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  1. [The Bilderbergs] PvE Clan Looking for members.
  2. S.A.S Guild Recruiting
  3. [WAR] is recruiting!
  4. Bringing alot to the table (LFG)
  5. New Guild: Needs You
  6. Looking for a small Guild that would like to Merge with us as also new members!
  7. Looking for a decent pvp orientated guild :P
  8. Serious Problem, Its Gone....
  9. erm GvG against [odin]
  10. (war) is recruiting!
  11. [fD] The Rising Dawn...
  12. Looking for a guild to join~
  13. Spirits of War [SoW] Recruiting for PvP
  14. Shadows Requiem [SR] Now Recruiting!
  15. german 18+ guild: The Excidium
  16. Are there GLBT Guilds?
  17. Looking for a New Guild
  18. Active, Mature, Fun, Organised........
  19. Looking for a New Guild
  20. Looking for a new Guild
  21. The Final Devastation is recruiting!
  22. Att. Guild Leaders
  23. Soldiers of the Shadow Realm is recruiting
  24. Omega Warriors Guild Recruiting
  25. Small, fun guild seeks active members...
  26. Omega Warriors Now Recruiting
  27. Alcoholic Beverages recruiting r3+
  28. Looking For Late Night Guild for GvG/HoH
  29. trying to get ppl to be more interactive and fun in te guild
  30. European Guild - Ascending Phoenix [AP]
  31. Idea: Guild Lottery?
  32. Looking For Help!!
  33. Rank 4 looking for Rank 3+ PvP oriented guild
  34. W/N Stance/Curse Tank Seeks Established, Active Guild
  35. looking for active mature pve guild
  36. Servants of Fortuna recruiting - Europeans take a look around
  37. A few people looking for new guild
  38. ForgottenGuild [FG] - Recruiting [Europe]
  39. SaF looking for new members.
  40. Seeking active, mature, PvE-centric guild (PST)
  41. looking for a guild
  42. guild scar expanding seefor detail.thx for looking
  43. Our little family looking for more like us..
  44. Looking For An Active Guild For HoH, GvG, UW, FOW
  45. The Gathering searching for new members.
  46. Group of 4 looking for guild
  47. Question: Unrated GvG
  48. Knights of the Final Dawn is recruiting!
  49. Looking for a guild merger? Check this out
  50. Multi-game PVP guild seeking GW members
  51. Slayers and Scholars [SaS] PVP Recruitment
  52. Seeking to join good UK or mainly UK guild
  53. Street Pharmacists [WHOA] recruiting/merger
  54. SoW: PvE helping guild
  55. TAO is interested in alliances.
  56. Active, Mature, Fun, Organised, Community-Driven Guild...
  57. The Myrmidon are Recruiting! Looking for mature group-oriented players!
  58. Are you fed up of Guilds that are all the same? Or wont let you in due to rank? Read.
  59. Valiant Knights enter another recruiting phase for GvG/Tombs
  60. I'd like to ask for a translation of the words Playful Wind
  61. Vagrant Pestilence Recruiting for PvP, GvG etc
  62. Pop Tarts Gone Wild[PGW] is now recruiting!!
  63. A.c.w
  64. Knights of the Falls - friendly, helpful guild recruiting.
  65. LBS Running Academy?
  66. LF a Mature UK Guild for PvP, GvG and based around TEAMWORK
  67. -=[sF]=- Is Recruiting R3+ Players
  68. Guild Tyrants Of Anguish is recruiting rank 3+players for pvp based guild
  69. Shadows Requiem
  70. Four And Twenty [FAT] - Hall/TeamSpeak/Forums
  71. Searching UK/Euro PvP based guild.
  72. Feeling guilty
  73. LF active pvp guild, (no one trick ponys)!
  74. curious about halls
  75. Highly active, fun and dedicated guild...
