View Full Version : Colin Powell Resigns

15-11-2004, 15:11

Leaving in droves, they are.
-- Scaper-X

15-11-2004, 15:21
Who would want to work with Bush neway?

15-11-2004, 15:34
Bush needs a more right wing man/woman at this post, someone who says "more nukes"

I don't like his decision, he is more moderate than other ministers

15-11-2004, 15:40
Well, add to the shrub's list of resigning employees an Energy Secretary, Argiculture Secrectary, and Education Secretary.

"Let's all resign! It's the /hip/ thing to do!"
-- Scaper-X

15-11-2004, 21:48
Anyone who disagreed with Bush's administration, and was also a part of that administration, has resigned. You might remember when the War in Iraq started that Colin Powell voiced against it somewhat. As did many other experienced military generals. The only reason Colin wasn't asked to resign then was because of him being in the spotlight. Bush said it himself when he stated that "the president of the United States must stand firm, regardless of what others think". This connotates that your either with him, or against him. As has been shown by his policies.