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  1. Saving Europe
  2. Mature & Active. looking for guild 400>
  3. It's frog time!
  4. Active PvPer LF Active guild.
  5. Requsting A Merge/New Members!
  6. Zealots Vengeance [ZV] Recruiting
  7. [Them] is looking for...
  8. Rangers of the Lost Ankh recruiting
  9. Group of 6+ Looking for Active Guild
  10. UNRATED GvG Challenge Thread
  11. RATED GvG Challenge Thread
  12. Looking For Good Guild
  13. Group of 3 looking for mature guild.
  14. Active PVP guild seeks new experienced and dedicated members
  15. Small guild looking to join a larger guild
  16. Small Guild Looking for Helpful Fun People
  17. Looking for a Fitting Guild
  18. Looking for a ~Christian~ Guild!
  19. Casual chap looking for easy going Guild
  20. Armed forces members guild
  21. Looking to join guild active in GvG
  22. Need an active pvp guild!
  23. guild forums
  24. LF DECENT Guild... Why is it so hard? =(
  25. W/E Needs Flexible Guild
  26. Looking for Active and Friendly Guild
  27. The Drakulian Empire
  28. [End]
  29. Want fun rather than powergaming?
  30. Looking for guild... again
  31. LF a guild that does what it advertizes
  32. GOFA-Now Open For Applications
  33. Sound of Death recruiting
  34. BODY Is Recruiting.
  35. Small, Building, Member-Centered, Helpful Guild Recruiting
  36. Kinda looking for a new Guild
  37. If you think gaming is fun, and not another life, [PACS] might be the guild for you!
  38. Two PvPers looking for European guild
  39. Another person guilldless
  40. Someone answer this little question please....
  41. New GW player searching for guild
  42. SSI-(SS Infrastructure) Is Now Reqruiting!
  43. Kaos_Faction [Kaos] recruiting...a nice newish guild
  44. Established Guild Seeks Growth Through Merger
  45. Dutch Guild (noodkreet)
  46. Looking for Good Guild
  47. Looking for experienced PvP guild
  48. WDOS recruiting
  49. Legion of Acheron -=LoA=- Recruiting Dedicated PvP Players.
  50. 2 friends looking for active guild
  51. Huggles for Everyone is Recruiting
  52. Looking for a guild with a trial period...
  53. Looking for IC RP Guild
  54. Komando Team [KmdT] recruiting
  55. Akairo Ketsueki Is Now Recruiting!!!
  56. LF Guild
  57. LF active PvP guild
  58. Want to join a guild
  59. The Soul Assassins (RP and PvP guild)
  60. How do i delete guild
  61. HoH Participation
  62. looking for good all ausie guild
  63. new guild but exp. plz look
  64. Central Missouri Guild
  65. newb question
  66. Antiguild
  67. New Members Needed
  68. You want to play GvG but donít have time to play every day?
  69. ARF Recruiting - A guild for pet lovers & beast masters
  70. The YRA wants you!
  71. Question about an "Inactive Guild Leader"
  72. Looking for an active gvg/tombs guild
  73. Pyroclastic Flow is Recruiting
  74. LF a good PvP guild
  75. Looking for small guilds to merge into our own
  76. Vampire Counts recruiting good PvP players for serious project
  77. Aussie / NZ & UK guild
  78. Pro PvE player searching for Clan
  79. Experiences in guild shopping.
  80. Witch Guild Hall Should i Pick?
  81. LF Active Guild
  82. Aussie regular Mes / Mo / Necr (4 Fow & UW)
  83. About Attacking Guild Halls
  84. Clan BoB Recruiting.
  85. LF Mature Guild
  86. Looking for Active HoH/GvG Guild - have over 400 skills unlocked 50k+ faction
  87. Guild Recruiting Older Casual Players
  88. All Fun Intended [FuN] Is Recruiting
  89. Mid sized guild recruiting mature members
  90. list of guilds?