  76. Looking For A US Based Guild
  77. Should ppl pay for leaving guilds???
  78. New Guild Recruiting
  79. Sixty DP [DP] is recruiting!
  80. Ward Against Shemales[NoSM] is recruiting people
  81. Looking for a fairly unique guild...
  82. Looking for a new home.
  83. The Green Guild is looking for members
  84. Guild Wars Salvation Army (NOOBS Organization)
  85. The Angelic Guard Wants You!
  86. The Guild of Runeweb
  87. R5 Looking for SG Guild
  88. Where does everyone get their TS or Vent servers?
  89. Guilds Based In SouthEast USA
  90. Battle Lords Recruiting
  91. Mystical Angels of Death aka MAD
  92. Rank 37 guild is recruiting.
  93. Mature/older gamer looking for a home? You found it!!
  94. Sacred Forge Knights Provides Refuge
  95. The Umbral Soldiers Guild
  96. Church of the Gods Wants you!
  97. Eternal Flame Brotherhood
  98. Blissful Injection (georgia based guild) recurting
  99. Umbral Soldiers
  100. Looking for a guild. (Not a pro)
  101. Phoenix Order of Ascalon Guild - officers needed
  102. Low Rank? Cant get into a good team?
  103. HoT Weekend Recruitment Campaign...
  104. Legion of Joe Is Huger then XBox!
  105. What is an Officer's Responsibilities to the Guild's Members?
  106. R3 LF guild
  107. ll Blood And Gold ll
  108. The Tribe[tT] is recruiting members
  109. looking to join a mostly PVE guild
  110. The Truthseekers are Recruiting
  111. Angels Symphonys Recruiting
  112. The Rose Society Recruiting members
  113. Balthazars United Dominion Recruiting
  114. Pirate Scum recruiting/looking for merger candidates
  115. Experienced PvPer Looking For A Guild
  116. Refuge From Exile [RFE] - A new PvE guild seeks more members
  117. [GU] Looking for Members
  118. Guild Leaders???
  119. Immortal Dwellers [ID]- Recruiting Friendly Players
  120. The Order of Dii now open to Applications
  121. Looking for a guild
  122. Experenced PvE'er/GvGer LFG...er Looking for Guild
  123. The Black Mantle is recruiting, always.
  124. Experienced player looking for guild
  125. The Tribe[tT] is recruiting
  126. Does this ever happen to you?
  127. local Little Rock Guild?
  128. sacred devils looking for new mini devils
  129. looking for sks
  130. Guild for FFX fans to join.
  131. Group of two is looking for a guild
  132. Looking for some organised fun in your GW life ?
  133. New Guild - Flood of Red [FoR] Recruiting
  134. Small Active Guild looking to grow
  135. Growing Guild Wants to Recruit New Members
  136. Need active guild soon
  137. TRC - a picky new guild
  138. Lookin for active...
  139. <b>The Best Guild</b>
  140. Positive Zero Recruiting
  141. Recruiting for SWAT
  142. Knights Veritas Code of Conduct
  143. GvG-Oriented Guild (SYN) Is Recruiting Active, Dedicated, And Flexible Members
  144. Well Known r6+ fully unlocked pvp'r LFGuild
  145. New Australian Guild Recruiting
  146. The Blade Runners
  147. Interested in joining GvG/PvP Guild...
  148. SOL is recuriting PvPers
  149. Mature PvPer needs guild... everything unlocked
  150. [Teu] Teutonic Knights looking for active and exped players at pvp
  151. Allegiance Of Chaos
  152. Looking to join a mature and newbie friendly guild?
  153. Monk looking for guild
  154. Tahira Vartan(TV) recruiting members
  155. Any GMT+8 players?
  156. Complete Guild Listing?
  157. [IoH] Illusion of Hope is now recruting! (Casual)
