View Full Version : What Other MMO's have you been on?

14-11-2004, 23:35
Not sure if this has been posted already, but its always a good way to get to know your fellow gamer :]

Myself, I have played...

UO // Catskills 1999-2001 as Hx
// Siege Perilous 2004 as Prymal
// Metropolis as GM Lasvinias

DAoC // Merlin for a year as Lasvinias

10Six // From Beta till its Death as HxC

and some others, but not for long.
how about yourselves?

15-11-2004, 00:07
Eve Online beta I think. That's it really, I hated it too. Sure it's nice to be in space and travel for endless hours waiting to get to somewhere...only to be getting killed in a second and you don't know what the hell just happened. :grrr:

15-11-2004, 07:09
Suppose it depends on one's definition of an MMO.

I've played plenty of online internet games (Netropolis, SPACE) and then there was the stint with The Sims Online. The latter ossified my conviction to never pay monthly for a game.
-- Scaper-X

15-11-2004, 15:16
Well ive played SWG a while but that got really boring.
I cant really afford to pay the money that most MMORPGS demand. Thats why i like GW ^^

Richard Aden
17-11-2004, 11:46
In its glory days, I played Neocron, the only decent Cyberpunk/Post-Apocalyptic MMORPG at the time. Was buggy as hell, and used a FPS-style combat system, so was full of l33t pk3rs.

I played a hacker named Janos Blake, first guy to ever reach 150 natural hackskill, first hacker to ever own a Techlevel 150 Hacktool (non-droppable, non-buyable, was a DM-spawn during an event which eventually found its way to me). The guy used to hack through the 1st level of an enemy clan outpost's firewall, and have the 2nd and 3rd levels of the firewall down before the enemy clan could even assemble a team to come and put a stop to the attack. He was gone to leave his combat-oriented allies to defend the newly acquired outpost before the enemy clan even knew what hit him, hehe.

Me and a few mates there were responsible for the thriving of roleplay on the Pluto server, and pretty soon we just sat back and watched as it became massive on the server. We then set about perfecting the technique of destroying the hardest mobs in the game, the supposedly indestructable Dome of York scout units, and made a fortune selling their components to Tangent Technologies for researching into their weaknesses.

Ahh, the good old days. I stopped playing when Uni work got too much, and haven't gone back. Neocron 2's out now, but its just the same old story. Spent most of recent months playing Neverwinter Nights persistant worlds with my girlfriend, now we're waiting until the next GW beta weekend! hehe.