View Full Version : What's with the time?

23-11-2004, 14:36
The last day or two, the forum's time has been 5 hours off. Any ideas when this'll be fixed, or should I just go lie about my timezone in the User CP?

(This message was posted at 19:36 GMT.)

Lady Kingel
23-11-2004, 16:03
Yup...I more than once thought the official GMT rules for timezones had changed and I didn't know that something so major in the world had occured ;))))))))))))))))

23-11-2004, 16:50
Heh, yeah, major world shift without my noticing. In order to get the time on the forums to display correctly, I've now modified my time zone setting to GMT -1, which apparently puts me in the Azores, or Cape Verde Island. Since when I go outside, it still looks and feels like Minnesota to me, I'm a little confused... :scratch:

Best to stay indoors I guess. :lol:

23-11-2004, 19:02
Didnt you see Tarrants official mention of it? There is a gremlin in the system, duuuuh.

Heh..that cute lil furby made all those green guys. Classic.