  158. The Grey Legion is now recruiting
  159. Ravenclaw Guild?
  160. Any Aussie Guilds ?
  161. Glorious Victory [gV] Recruiting R6+ players
  162. [Oath] The Hundred Companions
  163. R2 American Player
  164. Looking for Alliances
  165. The Final Devastation is looking for YOU!
  166. Hogwarts Project
  167. Looking for smart, sensible people (RPers welcome) for the Chosen of Grenth!
  168. Looking for mature guild
  169. Looking for a active, friendly, mature guild.
  170. Guild Looking for Mature Players
  171. Experienced R2 American Player
  172. Friendly, mature, active members wtd, 24/7 TS, forums, friendly talkative members etc
  173. Acoma Tournaments (not a normal Guild)
  174. Another new Guild for older gamers
  175. Recruting for Pimps of America
  176. Glorious Victory recruiting R8+ players
  177. Hey You There [HYT] is recruiting
  178. Euro Guild
  179. Naurath Eglerio [ALCA] - Lending a Hand in Tyria since 1072 AE
  180. New Guild LAF - Recruiting mainly PvP orientated players
  181. Looking for guild (NL/BE)
  182. Looking for some organised fun in your GW life ?
  183. Celtic Knights of Danu [CKoD] Recruiting for PvE and PvP
  184. Looking to join a guild
  185. What should i do im annoyed with my guild?
  186. Lionheart Alliance recruiting (RP guild, building toward GvG)
  187. Looking for Vent Channels in a guild's vent server
  188. Looking For Experienced "Mature" Guild that will take me...
  189. looking for nl/bel guild
  190. New guild [HvPh] Hempville potheads is recruting....We need people for pve.
  191. Guild Ice Hellion Resurrection (Ice) Looking For Heavy PvPers
  192. Looking for a large guild, Manily Pve but GvG as well
  193. Looking for 40+ member guild
  194. Black Blood Vendetta [BBV] looking for friendly Europeans for PvP
  195. Love Thy Stubbie new Aussie Guild
  196. Mature Guild - Polite Assassins League is Recruiting - Be a [PAL]
  197. Whispers In the Darknes [WtD]
  198. SWEDISH GUILD RECRUITING!!||Althea's Chosen
  199. [GoA] The Guild of Ascention is Recruiting...
  200. New patch Axe nerf
  201. new guild. the hate.
  202. Prisoners of a Liberated State (PLS) is looking for members
  203. Playboy Entertainment is active,dedicated, flexible members Tombs/GvG
  204. Frustration!!!!
  205. The Fates Chosen[TFC] Recruiting
  206. The Fates Chosen[TFC] Recruiting
  207. Small Friendly Guild (SoD) looking for competitors...
  208. Newish player looking for a guild
  209. What are the best ways to recruit for a guild? Your thoughts.
  210. [WoA] - (Wiseguys of Ascalon) Recruiting
  211. Another Stolen Cliche [ASC] Recuiting
  212. Thousands Shall Fall [TSF] is recruiting
  213. Players for new guild
  214. Per Malum [PM] recruiting!
  215. What should..
  216. Acended Player Looking For Guild
  217. Guild founder is looking for a new guild
  218. Team Flash [BOLT] Is recruiting (CS players please consider!!)
  219. Court Of The Crimson Blood Recruiting
  220. The Killer Calvery Now Open For Recruitment!
  221. Looking for a European guild
  222. Frozen Army of the North recruting
  223. New Guild Looking For Co-Leader
  224. DeS is recruting 5 more members
  225. Thee Fallen Lords A guild for the elder place
  226. Experienced PvE (with quite a bit of PvP experience) player LF PvP guild.
  227. Looking for a guild
  228. [RFE] - PVE guild has reopened its doors
  229. Looking for RPing guild [EU]
  230. Looking for EU Guild (pvp)
  231. The Illuminati is recruiting!
  232. Guild looking for new members
  233. Event Riggers seeking active, intelligent PvPers.
  234. New to GW and looking for a guild
  235. PvP guild...
  236. Looking For Guild
  237. Dei Victorae [dV] R100 Recruiting
  238. New members needed for smaller guild!
  239. Legion of the Holy Blade Recruiting now!
  240. Celtic Knights of Danu [CKoD] Now recruiting for PvP and GvG
  241. Guild Wars Guild Webring - Seriously injuried by the searing
  242. Guild looking for members
  243. Asended Ele Necro LF solid Guild
  244. [One] Section One now recruiting PvP talent
  245. Look into this guild
  246. Looking For Active PvP Guild at rank 500+ perferablly
  247. AOD Looking for new active members!
  248. -TFD-The Fogotten Dragons
  249. Barbarian Peoples
  250. Windemere Ryders - LatinAmerican guild