View Full Version : WOW Downtime

25-11-2004, 20:31
Has anybody been reading the WOW forums? Long waits just to log on, servers down for days, latency and lag. During the WPE I was down for an hour and not at all during the beta.

I read about 200 complaints before I got tired of it. Compared to those poor people, we have it good. :thumbsup:

25-11-2004, 22:07
i almost feel sorry for those fanboys... wait, nevermind...

25-11-2004, 22:48
It's what they get for playing yet another stupid MMORPG.

Only MMORPG that was ever worth a crap was Asheron's Call 1.

25-11-2004, 23:02
heh. and just think, they are PAYING for it to be down. Pretty sweet huh.