  91. where do you start a new guild?
  92. Chosen Of Zenulth Recruiting
  93. Active HoH/GvG Guild recruiting; rank 100 on ladder
  94. Having problems with inactive members? Join us now!
  95. Wto: Lf... You!
  96. Any guild for beast masters?
  97. Ascalon Honor Guard - Recruiting
  98. [hug] Practice/Training guild [NWA] open recruiting
  99. Malice Mitzer Needs PvP Savvy Players
  100. Phoenix of the Fienix fire Recruiting Finnish Peoples!
  101. Guild Lost Knights
  102. Warrior of Valor now Recruiting
  103. Looking for a guild
  104. 26th Korea Friendly KF 1647 52 9 -recruting 2-3 ppl
  105. Active PvP/GvG Guild LF EXP Rangers/Monks
  106. re guild webring
  107. Looking for a guild
  108. Looking for a Euro pve + gvg guild
  109. [LoP] is recruiting!
  110. lf guild
  111. looking for guild
  112. A funkeh doreh man looking for a guild
  113. Looking for a Hardcore hoh/gvg guild....
  114. Looking for an active, stable guild...
  115. Clan BiBo is Jacked
  116. Durance of Fate - Recruiting
  117. Guild Focusing on GVG
  118. Very decent monk looking for guild
  119. Warriors of the Ancient Order Looking for new members
  120. Looking for a friendly roleplay guild...
  121. The Templar Knights of Balthazar [TKoB] are recruiting
  122. lf guild
  123. Legion of the Templar Recruiting!
  124. GWO guild?
  125. Looking for active pvp guild
  126. smiters of grenth recruiting
  127. Vagrant Pestilence recruiting
  128. New guild struggles.
  129. New roleplay-oriented guild recruiting: Creeping Shadow [CS]
  130. New guild Knights of the Python looking for members!
  131. Looking guild with new players in it
  132. looking for a home
  133. Milk N Cookies Now Recurting
  134. Brand new international PvE guild recruiting
  135. rank 6 monk lfg.
  136. LF Experienced Guild For FoW, PvE, UW, PvP in that order
  137. New guild recurting ^^
  138. Looking for a mature/relaxed Guild
  139. guild recruiting
  140. Involved Players
  141. The Phantom Knights wants YOU!!!
  142. Forsaken Sanctuary [FoSa], An Active HoH/GvG Guild Recruiting; Rank 94 on Ladder
  143. ~CLAN OF ELDERS~ Building GvG/HoH Team!
  144. New Guild Asia Timezone: The Imperial Phoenix Guard [Fire]
  145. The Red Wolves [TRW]
  146. Looking for an active guild.
  147. The Brother of Jared wants you to join us!!
  148. Trying to put a guild together
  149. Any Spanish-speaking guilds?
  150. Large multi-realm "helper" guild seeks to grow Guild Wars branch!
  151. Need guild, who can read
  152. A MUST READ PASSAGE: Join Destruction Lords NOW!
  153. Looking for guild euro
  154. Looking for Guild, im on ALL the time, please read inside
  155. Dragon Titans Recruiting (Daily GvG,over 90 member,have cape,hall,forum)
  156. HoH/GvG orientated Guild
  157. Looking for people who play East Aussie Prime Time
  158. Looking for a good CAPELESS European Guild
  159. Legions Of Fire Recruiting Any and All
  160. Order Entropy is recruiting
  161. Checking for interest - all dial-up guild
  162. Looking for a Active and Serious Guild
  163. Look for a rank 6+ guild
  164. Anyone r3+ (18+) interested in starting a PVP guild? (Or similar guilds recruiting?)
  165. Rank 1 healing monk lf a new guild with hall
  166. Looking for guild
  167. NEW looking for guild topic, read carefully
  168. Looking for well ranked guild with hall, people who play often, and cool capes
  169. GUILD MUTINY. *eyes look forward*
  170. Seeking Guild
  171. In A Heart Beat [IAHB]
  172. Or Die Trying [ODT] (rank 170's atm) is looking for exceptional European players...
  173. GvG Guild Database
  174. European HoT Guild Now Recruiting...
  175. Guild Recruiting, Mature, Active Players
  176. Looking for, or starting - PvE centric
  177. Dragon Titans Recruiting (Daily GvG,over 90 members,have cape,hall,forum)
  178. ~CLAN OF ELDERS~ Looking for mature, Easy going members!
