View Full Version : Attention to all RP Guilds!

Ryvaleus Stormchild
18-11-2004, 15:47
Please post your guilds in this thread. RP guilds are rare enough as it is so I figure gathering them together would make it easier for all those interested in role playing.

This way RP guilds may also get to know each other and be able to play together with the knowledge that everyone you're playing with is actually RP-ing. :buddies:

As for myself, I'm still thinking whether or not to join an RP guild or just a normal one since this is the first time I've seriously considered RP-ing.

So if you can, please state the following criteria: guild name; colors; policies; alignment; orientation (PvP or PvE); and any other info you deem necessary.

18-11-2004, 17:39
Guild Name: Dark Days

Colors: Flat Black, Slate Grey

Policies: Interests in Roleplaying and Ability to Learn (Intelligence is a plus!)

Alignment: True Neutral

Orientation: Player's Choice (Will have Officers for both PvP and PvE)

Description: Days of darkness have come to our beautiful lands. We, as brothers and sisters, must take arms together, regardless of race, creed, or motivation. We must stand against all opposition and cleanse our lands of this great danger. We must come together, and rise to the top. Like a phoenix, we will rise from the ashes with our brothers and sisters-in-arms, but we must live through these harsh times first. This isn't about right or wrong anymore...This is about survival.

(Coming to a computer near you, this February. Sneak previews begin on December 4th in select monitors :lol: )

sir blackmoon
19-11-2004, 06:15
Guild Name:
Black Dragon Guild (BDG)


There is no such thing in war.

PvP/PvE (outlined below)

Factional Guild Council

The BDG is uniquely structured using a Factional Guild Council. The Guild Council is responsible for the government of the entire guild. A Council Leader is elected to oversee the operation of the Council. Guild members are broken into separate factions and are lead by each of the individual Council Members. This structure allows for complete cohesiveness within each faction, whether they play PvP, PvE, or a combination. As members are added, Factions are created and new Council Members are promoted from within the ranks.

A Guild Constitution ensures that all members, regular and officers, are held accountable for their actions. This Constitution is rigidly enforced by each CM to their respective factions. The Constitution outlines a specific chain of command while allowing regular members to gain rank to move up in that chain.

All guilds are here to have fun. This guild is taylored specifically for all aspects of the game. New members are always welcome. And those that quit are never held in contempt. The BDG may not be for everyone, but for those willing to pledge service, the BDG will not let you down.

Visit our website at www.blackmoonskeep.net/bdg and register as a new user. Click on the "Join the Guild" link in the main menu to submit your application. All applications will be reviewed and all current invitations will be sent during the next WBE.

02-06-2005, 20:48
Guild Name : The Midnight Enclave (TMnE)

Colours : Dark Blue, Black - The Emblem of Midnight

Alignment : True Neutral (Neutral Evil Leader - Secret Evil Intentions)

Orientation : RP, PvE, Teaching RP to those who want to give it a go, Will definitely give PvP a go.

Policies: The Midnight Enclave is about power for its agents and therefore itself, for those who are willing to take what is rightfully theirs the Enclave provides the perfect platform. Power within the guild is given only to those who show they have the competance and insight to use it. All agents answer to the words of the Guildmistresses Wintersong and Angelice. The Enclave rewards those loyal to it.

Comments: There are some who say that despite their seemingly equal appearance Wintersong and Angelice are actually locked in a battle of Light and Dark; originally taking Sentiente in as a naive apprentice, a foolish monk seduced by the abilites of the necromancer, Wintersong set the guild up alongside Angelice installing her as 'equal' in reality Sentiente was meant to bow before her Mistress Wintersong. However the necromancer was too confident in her dominance of the monk, Sentiente quickly rose to challenge the power of her once superior teacher. The two of them now act quickly to secure influence within the guild, calling more and more agents into the fold. Currently this conflict remains hidden, but for how long none can say....