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22-11-2004, 09:02
I was wondering if anyone knew if it was possible to map keyboard and mouse functions onto a controller. I thought it might be interesting to play a game like this with a controller rather than a keyboard.

It's not to say that if I could that I normally would use a controller. There's far too many functions for a single controller (F1-4, and the 8 skill keys), but when you're roaming more expansive areas where you're not going to need to use lots of skills and weapon selections. Might be a little easier on the hands.

The controller in mind is a PSX/PS2 controller, since that's what I have a PC adaptor for (works great!). I was thinking something like this:
D-Pad: Forward & backward walking, turning left and right.
L1&R1: Strafe left and right.
Left analog: Control the mouse cursor
Right analog: Control the camera (right click + mouse movement)
L3 (left analog BUTTON): Left click
R3 (right analog BUTTON): Right click
Square: Also left click
Map the rest of the buttons to your skills/weapons of choice

I have a program that came with my adaptor, allowing me to map keyboard keys to the various controller buttons, but it doesn't allow mapping to the analog sticks or D-pad. The key thing would be mapping the mouse functions to the sticks and D-pad.

Is there any program out there that lets you capture the mouse functions like that to a controller?

Again, before I get flamed for not using the regular WASD controls, I have to say that I certainly do love that scheme and am a convert to it from a controller fanatic. But still, it might be nice during less hectic exploration to have that kind of option...

Just a random thought. ^_^