  179. Freelance GvG
  180. ALCO Australia - Looking for NEW members worldwide
  181. Baxter Corp NEEDS Recruitments!
  182. experiened player looking for guild
  183. Rough Nex Wonts You!
  184. New guild, looking for members.
  185. New Guild looking for members
  186. Serious pvper seek for an active Aussie pvp guild.
  187. Mighty Mystics [MM] (Top 200) Open recruitment/trial for 5 new PvP members (MONKS)
  188. Relaxed Euro Guild seeks like minded players
  189. Angry Businessmens is recruiting
  190. Looking for members with officer qualities
  191. Looking for a guild
  192. The infamous LFG
  193. Devoted Mesmer PvPer looking for guild.
  194. [base] Gaming Community Recruiting
  195. Looking for a guild
  196. [DEK] is looking for a Forum
  197. Live, Fight, and Die Zen! [ZEN]
  198. The Pegasus Order [PegO] - Looking for mature players :)
  199. 4 Rank 4-6 Guildies LF GvG/Tombs Oriented Top 100 Guild
  200. The Darkened Knights Need You
  201. Lookin for GvG, Tombs Guild
  202. Merge of BOMB & Lost Knights.
  203. Selling Guild [DARK]
  204. LF Mature PvE / Farming Guild
  205. The Bushi [BSDO] Is recruiting.
  206. Guild of Ascendants, PvE only GUILD
  207. The Seraphim Knights is forming Sister Guild
  208. Looking for a Mature PvE / PvP Guild
  209. Mature, friendly, organised European Guild now recruiting...
  210. European guild looking for active members
  211. Brazilian guild recruiting [ONI]
  212. Shroud Clan
  213. Tired of seeking a guild
  214. Looking for a GvG / HoH guild with Vent
  215. Clan LF Merger
  216. Order Of Fred needs members o_O
  217. looking for ranger based, west coast guild
  218. the Psycho Titans [PT] looking for members
  219. A 2 for 1 deal for some guild
  220. Potentialy Interested In Joining a PvE and PvP Guild
  221. New guild interviewing for membership
  222. Gamers of Age
  223. [SaS] PVP Recruitment
  224. Rise of the Forsake [RotF] is looking for more members.
  225. Looking for Mature PvE Guild
  226. Looking for more than just a guild?? 25 y/o and up!
  227. Looking For a PvE and PvP guild
  228. Guild Or Die Trying[ODT] is recruiting - Rank 150'ish
  229. Heaven Seals ~ rebuilding and needs active members
  230. Looking European Hybrid Guild!
  231. Roleplaying, PvE and PvP - Mature gamers wanted
  232. Looking for Guild (Serious & active)
  233. [Double post... ignore]
  234. Which is your favourite Guild Hall?
  235. Looking for a PvE Euro Guild
  236. Show your interface
  237. **New** Looking For Guild
  238. Looking for a guild
  239. Sorcerers of Light and Darkness (a close-contact multigaming guild)
  240. Joining a Guild ? - Make sure you read this FIRST !
  241. Looking For a PVP Guild
  242. Join the ranks of the High Jokers
  243. Looking For Active GVG/HOH Guild
  244. Very Experienced Player Seeks Guild [Detailed Post]
  245. lost my guild!
  246. Smoke and Fire[SaF] lf new active members
  247. Looking for guild
  248. LF HoH guild
  249. lords of midnight
  250. Ladies Seek Guild