance is Recruiting!
  107. Experienced Player looking for GvG/PvE/HoH guild
  108. Very friendly and active guild! With cape and hall - Four And Twenty [FAT]
  109. Looking For some info!!
  110. .................check out my guild......................
  111. [EU] Guild please
  112. Guilds in Europe!
  113. Knights of Icanthia
  114. New Zealand Guild
  115. Free TS server available for use
  116. How to recruit people for the Guild.
  117. Experienced R/W seeking established GvG guild
  118. PvE Guild...again
  119. Sacred Dragons - Open to new members
  120. guild hall question
  121. The Ancient Order (TAO) opens its doors to potential recruits.
  122. just formed guild looking for members look for info inside =)
  123. Leeroy Jenkins Baby Eaters guild lookin for fun people
  124. Looking for a Guild with Christian Fellowship?
  125. [DOG] Recruiting Mature Gamers
  126. Another "I need a guild" request... yea, I know... but hear me out ^_^
  127. The Duff Men Are Recruiting - Duff man says, free beer!
  128. Looking into a few guilds.
  129. looking for uk guild to join !
  130. Wolfs Lair looking for new members
  131. Guild imBa Recruiting good players only. Read now!
  132. Looking for PvE guild for FoW/UW and occasional PvP
  133. America's Finest is looking for more members
  134. Forget mature, serious, and dedicated....
  135. Divine Awakening
  136. Reign Of Destruction - now recruiting!
  137. New to GW, Seeking Mature/Intelligent Guild for Fun
  138. Looking for a guild that does tombs very often...
  139. been there done that,need something new
  140. Help with guild creation
  141. Rank 4 looking for European guild active in PvP.
  142. I'm looking for a guild - Long time player with lots of experience. Info inside.
  143. New European Guild - Heroes of Talia - Recruiting as of today...
  144. Digital Devil Gaming Clan
  145. Looking to join a Hardcore and dedicated PvP guild that does lots of HoH/Gvg
  146. Lionsbane Familys
  147. Build inventor looking for guild
  148. Ranger LFGuild for HoH/GvG, EST
  149. Need Help recruiting
  150. Looking for a fun guild that helps a lot, but also does PvP/HoH
  151. The Rogue Element [RE]
  152. Knights of the Scorched Earth
  153. [HVC] Havoc Legion is Recruiting
  155. Silver Knights of the Ravenmoon recruiting ascended PvPers
  156. Looking for unrated guild match
  157. Bringers of Chaos - PvE/PvP Guild is Recruiting!
  158. Looking for mature and active guild.
  159. Valiant Knights open to recruiting for short time
  160. CoJ is looking for a GvG coach
  161. Experienced player looking for DEDICATED GvG-HoH guild
  162. Mature & Fun Guilds, that enjoy PvE, Pvp, Gvg etc...?
  163. Looking for a guild
  164. Monk looking for guild
  165. DOL wants another small guild to merge!
  166. E/Mo LFG ranked less than 150.
  167. Guild of Northern Alliance is recruiting
  168. Looking for a European Guild
  169. IVEX Recruiting - In'Visus Exsilium
  170. Half Baked Is Now Recruiting
  171. Word of Advice to everyone who post LFGuild theads
  172. RtR needs more europeans for PvE and PvP
  173. LF Organized & Relaxed Guild
  174. Looking for Active GvG/PvP Guild......
  175. ~Merg or join us - I tell you why .. ~
  176. [Mk] GUILD..Looking for More Members...
  177. Longtime Vet to GW seeks active guild
  178. LF Mature Guild with Zen/Tao Beliefs
  179. New Site for Guild??
  180. LEx Recruiting - Legio Eximius
  181. Anyone host free teamspeak servers?
  182. In need of guild? Take a look here!
  183. LF A Guild To Join
  184. Need a GvG Guild
  185. Holding Guilds responsible...
  186. Satanic Faith Looking For Members
  187. [SoS] Souls Of Seraphim recruiting. active/good players. we will PvP everyday.
  188. [CoA] Council of Awen Looking for Members
  189. A Guild for Bruneians... if there are any o.O
  190. Guild Looking for Players, and HELPER* - EST
  191. Trouble getting guildees
  192. Casual and mature player looking for patient guild
  193. The Fabled Ones
  194. [BHL] BlizzHackers Legends
  195. New Guild, Roleplaying Strongly Encouraged, Recruiting (The Bishonen League)
  196. Guild Ideas
  197. wondering
  198. please help! with guild name
  199. I am searching for a guild to join
  200. My Requirements & Your Requirments
  201. Knights of the Old Republic Recruiting
  202. So many choices/decisions!
  203. looking for a good guild!!
  204. Is there a RPG Moders Guild
  205. Dragoons of the Old Code
  206. Tired of joining random group in tomb? Come in!
  207. New guild with Guild Hall recruiting
  208. Guild in the making- Recruiting!
  209. New Guild Recruiting!
  210. The Lords Of Blood Recruiting again!
  211. Soul Society (EU guild) is recruiting
  212. Daedra Lords are looking for new members!!
  213. Warriors of Joo [JOO] recruiting!!!
  214. Active Player Looking for Guild
  215. Ranger Looking For Heavy Ranger Use Guild
  216. Death is Life looking for active players
  217. BEAR guild on the hunt for mature, active players!
  218. Clan Ninja Beer - small, fun guild looking for more for GvG and PvP!
  219. Looking for Guild. Rank: 200 or less.
  220. ~LF Australian Based Guild~
  221. GvG Tournament for guilds ranked lower than 1,000
  222. Norwegian guild recruting
  223. chat problem
  224. British Guild...
  225. PST Player looking for pvp guild
  226. GvG/PvP Players
  227. Hearing impaired active player looking for helpful pvpmates
  228. [InS] Spanish Speaking Guild Recruiting
  229. TSH Seeks New Members
  230. Looking for a guild to join? look no further
  231. InS busca gente / InS look for people.
  232. Experienced GvGer looking for Guild in top 1000
  233. SOL is recurting.
  234. People are too impatient
  235. Lords of NightShade
  236. Coalition of the Redeemed [COR] PvE/PvP/UW/FoW/HoH
  237. New Guild looking for an additional member
  238. Recruiting Casual/Mature Players for UBC
  239. The Biaches R Now Recruting {gang}
  240. Small Guild Looking For *nice* Active Members
  241. verry active player looking for good guild to join
  242. The Search for a Mature Guild
  243. Shards of Ascalon is looking for Australian members!
  244. MoX (rank 190) Recruiting
  245. Lookin for Guild? Well heres a great guild for a pro and new person alike..
  246. KoD Guild - Small guild looking for active, friendly members/officers for PvP and PvE
  247. Acolytes of Koopoo: Intelligent Conversations for Intelligent People
  248. For anyone who has troubling finding groups
  249. High Voltage Apples (HVA) recruiting
  250. Veni Vidi Vici